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div.posts! do div.entry do p.content "Test entry 1" end div.entry do p.content "Test entry 2" end end <div id="posts"><div class="entry"><p class="date">Mon Oct 16 02:48:06 +0100 2006</ p><p class="content">Test entry 1</p></div><div class="entry"><p class="date">Mon Oct 16 02:48:06 +0100 2006</p><p class="content">Test entry 2</p></div></div> In this case, a parent div element is created with the ID of "posts". Child divs with the class name "entry" are created, containing paragraphs with the class names "date" and "content". It s important to note that the HTML generated by Markaby is not necessarily strictly valid HTML. Using tags and structure correctly is your responsibility as a developer.
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Graphs, Trees, Hierarchies, and Recursive Queries
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Figure 2-2. Internet visitor interacting with a three-tier application
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Use partial methods only if you need to call an extra method on one platform but not the other If some work needs to be performed for only one platform (Silverlight or WPF), you could also use partial methods. This means that you can put an interface for the method in the parent class and put an implementation of that interface in only one of the platformspecific classes. For the other platform, the compiler will remove the method call. However, there are several limitations to partial methods: Partial method declarations must begin with the contextual keyword partial and the method must return void. Partial methods can have ref parameters but not out parameters. Partial methods are implicitly private; therefore, they cannot be virtual. Partial methods cannot be extern, because the presence of the body determines whether they are defining or implementing. Partial methods can have static and unsafe modifiers. Partial methods can be generic. Constraints are put on the defining partial method declaration and may optionally be repeated on the implementing one. Parameter and type parameter names do not have to be the same in the implementing declaration as in the defining one. You cannot make a delegate to a partial method. Build platform-specific classes with a single responsibility Frequently, it makes more sense to factor all platform-specific code into a separate class (for example, services or service agents). This can happen if most of the logic differs between the platforms. This way, you can create platform-specific implementations for services, such as caching, data access, or authentication. This approach also works for providing functionality that is present in only one platform. The following are some additional recommendations: Use a common interface to share code between the different platforms. For example, in the Prism Library, there are several platform specific classes for loading module types, such as the XapModuleTypeLoader for Silverlight and the File ModuleTypeLoader for desktop applications. They both implement the IModule TypeLoader interface. When there is some shared functionality between the different platforms, favor composition over inheritance (for example, by using the strategy pattern). In other words, see if it makes sense to factor out the shared code and place it in a shared class with a specific responsibility. In some scenarios, inheritance makes sense. Create a Solution Folder for Silverlight and Another for WPF Use solution folders to keep your solution organized. Typically, you do this by using two solution folders: one for the Silverlight code and the other for WPF code. For an example of how to structure your solution, see the Multi-Targeting QuickStart.
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The Access Key ID gives you access to more Amazon Web Services and Alexa Web Services (Alexa is a service owned by Amazon), as you can see in Figure 17-2. To access some of these services, you ll also need a Secret Access Key, which you also get upon registration, but the Secret Access Key isn t required when working with ECS.
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// Define a value type that implements an interface. internal struct MyValueType : IComparable { public Int32 CompareTo(Object obj) { ... } }
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Correct Answers: C A. Incorrect: This solution repairs inconsistencies in the DHCP scope. It does not delete static DNS resource records. B. Incorrect: This solution would work, but it involves excessive administrative effort. C. Correct: Unlike PTR resource records, static A resource records do not age and cannot be removed automatically. The Dnscmd /ageallrecords command causes all records to age, which in effect converts static records into dynamic records. Dnscmd is a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 support tools utility. To run it you need to install Support Tools from the sever CDROM and change to the \program files\support tools directory. generator pdf417
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The GUID is converted to a binary value because you want to store it in the session s context_ info, which is binary . You invoke this code that generates a new GUID only once per trigger, and then specify that GUID explicitly in your trigger s code . When I invoked this code, I got the value 0x7EDBCEC5E165E749BF1261A655F52C48 . I will use this GUID in my examples . Of course, you should use the one you get . If you re using the session s context_info for multiple tasks (for example, to send signals to multiple different triggers), make sure that you dedicate a different section within it for each task . Whenever you set the value of context_info, make sure that you don t overwrite it completely . Rather, just substitute the relevant section within it dedicated to the task at hand . For encapsulation purposes, I ll create three stored procedures: one that sets the signal, one that clears it, and one that returns it . Eventually I didn't create them as special procedures . In our example, let s assume that we dedicate the first 16 bytes of the context_info (starting at position 1) for our trigger s signal . Run the following code to create the TrgSignal_Set stored procedure, which sets the signal:
The Category Description field uses the selected Joomla rich text editor (such as TinyMCE). Through this editor you can insert images, make font and style changes, and include other media such as a Flash animation. Click the Save button to store the category information, and then add a second category to your virtual store. For the Movie Matinee site, I added a Comedy category. You will need at least two categories for proper display on the Frontpage of the site.
1. In the process editor for the process you just created, click Add under the Variables section. 2. Type LeadScore in the Name field, select Whole Number as the Data Type, and enter 0 as the Default Value. Click OK.
server is sent over the VPN connection, it is encrypted using an encryption algorithm and a secret key, which is known only to the VPN client and VPN server. Encryption provides data confidentiality; even if a copy of the packet is captured, it is not readable (except for the IP header) without the knowl edge of the secret key. When using PPTP, the encryption is done with a password-based hash algorithm. When using L2TP/IPSec, certificates are used to set up an IPSec encrypted tunnel that all authentication and authori zation processes can take place in. This is one of the advantages to using L2TP/IPSec the entire transaction even before authentication happens occurs in an encrypted state.
Next, you need to match a session group ending time to each session group starting time . You can achieve this by adding a row number calculation to the queries that return start and end times . Then, in the outer query, associate the right end to each start by matching the user name and row number . The row number needs to be partitioned by user name and ordered by start or end time . The tricky part is that the queries that calculate start and end times use a DISTINCT clause . Remember that in terms of logical query processing, a ROW_ NUMBER calculation that appears in the SELECT list is evaluated before the DISTINCT clause . But for our purposes, we need the row numbers to be assigned after removal of duplicates . To overcome this problem, use the DENSE_RANK function instead of ROW_NUMBER . Because DISTINCT eliminates duplicates, you will effectively get the row numbers that you need in terms of the result rows . Here s the complete solution query:
garbage Collections and Debugging
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