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Part II:
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Since the routines in the first four lines don t have any data in common, the code implies that the order in which they re called doesn t matter. Because the routine in the fifth line uses data from each of the first four routines, you can assume that it needs to be executed after the first four routines.
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Calculating summary statistics is an expensive operation if there are a large number of responses to process.
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Query Tuning
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12 Building Connected Applications with Silverlight
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In this exercise, you use a query string to track user clicks.
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Practice: Working with Subnet Masks and Subnets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2-37
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Part IV
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5. Update the orders_get_orders_by_status function: -- Update orders_get_orders_by_status function CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION orders_get_orders_by_status(INTEGER) RETURNS SETOF order_short_details LANGUAGE plpgsql AS $$ DECLARE inStatus ALIAS FOR $1; outOrderShortDetailsRow order_short_details; BEGIN FOR outOrderShortDetailsRow IN SELECT o.order_id, o.total_amount, o.created_on, o.shipped_on, o.status, FROM orders o INNER JOIN customer c ON o.customer_id = c.customer_id WHERE o.status = inStatus ORDER BY o.created_on DESC LOOP RETURN NEXT outOrderShortDetailsRow; END LOOP; END; $$; 6. Update the orders_get_order_info function: -- Update orders_get_order_info function CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION orders_get_order_info(INTEGER) RETURNS orders LANGUAGE plpgsql AS $$ DECLARE inOrderId ALIAS FOR $1; outOrdersRow orders; BEGIN SELECT INTO outOrdersRow order_id, total_amount, created_on, shipped_on, status, comments, customer_id, auth_code, reference FROM orders WHERE order_id = inOrderId; RETURN outOrdersRow; END; $$; 7. Create the orders_get_orders_by_customer_id function: -- Create orders_get_by_customer_id function CREATE FUNCTION orders_get_by_customer_id(INTEGER) RETURNS SETOF order_short_details LANGUAGE plpgsql AS $$ DECLARE inCustomerId ALIAS FOR $1; outOrderShortDetailsRow order_short_details; BEGIN generate data matrix
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FiguRe 12-3 The interval Intersect operator
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Figure 8-13 Office OneNote 2007 prepares an e-mail message to provide team members access to the shared folder.
FiguRe 14-26 High Schools within 2 KM of Interstate 5 in King County, Washington State
Remote Web Workplace
By the way, this is why the System.String class is sealed . If the class were not sealed, then you could define your own class derived from String and add your own fields . If you did this, there is no way that the CLR could ensure that your string class was immutable .
Objective 2.1 Answers 1.
The dot symbol (.) indicates the value of the current node, whereas../firstname stands for the sibling of the current context node, named <firstname>. When a function is declared, it is contained in a script block. Style sheets, however, can contain multiple blocks. All blocks are namespace-scoped and independent from each other. You can call a function defined in another block only when both functions share the same namespace and language. Why should we use the same language to call into a function defined in another block Isn't the .NET Framework totally language-neutral The explanation for this discrepancy is found under the hood of <msxsl:script>. The instruction works as a mere code runner. It groups all script blocks in one or more allencompassing classes. Blocks with the same namespace flow in the same dynamically created class. In light of this, calling into external blocks is only possible because both involved functions the caller and the callee are members of the same managed class. For the same reasons, you can't use different languages. What the .NET Framework provides is the ability to invoke a compiled class irrespective of its source language. In no way does the .NET Framework provide you with the ability to write and compile a single class using different languages. The CDATA Section When an <msxsl:script> element is declared, you should enclose all of its code in a CDATA section. The main purpose of the CDATA delimitors is to protect the source code from the XML parser. A style sheet document is in fact still an XML document and as such gets parsed, as shown here: <msxsl:script implements-prefix="dino" language="C#"> <![CDATA[ code goes here ]]> </msxsl:script> Wrapped in a CDATA section, the user-defined code can contain any unescaped character that would otherwise confuse the parser. The most common example is <. If you omit the CDATA section and need to use < in a Boolean expression, you must use it in the escaped form < or you'll get an error. Node Fragments in Transformations As mentioned, you must always use XPath types when you pass arguments to <msxsl:script> blocks or return values from within a user-defined function. Let's have a second look at the command we used to invoke our previously defined extension function: <xsl:value-of select="dino:PrepareName(., ../firstname)" /> As you can see, the PrepareName function is actually passed a couple of XPathNodeIterator objects. 6 defined XPathNodeIterator objects as the .NET Framework implementation of XPath node-sets. What any function receives is always the .NET Framework type that represents the results of a particular XPath query. The XSLT processor attempts to coerce types whenever possible. In this example, the PrepareName function takes two string objects, and the processor coerces the results of the . and ../firstname expressions to string types. When you need to process an entire node-set, declare your function to use an XPathNodeIterator argument, as shown here: 277
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