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Table 5-1 describes the four options available in this dialog box.
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Now when you open a database application in Office Access 2007, the program automatically checks it against a Trusted Publishers list to determine whether the file is a potential risk to your data security. If the file contains a macro, add-in, ActiveX control, or another extension that was created by a person or company not appearing on the list, Office Access 2007 disables the code and displays a Security Warning in the Document Action Bar, just above the Office Access 2007 work area (see Figure 9-15).
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If (Not (SubCodeElems Is Nothing)) Then If (SubCodeElems.Count > 0) Then DumpElements(ow, SubCodeElems, Level + 1) End If End If Next End Sub
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Without clarification, expressions like "last three months" are ambiguous. The last three months could mean the previous three months (not including this month), or it could mean the previous two months along with this month. When you get a problem like this, be sure you know precisely what window of time you are using for aggregationfor a particular row, exactly when does the window begin and end In our example, the window of time is: greater than the point in time starting three months ago and smaller than or equal to the current point in time. Note that this definition will work well even in cases where you track finer time granularities than a month (including day, hour, minute, second, and millisecond). This definition also addresses implicit conversion issues due to the accuracy level supported by SQL Server for the DATETIME datatype3.33 milliseconds. It's wiser to use > and <= predicates than the BETWEEN predicate to avoid implicit conversion issues.
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You should now be ready to present to your audience. With the thorough presentation you ve prepared using BBP, you re sure to persuade the audience with your focused, clear, and engaging story. As you apply this system to other presentations, keep this book handy, and visit the companion Web site for this book at www.beyondbulletpoints.com to get a steady supply of ideas and inspiration. Now that you ve seen why and how BBP works, it s time to get started on your own presentations. As you begin your own presentations using BBP, use this book to guide you through the process step by step. Find others in your organization who are willing to help. As you apply the approach and get good results, you ll quickly create a momentum that will propel clearer and more effective communications throughout your organization. As you start to live a life beyond bullet points, there s no turning back you re on your way to a much more engaging way of presenting.
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Comparing Static and Dynamic Routing
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Listing 4-1. Creating and populating the table T1
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You can use the SpinButton to decide which class is shown (one, a select few, or all) . You can use the CheckBoxes to select which of the three value groups (infection types) are drawn on the vertical value axis (Y) . Because you can use a combination of both, this ensures a clearly arranged presentation in every respect (and in different view orientations) .
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On the Design tab page, use the Chart Styles or the Chart Layouts. Use the Layout tab to experiment with different chart labels, grids, and lines . Use the commands of the Format tab/Shape Styles group to determine which of the many display variants your overall chart and its individual elements can accept .
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1. Click Start, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Internet Authentication Service. 2. In the console tree, right-click Internet Authentication Service (Local) and then click Register Server In Active Directory. A Register Internet Authentication Server In Active Directory dialog box appears. 3. Click OK. Alternatively, you can:
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592 ChAPTER 10
CustomActions Templates CommandDefinitions RuleDefinitions LocLabels RibbonNotSupported
Calling Formatting Dialog Boxes
Assign one or more security roles to the user. Assign the user to one business unit. Assign the user to one or more teams. Assign a Client Access License type.
After this lesson, you will be able to:
Figure 7-3: The HTML page generated from a source XML file. To display the HTML output as plain text, you must perform the transformation programmatically, using either the MSXML object model or the newest .NET Framework classes. Alternatively, you can view the output using a specialized browser with the direct browsing functionality. Microsoft Internet Explorer has provided this capability since version 5.0. Linking the Style Sheet to the HTML Page Internet Explorer applies a silent and automatic transformation to all XML documents you view through it. However, an XML document can override the default Internet Explorer style sheet by using a processing instruction that simply links an XSLT script. The following code demonstrates how to add the style sheet from the previous section (emplist.xsl) to the source file (data.xml) so that double-clicking it generates the output shown in Figure 7-3. A style sheet can have either a .xsl or a .xml extension. <!-- Directly browsable using a custom XSLT script --> < xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="emplist.xsl" > You register a style sheet with an XML document using a processing instruction with a couple of attributes: type and href. The type attribute must be set to the string text/xsl. The href attribute instead references the URL of the XSLT script. If you insert more than one processing instruction for XSLT scripts, only the final instruction will be considered. Calling Templates The previous example used <xsl:apply-templates> exclusively to perform templatebased transformations. When you know that only one template applies to a given block 246
In Visual Studio 2005, any files found in the subtree of the application are implicitly part of the site. Any file that is copied to one of the existing directories, and any directory that is created, is reflected in Solution Explorer. But some of the folders have a special meaning to ASP.NET 2.0; others are named only by convention in a certain way. Table 1-1 details some of the special folders in the structure of an ASP.NET 2.0 application.
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