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10: Test Automation 11: Non-Functional Testing 12: Other Tools 13: Customer Feedback Systems 14: Testing Software Plus Services
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return ( _T ( "EXCEPTION_FLT_OVERFLOW" ) ) ;
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Managing Serices
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information about customizing fields.
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You can give the feed a new name (but you can t change its URL; to do that, you have to delete the feed and add a new subscription using the changed URL). You can choose a different value from the Use Custom Schedule drop-down list to change the retrieval schedule for the feed from its default of once per day to a custom schedule of your choosing. To change the default retrieval schedule, click Settings and adjust the options shown here.
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Prism Library
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Output filters define what traffic the router is allowed to send from that
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To illustrate how to identify overlaps, I ll suppose that you get a request to identify, for each session, all sessions (including self) with the same user that overlap . That is, per each
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One of the advantages of EJB3 being POJOs is that it makes testing them almost as easy as it is to test any other Java class. To demonstrate how to test a EJB3 SLSB we ll make use of mock objects. Mock objects are test-oriented objects that serve as stand-ins for the collaborating objects or the unit being tested. The technique has been around for a while, but it was formalized by Tim Mackinnon, Steve Freeman, and Philip Craig in a paper presented at an Extreme Programming conference in 2000. Mock objects are more than stubs in that they are more than a simple holder of data. Mock objects simulate part of the behavior of a collaborator and also provide for a way to verify the behavior. Mock objects can be used as stubs, but their real power lies in testing the interactions between a class and its collaborators. Unit testing is about testing the units of a system in isolation, but in most cases a unit s behavior can be tested only in the context of its interactions with collaborating objects. Mock objects provide a way to provide a testing-time replacement for a facet of the behavior provided by a collaborating object. Most of the EJB services in the TechConf system depend on DAOs to retrieve data from the database. In order to mock these DAO collaborators we ll use the EasyMock 2 library, which is a mock-objects library that can dynamically generate a mock object for a given interface. EasyMock 2 can be downloaded from www.easymock.org. To use EasyMock, simply add the easymock.jar file to your classpath. As an example of how to test an EJB3 SLSB, we ll use the LocationLookupServiceBean, which uses an instance of the ZipcodeDAO interface as a collaborator to retrieve data from the database. The EJB also uses the DynaDTO library to create DTOs to be returned to the EJB clients. Listing 8-26 shows the LocationLookupServiceBean. Listing 8-26. The LocationLookupServiceBean EJB package com.integrallis.techconf.ejb; import import import import import import import import import import import java.util.List; javax.annotation.EJB; javax.annotation.Resource; javax.ejb.PostConstruct; javax.ejb.Stateless; org.dynadto.Builder; org.dynadto.BuilderFactory; com.integrallis.techconf.dao.ZipcodeDAO; com.integrallis.techconf.domain.Zipcode; com.integrallis.techconf.dto.Location; com.integrallis.techconf.service.LocationLookupService;
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Like Java fields, C# fields represent changeable, variable values and are used to hold object state.
13 Reports and Dashboards
On the Con gure Namespace page, click Add to add folders to the namespace. In this process, shown in Figure 12-3, you can browse for folder targets and place the targets in the folders you choose. Click OK.
Invoke the GetOrders procedure:
Plug-Ins: The Most Advanced Extensions
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