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This query generates the following output:
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On my system, this command returned the following output (wrapped for clarity):
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Finally, tasks support parent/child relationships, as demonstrated by the following code:
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Figure 1-3 The Preiew pane (right) shows a larger iew of the selected file. The Details Pane (bottom) includes user-generated metadata in the Tags and Rating fields. To learn more about file management and desktop search capabilities, see 7, Finding and Organizing Files and Information .
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Disaster Planning
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Now every slide that uses the Key Point slide custom layout with a photo placeholder will automatically fade in the headline rst and the picture immediately afterward the sequence in which you want the audience s working memory to process the new information. Introducing the headline and graphic in this way adds a consistent and subtle movement to the screen without drawing attention away from your message. For the animation to work on your slides, you will need to insert graphics using placeholders as described earlier if you add graphics to the slides manually, you will need to add animation to each one manually.
Once you ve made these changes, restart the Visual Studio Team Foundation Build service to ensure the changes are picked up. The proxy performance counters described in http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms252455.aspx should give you an indication if the build agent is using the proxy or not.
Application SharedServicesModule Authentication Caching Logging
splits to perform and returns a string array containing the extracted substrings. This is demonstrated in the following code fragment:
Even though SomeOtherMethod s return type (Int32) is derived from MyCallback s return type (Object), this form of covariance is not allowed because Int32 is a value type . Obviously, the reason why value types and void cannot be used for covariance and contra-variance is because the memory structure for these things varies, whereas the memory structure for reference types is always a pointer . Fortunately, the C# compiler will produce an error if you attempt to do something that is not supported .
The VPN server typically has two or more installed network adapters, with a combi nation of one or more network adapters connected to the Internet and one or more network adapters connected to the intranet. With Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Web Edition, and Windows Server 2003, Stan dard Edition, you can create up to 1000 PPTP ports, and up to 1000 L2TP ports. However, Windows Server 2003, Web Edition, can accept only one VPN connection at a time. Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition, can accept up to 1000 concurrent
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