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Used to display a background image in the Panel control Sets the horizontal alignment of the controls that are in the Panel
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Caution In Oracle Database 10g, SQL*Plus also executes the glogin.sql and login.sql scripts if you execute a CONNECT command, without leaving SQL*Plus. This didn t happen with earlier releases of SQL*Plus.
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9 Logging In
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Figure 7-7 A simple dialog box helps you configure the control .
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Know the basic commands and switches used with the Nslookup utility. Be comfortable reading DNS Events log messages.
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FIGURE 9-14 Additional custom user relationships added to the Account entity
Lesson 1: Understanding Web Communications ChAPTER 1 13
Table 16-3. Common SqlConnection Configuration Parameters
You have been hired as a consultant by Lucerne Publishing, which is in the process of redeploying its DNS server infrastructure on Windows Server 2003. Lucerne Publish ing s in-house network designer, Klaus, has requested your services for your expertise in Windows Server 2003. Lucerne Publishing has its headquarters in Lucerne and has two branch offices in Bern and Geneva. The Lucerne branch hosts the parent domain, lucernepublishing.com. The Bern and Geneva offices each host subdomains and contain their own domain controllers. Figure 5-36 presents the relevant portion of the network.
SELECT empid, qty, RANK() OVER(ORDER BY qty) AS rnk, DENSE_RANK() OVER(ORDER BY qty) AS drnk FROM dbo.Sales ORDER BY qty;
here s no better way to understand HTTP than to watch your own web browser s inner workings as you surf. Though you can find several free sniffer appli-
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