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To use Visual Studio to test the accessibility of a webpage, follow these steps:
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A Quick Look at Additional Changes
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Connection Points and Interfaces
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Most people think that there's no difference in probability between sticking to your original choice and changing your choice. In other words, they think there's a 50 percent probability of winning if you stick to your choice and 50 percent if you change your choice. However, keep in mind that your original choice was completely independent (made arbitrarily based on no prior knowledge), and that regardless of your original choice, the host will always open one of the other curtains that is empty . So sticking to your original choice, the probability of winning remains the same regardless of the event that followsthe host opening an empty curtain. This will be the case if you chose curtain 1 twice, curtain 2 twice, or curtain 3 twice. Namely, if you stick to your original choice, you have 1/3 probability of winning. On the other hand, the host's choice of which curtain to open is dependent on your original choice, and in turn, changing your original choice is dependent on his. Thus, changing your original choice would be based on new knowledge. Having only two options left after the host opened one of the curtains, the probabilities of winning if you stick to your original choice or change your choice must add up to 1 (100 percent). Hence, the probability of winning if you change your
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1 Web Application Basics
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In fact, if you use a checked statement block, you can now use the += operator with the Byte, which simplifies the code a bit:
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.GetSurveyAnswersSummary(tenant, surveySlug); var model = this.CreateTenantPageViewData(surveyAnswersSummary); model.Title = surveySlug; return this.View(model); }
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the TextBox control to Password.
2. Choose a project template based on the Visual Studio edition .
You can automatically apply the SeeingRed .skin file by declaring the SeeingRed theme within the page . You can also prescribe different skins at run time in the page s PreInit handler, and you can apply separate skins to each control .
Small Business Considerations
FIGURE 8-1 You ll see the Getting Started Tasks when you select Home on the Windows SBS Console.
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The following page provides a full demonstration of script callbacks. The page shows a drop-down list populated with employee names taken from the Northwind database. The More Info button triggers a piece of JavaScript code that retrieves the currently selected employee and passes that ID to the serverside code.
Table 3-7. Aggregated Duration by Query Prefix, Adjusted
Parent /Child
Page 210 Files Published by Microsoft Producer When Microsoft Producer publishes your presentation, it works with data files. There are three basic types of files that Producer deals with in the publishing process: Files that you supply. These are files that contain content that you ve created, such as HTML pages or PowerPoint slides. Files that Producer creates from files that you supply. These are Windows Media files that Microsoft Producer encodes by combining the audio and video clips that you placed on the timeline. Files that Producer creates from scratch. These are files that Microsoft Producer generates dynamically based on the requirements of your presentation. Once Microsoft Producer assembles all the files necessary to create your presentation, it copies them to one or more destinations. Where it copies your files depends upon the information you supply in the Publish Wizard. In most cases, Producer copies all the files to the same destination folder; in certain cases, Producer copies the digital media files to a separate destination folder. The list of files that Producer publishes varies depending upon the presentation. You will have an opportunity to view a list of files to be published when you use the Publish Wizard. Microsoft Producer Help contains detailed information about the file name extension and purpose of each file type used by Producer. One very effective way to deliver your presentation to an audience is over a computer network, such as the Internet or a corporate intranet. Producer makes it easy to do this by handling many of the details for you. In order to make your presentation available for delivery over a network, you publish your content to a computer called a server. Understanding Servers While it is beyond the scope of this book to instruct you in the art and science of server administration, there are some things you should know about the servers that host your Microsoft Producer presentations. What Is a Server, and Why Do You Need One A server is a computer, connected to a network or the Internet, that stores data that can be accessed by other computers on demand. A computer (or the software) that accesses data stored on a server is called a client . A Web server is a particular kind of server that is specifically designed to deliver content using the standards and protocols of the World Wide Web. The browser software that retrieves and displays a Web page is the Web server s client.
So far, I ve talked about hosts and how they load the CLR . I ve also talked about how the hosts tell the CLR to create and unload AppDomains . To make the discussion more concrete, I ll describe some common hosting and AppDomain scenarios . In particular, I ll explain how different application types host the CLR and how they manage AppDomains .
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