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Introducing Silverlight 3
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Figure 2-15. The preinstallation check queries the web server configuration and reports any problems on the Pre-Installation Check screen. If any of these settings do not match the Joomla recommendations, you should consult your service provider for ways to remedy the problem. If your provider offers no way of resolving these problems, you will have to change providers to run Joomla. The Recommended settings area of the Pre-Installation Check screen displays the settings that will make Joomla function best. Options on the PHP server such as Safe Mode, Display Errors, File Uploads, Magic Quotes Runtime, Register Globals, Output Buffering, and Session auto start are all features that Joomla will use for best execution. If everything checks out, click the Next button at the top-right corner of the screen.
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Finally, the attacker can simply try to guess passwords. This is the easiest method to remedy, and also the least fruitful, or at least it should be. Anyone who has an Internet-connected Windows computer and actually looks at the log files will see attempts at this. Figure 2-13 shows a failed attempt on one of my computers on the day I was writing this chapter. Most attackers use automated password grinders that attempt to log on using either Terminal Services or Windows Networking (Server Message Block, or SMB). The log-on attempt in Figure 2-13 is actually an Internet Information Services log-on attempt, which I know only because the host does not respond on either Terminal Services or SMB across the Internet.
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If you want to create a Tuple with more than eight elements in it, then you would pass another Tuple for the Rest parameter as follows:
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The simplest method to run Ruby applications on Mac OS X is from Terminal, much in the same way as irb is run. Terminal was explained in 1. If you followed the preceding instructions, continue like so: 1. Launch Terminal (found in Applications/Utilities). 2. Use cd to navigate to the folder where you placed example1.rb, like so: cd ~/ruby. This tells Terminal to take you to the ruby folder located off of your home user folder. 3. Type ruby example1.rb and press Enter to execute the example1.rb Ruby script. 4. If you get an error such as ruby: No such file or directory -- example1.rb (LoadError), you aren t in the same folder as the example1.rb source file, and you need to establish where you have saved it. If you get a satisfactory response from example1.rb, you re ready to move on to the Our Application: A Text Analyzer section. Alternatively, if you re using TextMate, you can just press Cmd+R to run the Ruby script you re working on in a separate window. This is probably the easiest way to run a Ruby script while you re developing it, but since TextMate is a commercial product and it may not always be an option, it s essential to at least be familiar with how to run Ruby scripts from Terminal, too.
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In cells G4:G5, you can either enter identical values (same set value for all) or define a range (lower value at the top) . In the last case mentioned, you or the referencing RANDBETWEEN formulas create city-specific maximum specifications that are all indicated as 100 percent in the chart . In cell E4, you enter a value to define the width of the pointer . This value is transferred by formulas to E9:E14; that is, the same value is used in all rows . Note This method only provides completely correct optical results if the total of columns D and E is not more than 100 percent (not more than the set value from column G) . Otherwise, because the value in column E would then be less than zero, the entire bar would be slightly indented to the left . In real life (where percentages of 100 would rarely be reached), this usually can be neglected but may have to be considered in some cases . If the individual, absolute set values in column G where each of the values represents 100 percent deviate considerably (which also rarely occurs in real life), the red pointers have different widths when this method is used . This would hurt the model s presentation value . You shouldn t use a standardized measurement in these cases but set up variable, linespecific widths of the pointers with a formula .
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Virtual Table VT4 Returned from Step 4
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3. The URL for the current site appears in the Add This Website To The Zone box. Edit or replace this value if necessary and then click Add. By design, the Trusted Sites zone is most appropriate for use with secure sites, where you already have a high degree of confidence that the site you re interacting with is legitimate. Thus, the default settings for this zone require that Internet Explorer verify that the site s server is secure (in other words, that it begins with https:) before establishing a connection. To add a non-SSL site to the list, clear the check box at the bottom of the Trusted Sites dialog box. (After adding the site, you can select the check box again.) When you add a domain (such as http://www.microsoft.com) to either of these zones, all URLs located within that domain are assigned to the zone you selected.
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useful for processing server file paths. To configure page output caching, you must use the Response object instead.
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When discussing subjects that involve logic, I like to use small tables such as those in Northwind, with simple and recognizable data. With such tables, the differences in logical reads that you see when testing your solutions are small. In real performance tests and benchmarks, you should use more realistic table sizes as your test data, such as the test data I used in 3. For example, using the usp_nextpage procedure, which returns the next page of orders, you will see very small I/O differences between OR logic and the AND logic, as I'll present shortly. But when I tested the solution against an Orders table with about a million rows, the OR implementation costs more than a thousand logical reads, while the AND implementation costs only 11 logical reads, physically accessing only the relevant page of orders.
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C ha p ter 8 DOC U Me Nt a t I O N , e r r O r h a N D LI N G , D e B U G G I N G , a N D t e S t I N G
Figure 6-16 For a news-related web feed, you ll probably prefer to retrieve updates hourly rather than daily.
Appendix F. Java to .NET API Reference
Visual Basic Code
Now is a good time to walk through the code that implements the asynchronous task that calculates the summary statistics in more detail. As you go through this section, you may want to download the Visual Studio solution for the Tailspin Surveys application from http:// wag.codeplex.com/. Using a Worker Role to Calculate the Summary Statistics The team at Tailspin decided to implement the asynchronous background task that calculates the summary statistics from the survey results by using a merge approach. Each time the task runs, it processes the survey responses that the application has received since the last time the task ran; it calculates the new summary statistics by merging the new results with the old statistics. The worker role in the TailSpin.Workers.Surveys project periodically scans the queue for pending survey answers to process. The following code example from the UpdatingSurvey ResultsSummaryCommand class shows how the worker role processes each temporary survey answer and then uses them to recalculate the summary statistics.
D. Incorrect: You must add the <anonymousIdentification enabled="true" /> element
Figure 3-24. From MySQL Administrator, you can examine the Joomla tables.
Network B
In such formulas, Excel also accepts 0, which corresponds to the MIN function, and 4, which corresponds to the MAX function, for the quart argument . The following table below provides an overview . Here, the two or three formulas in each row produces identical results .
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