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If you discover that the date and time stamps are incorrect for a group of photos because you traveled to a different time zone without adjusting the camera s clock, here s an easy solution. Select the images in Photo Gallery, right-click, and then click Change
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FIGURE 4-16 Clustered table/index
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VPN server and the intranet. This configuration is referred to as VPN server in front of the firewall.
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To capture accounting requests and responses, select the Accounting
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Web Setup Projects provide a great deal of flexibility and can meet most setup requirements. If you have more demanding requirements, such as submitting registration information to a web service or validating a product key, you can add custom actions to your setup project. Custom actions can run in any of the four phases of setup:
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Ordering: Allows the placement of the current section to be set within the overall list. The exact position may be specified (from the drop-down list of sections), or the first or last directive may be selected to make the current item appear at either the beginning or the end of the list, respectively. Since this article is a new item, by default it will be placed at the end of the single item list. Access Level: Sets the access level of the section and the articles the section contains as Public, Registered, or Special. Set this field to Public. Image: Sets the iconic image for the section. This drop-down list shows the titles of all of the images currently located in the \stories folder in the Joomla system. I left this item set to No Image. Image Position: Determines the location of the section image as left, center, or right. I left this set to the default. Details: Holds a description of the section. I set this field with a basic description of the items and documents a homeowner or buyer might expect to find within. Once you re done, click the Save button to write the section into the database. Congratulations! You just created your first section. Continue adding sections until you have all the sections listed in your site plan.
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8 . . Develop a service contract for the service . In the IQuotesService .cs file, update the interface to include methods to get a single quote, add a quote, and get all the quotes:
Diagnostic Monitor
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