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Implementing INotifyDataErrorInfo The INotifyDataErrorInfo interface is more flexible than the IDataErrorInfo interface. It supports multiple errors for a property, asynchronous data validation, and the ability to notify the view if the error state changes for an object. However, INotifyDataErrorInfo is currently supported in Silverlight 4 only, and is not available in WPF 4. The INotifyDataErrorInfo interface defines a HasErrors property, which allows the view model to indicate whether an error (or multiple errors) for any properties exist, and a GetErrors method, which allows the view model to return a list of error messages for a particular property. The INotifyDataErrorInfo interface also defines an ErrorsChanged event. This supports asynchronous validation scenarios in Silverlight by allowing the view or view model to use an ErrorsChanged event to signal a change in error state for a particular property. Property values can be changed in a number of ways, and not just by using data binding for example, as a result of a web service call or background calculation. The ErrorsChanged event allows the view model to inform the view of an error as soon as a data validation error has been identified. To support INotifyDataErrorInfo, you will need to maintain a list of errors for each property. The Model-View-ViewModel Reference Implementation (MVVM RI) demonstrates one way to do this by using an ErrorsContainer collection class that tracks all the validation errors in the object. It also raises notification events if the error list changes. The following code example shows a DomainObject (a root model object) and an example implementation of INotifyDataErrorInfo using the ErrorsContainer class.
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Lesson 1 Review
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DHCP Request messages contain a certain field named Giaddr that informs the DHCP server of the originating subnet of the request. When the field is empty, the client is assigned an address from the local scope. When the Giaddr field contains an address, as in the following case, the DHCP server assigns the client an address from a scope compatible with this address.
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Team Build Deep Dive
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Collecting Wait Information
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8 . . Select the Software step and modify it . The Software step should include several check boxes listing common software types . Add a CheckBoxList with the ID CheckBoxListSoftware and fill it with the values you see here:
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hard disk is more likely to be 35 to 50 years, with MTTF ratings of server-oriented hard drives hitting 134 years! At least part of that difference is a direct result of counting only the portion of the curve in the normal aging section while taking externally caused failure out of the equation. Therefore, a hard disk that fails because of an improperly ltered power spike doesn t count against the MTTF of the disk, nor does a disk that fails in its rst week or two. This might be nice for the disk manufacturer s statistics, but it doesn t do much for the system administrator whose system has crashed because of a disk failure. As you can see, it s important to look at the total picture and carefully evaluate all the factors and failure points on your system. Only by looking at the whole system, including the recovery procedures and methodology, can you build a truly faulttolerant environment.
Appending to an Existing Web Page
You can save selected events, all events in the current view, or all events in a particular log to a file for archival purposes, for further analysis in a different program, or to share with a technical support specialist. (To select events for exporting, hold down the Ctrl key and click each event you want to include.) The command to do so is on the Action menu, and the command name varies depending on the current view and selection: Save Selected Events, Save Filtered Log File As, Save Events In Custom View As, or Save Events As. Saving event data in Event Viewer s native (.evtx) format creates a file that you can view only in Event Viewer (or a third-party application capable of reading native event logs). However, Event Viewer can export log data to XML, tab-delimited, or comma-delimited
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Emphasize the dramatic tension that exists between Point A and Point B by sketching two contrasting photographs in juxtaposition. To do this with a Tablet PC, sketch a line down the middle of the Point A slide to indicate that you are going to place two photos side by side. To the left of the line, sketch the photograph that you would like to represent Point A for example, a photograph that shows a downward arrow, as shown on the lower-left slide in Figure 7-7. Add the same sketch to the Point B slide, and then to the right of the midline, sketch a contrasting photograph in this case, an upward arrow. When you show the slides in sequence, the Point A slide introduces the rst photograph as you explain it, and then on the Point B slide, the second photo appears. Depending on which photographs you use for the two sides of the split screen, this pair of contrasting images can communicate the tension between A and B more powerfully than words ever could.
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hen you need users to enter data, such as a user name or address, it s important to give them quick and precise feedback about any mistakes they make. For example, if a user forgets to type his or her city, you shouldn t simply reject the input with a generic message. Instead, you should provide a descriptive message and highlight the field the user needs to edit. You can speed the process by validating the input before the user clicks a button to submit it to the server; Microsoft ASP.NET automatically generates client-side JavaScript to perform client-side validation. For security reasons, you also need to validate the input at the server. ASP.NET can handle many types of server-side validation automatically, too. Another hallmark of a usable and robust web application is solid navigation. You need to know how to move the user from page to page based on a request, based on postback information, and based on the overall context of the user s actions. In addition, users expect to be able to navigate through a website as they see fit. You need to be able to manage the application as users move through it. Web Parts are components of a webpage that can be personalized and rearranged. You can use Web Parts to improve a site s consistency while still allowing users to customize content to their specific needs. You can exchange information between Web Parts, allowing preferences that are set in one Web Part to propagate to others.
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