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854 ChAPTER 14
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The output tells us the query plan consists of three operators: Nested Loops, Clustered Index Scan, and Index Seek. The Nested Loops is performing an inner join on the two tables. The outer table (the table accessed first when performing the inner join, which is always the one on the upper branch entering the join operator) in the join is the Products table, and SQL Server is using a Clustered Index Scan to access the physical data. Because a clustered index contains all the table data, scanning the clustered index is equivalent to scanning the whole table. The inner table is the Order Details table, which has a nonclustered index on the ProductID column, and SQL Server is using an Index Seek to access the index rows. The Object reference after the Index Seek operator shows us the full name of the index used: [Northwind].[dbo].[Order Details].[ProductID]. In this case, it is a bit confusing because the name of the index is the same as the name of the join column. For this reason, I recommend not giving indexes the same names as the columns they will access. The Seek predicate follows the Object reference. The outer table's column value is used to perform the seek into the ProductID index. When the plan is executed, the general flow of the rows is from the top down and from right to left. The more indented operator produces rows consumed by the less indented operator, and it produces rows for the next operator above, and so forth. In the case of a join, there are two input operators at the same level to the right of the join operator denoting the two joined row sets. The higher of the two (the Clustered Index Scan in our example) is referred to as the outer table, and the lower (Index Seek in our example) is the inner table. The operation on the outer table is initiated first; the one on the inner table is repeatedly executed for each row of the outer table that arrives to the join operator. In addition to the binary join operators, there are also n -ary operators with n input branchesfor example, concatenation in the plans for queries with UNION ALL. For the n -ary operators, the upper branch is executed first, and then the lower branch, and so forth. Observe that in the preceding example I used SET SHOWPLAN_TEXT OFF following the query. This is because SET SHOWPLAN_TEXT ON is not only causing the query plan to show up, it is also turning off query execution for the connection. Query execution will stay turned off until SQL Server executes SET SHOWPLAN_TEXT OFF on the same connection. You must be careful when performing a showplan of a batch that is creating or altering indexes or permanent tables and subsequently using them in queries in the same batch. Because SQL Server does not execute the batch if SHOWPLAN_TEXT is turned on, the new or altered objects in the batch are not recognized when subsequently referenced. Consequently, you will see a failure if a permanent table is created and used in the same batch, or you might incorrectly think the newly created index will not be used in the
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
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publicstructParallelLoopResult{ // Returns false if the operation was ended prematurely public Boolean IsCompleted { get; } public Int64 LowestBreakIteration{ get; } }
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Lesson 1: Connecting to Data with Data Source Controls
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-- After moving subtree SELECT empid, REPLICATE(' | ', lvl) + empname AS empname, lvl, path FROM dbo.Employees ORDER BY path; ROLLBACK TRAN; -- rollback used in order not to apply the change
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Provides Quality of Service (QoS) services for None. streaming audio and video over IP networks. Primarily used for home networks; on Server platforms qWAVE provides only rate-of-flow and prioritization services. Remote Assistance is used to provide interactive None. technical support. The Remote Assistance feature provides functionality for both the user requesting support and the person providing it. Used to transfer only deltas of files across a network. A collection of tools for managing other servers remotely. Remote Server Administration Tools include support for managing most roles and six features without installing the related role or feature. These tools are also available for download on download.microsoft.com so that you can install them on Windows Vista. None. Dependencies differ depending on which roles and features you want to support. The Web Server (IIS) Tools require the Windows Process Activation Service feature. The BITS Server Extension Tools require the Web Server role and Windows Process Activation Service feature. The SMTP Server Tools require the Web Server role. None.
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Figure 9-29
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Figure 8-37. The CB Login replaces the standard Joomla login.
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Day Year
Lesson 3: Working with Web Configuration Files
As soon as you roll out the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system to users in your organization, chances are you ll start receiving requests for reports, dashboards, or other aggregated information about the data almost as soon as users finish entering the first few records in the system. Users might know the questions they want answered in such requests, but often, the formatting, design, and calculations behind each number require careful planning. Table 13-1 provides a few guidelines that you should consider when deciding whether to deliver data in a report or dashboard.
Creating Content Pages
If you do this, you will always get 2 for a Tuesday regardless of the DATEFIRST setting . To generalize the formula, you can get an independent weekday number for a given date and time value dt, as if DATEFIRST was logically set to n, by using the following expression:
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You don t have the ability to easily roll back or remove changes. It s not easy to segment development work using the default solution, although you could mitigate this by creating separate unmanaged solutions for development. Version control is challenging. You cannot protect changes with component managed properties.
Uses for Share Permissions
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