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However, in this case, it would ignore the O/R map.
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Java encapsulates the modifiers for a field in the java.lang.reflect.Modifiers class. The FieldInfo class makes the same information available through a series of properties. Returns the name of the field. Returns the type of the field. Sets the value of a field for a specific instance of the declaring type.
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More Than Numbers
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You are creating a new webpage that collects customer data. This webpage needs to capture customer names and addresses, along with an indicator of which customers are active. You also need to display several vertical market categories and give the data entry personnel the ability to place each customer into all matching categories. You also prompt the data entry personnel for the quantity of computers that the customer has, based on several ranges, such as 0 5, 6 50, 51 250, 251 1,000, and 1,001 or more.
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Like Java, C# provides both operator and method support for concatenating strings. The support in C# is the same as in Java and allows the use of both the + and += operators. Method-based concatenation support in .NET is more extensive than that provided in Java. Java provides the String.concat method, which is equivalent to the operator syntax described earlier. .NET provides a set of static, overloaded String.Concat methods that concatenate a variable number of strings and string representations of objects into a single string. The static String.Join methods provide a mechanism to concatenate an array of strings into a single string separating each component with a configurable string token. This is useful for
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For native applications, Windows reserves the 1 MB of address space and sparsely commits physical storage to it as the thread actually requires it when growing the stack . However, when managed applications create a thread, the CLR forces Windows to reserve and fully commit the stack immediately, so 1 MB of physical storage is fully allocated as each thread is created . The CLR team did this to make managed code behave more reliably in situations where the system was running low on memory . For example, the CLR and managed applications never have to worry about recovering from insufficient memory when attempting to grow a thread s stack . This was very important for Microsoft SQL Server when executing stored procedures implemented in managed code .
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Pulling Through What s Most Important First
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FIGURE 5-14 Act II, Scene 1, extends horizontally from left to right in the story template.
Questions and Answers
Shared Services
Use the following query to apply the function to each array from the Arrays table:
correctly formed HTML table. Netscape Navigator 4 and earlier might not display the table. Thus, while tables are almost essential to properly laying out the user interface for your ASP.NET application, they can be a source of some difficulties. Note Other techniques are available for tricking HTML into laying out a document or form exactly as you want. One common way is to use invisible images sized to force text, graphics, and widgets to appear exactly where you want them to be. This approach isn t something I ve found especially useful. In addition, in some examples in this book, I don t use tables to pretty up the display if the result is to obscure the underlying program logic. That said, in the real world, virtually every page I create has a specific structure that involves the extensive use of tables.
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Volatile Constructs
IF EXISTS(SELECT * FROM sys.triggers WHERE parent_class = 0 AND name = 'trg_create_table_with_pk') DROP TRIGGER trg_create_table_with_pk ON DATABASE; GO
For a bootable CD or DVD to work properly, you must set the boot order in the BIOS so that the drive appears ahead of the hard disk drive and any other bootable media; we recommend setting the DVD drive as the first boot device, followed by the hard disk, floppy disk, and any other bootable devices, in whichever order you prefer . The boot options available for every computer are different, as is the technique for accessing the BIOS setup program . During boot, watch for a message that tells you which key to press for setup . If you re lucky, the BIOS setup program on your computer includes a Boot tab where you can specify the order of boot devices; if this option isn t immediately apparent, look for a page called Advanced CMOS Settings or something similar .
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