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Example Requirement = 6 subnets
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result of those test cases. Of course, many other factors make up the full definition of these two terms, and in this chapter, I hope to expand on these thoughts. The bug workflow describes the process, participants, and path of a bug report as it proceeds from creation to closure. Figure 9-1 shows the many paths and decisions included in the lifetime of a bug.
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targets inside the InitialTargets declaration. We will see this implemented in all the target les in this chapter. When you are creating target les, there is a convention that you should be aware of and make sure to follow. That is to pre x with an underscore all properties, items, and target names that should be considered internal implementation details. By doing so, you are letting the caller know that its behavior is subject to change or might even be removed in newer versions. A future version of MSBuild might support some type of scoping mechanism that can be used to work around this issue. This convention is followed by all target les provided by Microsoft. Now that we have outlined some guidelines, we can take a look at what it takes to integrate some speci c tools into our build process.
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Figure 6-1 Use this dialog box to restore your preferred browser as the default choice for opening webpages or specific file types.
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Of course, for any member to be accessible, it must be defined in a type that is visible . For example, if AssemblyA defines an internal type with a public method, code in AssemblyB cannot call the public method because the internal type is not visible to AssemblyB . When compiling code, the language compiler is responsible for checking that the code is referencing types and members correctly . If the code references some type or member incorrectly, the compiler has the responsibility of emitting the appropriate error message . In addition, the just-in-time (JIT) compiler also ensures that references to fields and methods are legal when compiling IL code into native CPU instructions at runtime . For example, if the JIT compiler detects code that is improperly attempting to access a private field or method, the JIT compiler throws a FieldAccessException or a MethodAccessException, respectively . Verifying the IL code ensures that a referenced member s accessibility is properly honored at runtime, even if a language compiler ignored checking the accessibility . Another, more likely, possibility is that the language compiler compiled code that accessed a public member in another type (in another assembly); but at runtime, a different version of the assembly is loaded, and in this new version, the public member has changed and is now protected or private. In C#, if you do not explicitly declare a member s accessibility, the compiler usually (but not always) defaults to selecting private (the most restrictive of them all) . The CLR requires that all members of an interface type be public . The C# compiler knows this and forbids the programmer from explicitly specifying accessibility on interface members; the compiler just makes all the members public for you .
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Here, the parent task creates and starts three Task objects . By default, Task objects created by another task are top-level tasks that have no relationship to the task that creates them . However, the TaskCreationOptions.AttachedToParent flag associates a Task with the Task that creates it so that the creating task is not considered finished until all its children (and grandchildren) have finished running . When creating a Task by calling the ContinueWith method, you can make the continue-with task be a child by specifying the TaskContinuationOptions.AttachedToParent flag .
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No index (table scan) Nonclustered noncovering index (when selective enough, seek + partial ordered scan + lookups) Clustered index (seek + partial scan) Nonclustered covering (seek + partial scan)
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E xErcIsE 2 Calling the AJAX Component from a Webpage
RubyGems (http://rubygems.org/) is a packaging system for Ruby libraries and applications. Each package within the RubyGems universe is called a gem or RubyGem (in this book, both terms are used interchangeably). RubyGems makes it easier to distribute, update, install, and remove libraries and applications on your system.
Service Broker provides unprecedented facilities for message ordering within a conversation . Some messaging systems will ensure that messages are delivered in order, provided that the messages are sent in a single transaction and received in a single transaction . Messages in a Service Broker conversation will be received and processed in the order in which they are sent, even if they are sent in multiple transactions issued by multiple applications and received in multiple transactions by multiple different applications . To see why this is important, imagine an order-entry application that receives an order header, three order lines, and an order footer . In a messaging system that doesn t ensure ordering, your application might receive an order line before it receives the order header, or it might receive the order footer before it receives all three order lines . This means the application must be able to recognize messages arriving out of order and store them somewhere until the missing messages arrive greatly increasing the complexity of the application . Even if the messages are delivered in order, if your application is multithreaded for efficiency, the messages still might be processed out of order . For example, if thread one receives the order header and starts processing it and then thread two starts processing the first order line, it s very possible that the order line will be processed before the order header is completely processed . This chain of events could occur because the order header is generally more complex than the order line and thereby requiring more processing, so inserting the order line into the database will fail because the order header isn t there yet . The application can try the order line again until it works, but this is inefficient and adds to the complexity of the application . If all the messages are in a Service Broker conversation, they will be received and processed in the order in which they were sent so that the application doesn t have to deal with the complexities of processing messages out of order .
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