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Recognize the role of custom handlers in ASP .NET . Write custom handlers . Write just-in-time compiled custom handlers . Configure your site to include your custom handler .
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The LoginView control also allows you to define blocks of user interface to display to all logged-in users who belong to a particular role. As mentioned, these templates take precedence over the <loggedintemplate> template if both apply.
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Figure 8-3. ANSI/ISO join syntax diagram Note that you can also use a CROSS JOIN syntax. The result is identical to the effect of the comma operator in the FROM clause: the Cartesian product. The examples in the remainder of this book will show a mixture of old-fashioned joins (as introduced in Section 8.2) and the alternative ANSI/ISO SQL join syntax explained in this section.
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In this code, I am using a Semaphore, but it would work just as well if I had used an EventWaitHandle or a Mutex because I m not actually using the thread synchronization behavior that the object offers . However, I am taking advantage of some thread synchronization behavior that the kernel offers when creating any kind of kernel object . Let me explain how the code above works . Let s say that two instances of this process are started at the same exact time . Each process will have its own thread, and both threads will attempt to create a Semaphore with the same string name ( SomeUniqueStringIdentifyingMyApp, in my example) . The Windows kernel ensures that only one thread actually creates a kernel object with the specified name; the thread that created the object will have its createdNew variable set to true . For the second thread, Windows will see that a kernel object with the specified name already exists; the second thread does not get to create another kernel object with the same name, although if this thread continues to run, it can access the same kernel object as the first process s thread . This is how threads in different processes can communicate with each other via a single kernel object . However, in this example, the second process s thread sees that its createdNew variable is set to false . This thread now knows that another instance of this process is running, and the second instance of the process exits immediately .
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If you haven t already done so, take the time now to review your ve headlines with your team and anyone else who needs to approve your presentation. These headlines determine everything that will unfold next in your story, so it s important to get other people involved early in this writing process to make sure that you re on the right track. Never rush through the process of writing your Act I headlines the words that you write in Act I will make the difference between a strong start and a weak one. It s not uncommon for an individual or a team to completely revise Act I several times until the story is exactly right for the audience. An executive team might spend a great deal of time ne-tuning Act I because, in a bigger sense, these ve headlines can de ne the way the organization understands and relates to its customers. These ve simple headlines are in fact a communications strategy and are worthy of whatever resources you normally invest in developing strategic issues. Review the tips at the end of this chapter to develop and re ne your Act I headlines. Here are a couple of things you can do to test and review the headlines now.
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The execution plan for this query is shown in Figure 4-10 (abbreviated by removing the operators that calculate boundaries up to the Merge Interval operator, to focus on the actual data access).
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You need to specify that this is a POST request on the request object, as well as let the object know that this is an HTTP form, which you specify using the ContentType property:
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Reviewing and Finalizing the Storyboard
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Next, query the audit table:
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public static class SomeType { private static Object s_myLockObject = new Object(); public static void SomeMethod () { Monitor.Enter(s_myLockObject); // If this throws, did the lock get taken or // not If it did, then it won't get released! try { // Do thread-safe operation here... } finally { Monitor.Exit(s_myLockObject); } } // ... }
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