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Windows XP introduced a mechanism to set exceptions to audit policy on a per-user basis, called Per User Selective Audit, or per-user auditing. In Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 that mechanism still exists and has been integrated more tightly into the audit policy mechanism: Where separate tools were once used to set per-user audit policy, now the tools (and their underlying APIs) are the same for both per-user and system audit policy.
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Mitigation via the SDL Process
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* Everything in this box only occurs when there is no session, and the user must be authenticated
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Row range G5:P5: The calendar week specifications are used to label the chart s primary horizontal axis . Row range F6:P6: The data configured using the two controls from group 1, and which generates the blue line in the chart, is inserted into this range . Row range F7:P7: The data configured using the two controls from group 2, and which generates the orange line in the chart, is inserted into this range . Row range F8:P8: Here you define as constants the data that generates the area with the light green background in the chart to show how long the campaign lasted in the customer project that is represented .
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3. In the Web server drop-down list, choose the Web server you want to edit. 4. Click Edit to proceed to the Internet or Intranet Host Settings page. 5. Change any values you d like. Remember that the Friendly host name must be unique. Click Next to save the changes and proceed to the Web Publishing Destination page. From there, you can proceed to publish normally, or click Cancel to close the Publish Wizard. Your changes will be saved for your next publishing session. Deleting a Web Server You can easily remove a Web server from the drop-down list in the Publish Wizard and delete all the details from memory. The following steps will guide you: 1. Start Producer and open your presentation. 2. Click Publish on the toolbar. The Publish Wizard appears. If it isn t already selected, click Web server. 3. In the Web server drop-down list, choose the Web server you want to delete. 4. Click Delete. 6. Click Yes when prompted to confirm that you wish to delete the Web server. Learning More About Publishing You can view a Web page that provides details about utilizing e-services and adding e-services to the Web server list in the Publish Wizard. To do this, click Web server (if the option is not already selected) and then click Learn More. Producer displays a Web page, in a separate window, that contains information about e-services that you can use to publish your presentation. The Web page that displays by default is a page on the Microsoft Web site that contains links to third-party hosting providers. These are companies that, for a fee, provide you with storage space on their servers for your Producer presentations. It is also possible that the URL of this Web page may have been changed by your corporation to display information about publishing using your company s preferred locations. To add an e-service as a Web server that you can use in the Publish Wizard, follow the instructions given by the e-service provider.
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NTFS Permissions
ASP provided little direct support for form validation, and thus you were free to do pretty much as you pleased. Even within the same development group, you can generally find one or more models for accepting and validating input. I m sorry to report that even within a single developer s code, you might find more than one structure for handling form validation (at least if I m the developer in question ). Every HTML form has an action attribute in the <FORM> tag that points to a URL. The URL can be absolute, beginning with http://, or relative, perhaps beginning with a slash (/) to refer to the root of the current site, or just a file name that must exist in the same folder as the page the form is in. When the form is submitted, the contents of the form are sent to the URL referred to by the action attribute of the <FORM> tag. The two common ASP structures are shown in Figures 5-1 and 5-2.
SET @rn = 0; FETCH NEXT FROM rncursor INTO @empid, @qty; WHILE @@fetch_status = 0 BEGIN SET @rn = @rn + 1; INSERT INTO dbo.SalesBMCursor(empid, qty, rn) VALUES(@empid, @qty, @rn); FETCH NEXT FROM rncursor INTO @empid, @qty; END CLOSE rncursor; DEALLOCATE rncursor; COMMIT TRAN SELECT empid, qty, rn FROM dbo.SalesBMCursor; INSERT INTO dbo.RNBenchmark(tid, numrows, runtimems) VALUES(3, @curnumrows, DATEDIFF(ms, @dt, GETDATE())); -- 'ROW_NUMBER 2005' DBCC FREEPROCCACHE WITH NO_INFOMSGS; DBCC DROPCLEANBUFFERS WITH NO_INFOMSGS; SET @dt = GETDATE(); SELECT empid, qty, ROW_NUMBER() OVER(ORDER BY qty, empid) AS rn FROM dbo.SalesBM; INSERT INTO dbo.RNBenchmark(tid, numrows, runtimems) VALUES(4, @curnumrows, DATEDIFF(ms, @dt, GETDATE())); SET @curnumrows = @curnumrows + @steprows; END
Namespace Type
Remediation Servers
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Web Parts
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