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Likewise, adding items to item groups and their metadata is the same as for other MSBuild projects. In this example, we re populating the Con gurationToBuild item group with two entries (Debug|Any CPU and Release|Any CPU) and providing two metadata elements (FlavorToBuild and PlatformToBuild) for each of those entries:
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anything It is true that this target itself doesn t perform any work. What it does do is specify a set of targets that must be executed before it is. These targets are placed in the DependsOnTargets attribute as $(BuildDependsOn). Immediately above the declaration for the Build target is the following property declaration.
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Note The Action and Func delegate types that take 0 to 8 arguments are defined in
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Design Point: Certificate Infrastructure
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SELECT orderid FROM (SELECT orderid, productid FROM dbo.OrderDetails) AS D PIVOT(MAX(productid) FOR productid IN([2],[3],[4])) AS P WHERE [2] = 2 AND [3] = 3 AND [4] = 4;
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Most DBMS vendors supply many secondary programs around their DBMS software. I refer to all these programs with the generic term tools. These tools allow users to perform tasks such as the following: Generate reports Build standard data-entry and data-retrieval screens Process database data in text documents or in spreadsheets Administer the database
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Here, our perception successfully differentiates between the colors in the pie chart; that is, it identifies a green group, a blue group, and an orange group of segments . Their relative total values are provided in a three-line table accompanying the legend . This table s coloring further strengthens the observer s impression that there are three groups . Once the observer makes this rough differentiation, it is generally relatively easy for him to understand and identify differences between the smaller segments in the pie chart . Example 3
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Windows Media Player can copy, or rip, tracks from audio CDs and store them as files on your hard disk. The copies you make are completely unrestricted: You can listen to the saved tracks on your PC, burn a collection of tracks to a custom CD, or download tracks to a portable player. Before you rip your first CD, however, it s smart to answer the following questions:
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In this case, the compiler will infer the IEnumerable<Employee> type by looking at the actual data source. However, this shortcut can make your code difficult to read. There are times, however, when you will need to use the var keyword (or no type declaration in Visual Basic): when you are assigning a query result to a new, anonymous type that you are creating. You can t strongly type the result set when the type itself is anonymous and not created until run time. Note too that when the LINQ query is assigned to a variable it is only saved to the variable; the query does not actually execute until it is iterated over. This means that you have to do something with the data before LINQ will expend the processing required to actually execute the query. One way to iterate over the query is with a simple For Each statement. The following shows an example.
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Windows ordinarily reserves the top two spaces in the pinned programs section of the Start menu for your default internet browser and default e-mail program. You can change what appears here or get rid of either or both. To customize this part of the Start menu, right-click the Start button and choose Properties from the shortcut menu. On the Start Menu tab of the Taskbar And Start Menu Properties dialog box, click Customize. Near the bottom of the Customize Start Menu dialog box, you ll find check boxes labeled Internet Link and E-Mail Link. Clear either of these to remove the associated item.
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Semitemporal Constraints
Even without a complete, architectural approach to working in the problem area s vocabulary, you can use many of the techniques in this book to work in terms of the real-world problem rather than the computer-science solution: Use classes to implement structures that are meaningful in problem-domain terms. Hide information about the low-level data types and their implementation details. Use named constants to document the meanings of strings and of numeric literals. Assign intermediate variables to document the results of intermediate calculations. Use boolean functions to clarify complex boolean tests.
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Local permissions Local privileges (except when accessing objects remotely) Universal group membership
Practice 2: Add a Layer2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) and a Point-to-Point Tun neling Protocol (PPTP) port. Configure a device on a port. Practice 1: Reconfigure your two routers, specifying a secure connection between two private networks in the Routing And Remote Access Server Setup Wizard on each server. The connection between the two servers can be persistent (always on) or on demand (demand-dial). Practice 2: Investigate how to set up a secure VPN between the two servers. (Note: The examination does not explicitly state that you need to know how to perform this task, but you ll gain a lot of valuable information through this investigation.) Practice 1: Use the Routing And Remote Access snap-in to check the port sta tus of a particular port. Practice 2: Use the Logging function in the Routing And Remote Access snapin to monitor error logging in the system Event Log. Investigate the various levels of event logging and decide which level is required for various types of monitoring tasks. Practice 3: Investigate Troubleshooting Remote Access VPNs in the Windows Server 2003 online help files. Practice 1: Determine how to gather demand-dial troubleshooting informa tion. You should know how to check the following: the unreachability rea son, the credentials being used by the calling router, the authentication provider being used by the answering router, the status of the port on the answering router, the status of the demand-dial interface, and the static route for a demand-dial interface. Practice 2: Examine Troubleshooting Demand-Dial Routing and Troubleshooting Router-to-Router VPN Routing in the Windows Server 2003 online help files.
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