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sum += a[x, y]; } } return sum; } private static Int32 SafeJaggedArrayAccess(Int32[][] a) { Int32 sum = 0; for (Int32 x = 0; x < c_numElements; x++) { for (Int32 y = 0; y < c_numElements; y++) { sum += a[x][y]; } } return sum; } private static unsafe Int32 Unsafe2DimArrayAccess(Int32[,] a) { Int32 sum = 0; fixed (Int32* pi = a) { for (Int32 x = 0; x < c_numElements; x++) { Int32 baseOfDim = x * c_numElements; for (Int32 y = 0; y < c_numElements; y++) { sum += pi[baseOfDim + y]; } } } return sum; } }
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Page 75 meaningful to the user than if the presentation included the audio without the accompanying video. How Long Is the Presentation When preparing to record video, consider the length of the overall presentation. By determining the approximate length of the presentation, you can determine how much video you will need. For example, if your presentation is only 15 minutes long, you probably do not need to create a shooting plan for an hour of video. In other words, the amount of video you will need affects how you plan and eventually shoot the actual video. You always want to shoot enough video footage so that you can later edit the video to fit the allotted amount of time. So create a shooting plan or short script for the video that takes the overall length of the presentation into consideration. Do You Have an Existing Slideshow One of the main differences between Microsoft Producer and other presentation software that features only video and audio is that Producer enables you to include Microsoft PowerPoint slides in your presentations. Because your presentations will often include PowerPoint slides, you should consider the slide content when recording video and audio for your presentation. When recording video, you might simply narrate slides using video of a talking head -style speaker. However, you might also want to record additional video and audio to further stress your presentation s point. For example, if your talking head video introduces a slide and the point of the slide would be made even more clear by a testimonial from someone else perhaps an expert, spokesperson, or customer then include that additional video. When you use additional video with your PowerPoint slides, remember that the slides and video need to work together. This will affect the type and amount of video you will shoot for your presentation. Choosing a Recording Site Before recording video, you need to decide where you want to record it. Sometimes, you may not be able to choose where you do the recording, as may be the case with training or product demonstration videos. Regardless of whether you choose the recording site or the site is determined by the situation, one important thing to do before recording is to visit the recording site. By visiting the location before you record, you can avoid some undesirable surprises that may reduce the effectiveness of the video. When you visit the site, you can see what limitations you may have to work with. For example, if the lighting is not appropriate, you might have to make arrangements to sup-
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4. Your NAT server uses a DSL connection. From your ISP, you have obtained a block of eight addresses to be mapped to the external interface of the NAT computer. How can you configure this
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The grid shows a Select column, but the page doesn t need to handle the corresponding SelectedIndexChanged event. The following code shows the detail pair of controls for completing the codeless implementation of the master/detail scheme:
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Control Flow Instructions The XSLT vocabulary includes some tags that represents control flow statements such as conditional and iterative statements. Table 7-3 summarizes the most important commands. Table 7-3: XSLT Instructions for Control Flow Instruction Description Applies the rules in the body to each <xsl:for-each select=" "> element that matches the given </xsl:for-each> XPath expression. The node-set can be sorted by putting an <xsl:sort> in the body. 242
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Then you can define the validation controls in your page. The following shows an example that validates a text box that accepts a value for the FirstName property of a Customer class, and validates it using the rule set named RuleSetA.
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Build agents should be kept as simple as possible. Even minor changes on a build agent can affect the outcome of a build, and if the con guration of a build agent is complex then it increases the chance of discrepancies if a build agent needs to be rebuilt, when adding additional build agents, or when reproducing an old build. Build agents should be build agents and nothing else. Running other services on the build agent contradicts the rule that they should be as simple as possible but also results in Team Build having to compete with the other services for resources. Builds usually have to read a large amount of data (the source les) from the Team Foundation Server and write a large amount of data (the build outputs) to the drop folder. Because of this the build agent should have fast network access to both of these locations. In 12, we look at how to con gure Team Build to use the Team Foundation Proxy to improve performance when the build agent has limited bandwidth to the Team Foundation Server. The build agent needs suf cient disk space to store a copy of the source code and build outputs for each build de nition. You should also allow additional disk space for any temporary les during the build process. Team Build 2008 has the ability to take advantage of the parallel build functionality introduced in MSBuild 3.5 so multiple processors can improve the performance of your builds.
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3. How can you enforce 128-bit encryption for dial-up connections at the remote access server
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When the Remote Assistance session has accomplished its task, either user can click the Disconnect button in the Remote Assistance toolbar to end the session.
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DVD, other optical media, removable media 3. 4.
Some of the modules are a revised version of modules already available in ASP.NET 1.x, while others are specific to ASP.NET 2.0. The modules shown in bold in Table 11-4 are new in version 2.0.
AstatsPro: Perhaps the most comprehensive open source Joomla statistics package, astatsPro ( is available in a number of languages and provides an extensive Administrator interface that allows you to create custom reports. The statistics offered are nearly comparable to those available through the standalone package AWStats. JoomlaStats: This package (see is the most user-aware in that it understands the Joomla user system and allows nearly all statistics to be broken down by user movements. It also records the search keywords that users enter on search engines such as Google to find your site. The package includes a number of modules and an administrative component. Entana Statistics: This is a very well-reviewed commercial package (see that can track traffic over multiple Joomla sites and coordinate visitor data with the registered Joomla user database. BSQ Sitestats: This is a lightweight extension that collects the primary site-usage figures (see It also includes statistics for the search terms entered into the Joomla search engine. On the back-end, it provides a broad number of reports, including graphical visitors chart over time period, top referrers, top pages viewed, top visitors, top users, top daily users, top web browsers, top languages, visitor session tracking, visitor geolocational information, search engine keywords frequency tracking, and summaries by day, week, and month. The disadvantage of using a package that is installed into Joomla is the performance hit that the system will take gathering the statistics. These packages can put a strain on the web server performance as well as the MySQL database. Most Joomla-centric web providers strongly advise against installing statistic extensions because of these performance drawbacks.
Companion to CLR Routines
The SiteMap class provides programmatic access to the site navigation hierarchy from within your code-behind page. Its two primary properties are RootNode and CurrentNode, and both return SiteMapNode instances. The SiteMapNode object represents a node in the site map and has the Title, Url, and Description properties. To access nodes in the hierarchy, you can use the SiteMapNode instance s ParentNode, ChildNodes, NextSibling, and PreviousSibling properties. For example, the following code snippet can be used to navigate to the webpage that is listed as the parent webpage in the Web.sitemap file.
Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP) Microsoft Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol (MS-CHAP) MS-CHAP version 2 (MS-CHAP v2) Extensible Authentication Protocol-Message Digest 5 (EAP-MD5) Extensible Authentication Protocol-Transport Level Security (EAP-TLS)
For Media Sharing to succeed, your network must be configured as Private (not Public) so that sharing and discovery can take place. When you re actively sharing a library (as opposed to just making it available for sharing), the Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service (Wmpnetwk.exe) runs, along with the Media Foundation Protected Pipeline (Mfpmp.exe). Sharing a very large library can drag down performance on both ends of the connection. To limit the amount of traffic, the default settings for Media Sharing filter the list of media files in the library. From the Media Sharing dialog box, click Settings to open the dialog box where you set options for all devices, as shown in Figure 19-10. If you want to restrict access to some types of media, clear the check boxes for Music, Pictures, or Video, or turn on the Parental Ratings restrictions.
In addition to waiting for a single task, the Task class also offers two static methods that allow a thread to wait on an array of Task objects . Task s static WaitAny method blocks the calling thread until any of the Task objects in the array have completed . This method returns an Int32 index into the array indicating which Task object completed, causing the thread to wake and continue running . The method returns -1 if the timeout occurs and throws an OperationCanceledException if WaitAny is canceled via a CancellationToken . Similarly, the Task class has a static WaitAll method that blocks the calling thread until all the Task objects in the array have completed . The WaitAll method returns true if all the Task objects complete and false if a timeout occurs; an OperationCanceledException is thrown if WaitAll is canceled via a CancellationToken .
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