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As you saw in Figure 9-4, Microsoft Dynamics CRM links related entities in the navigation pane of the entity record. In that figure, the Contacts link displays all of the Contacts related to the Account. Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers you the flexibility of configuring how related entity information appears in the navigation pane. For all types of relationships, you can configure the following, which we look at in more detail in the following sections:
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1026 Appendix A Windows Vista Editions at a Glance
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7 . . Finally, complete the handler for the SelectItem button . This method should move items from the inventory to the selected items table . You can get the selected item index from the DataListCommandEventArgs coming into the handler . Call BindToInventory to set up the DataList data source so that you can fetch the selected item . You can access the columns in the selected row using ordinal indices . From the values in each column, construct a new DataRow and add it to the selected items table . Store the modified table back in session state . Finally, apply the new selected items table to the DataSource in the GridView1 and bind the GridView1 .
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Let's take the plunge into .NET Remoting and start building a service that can be exploited and consumed from remote clients. In 13, we'll extend the service to make it openly available to Internet clients too. In this way, you can really grab the essence of .NET Framework distributed programming and understand the key differences that keep .NET Remoting and Web services separate even though they're both children of a common model for remotable objects. A .NET Remoting server and a Web service are both .NET Framework classes. As such, they can inherit from a parent class and can be left open to further inheritance. As you'll see in more detail in 13, a Web service class can optionally inherit from the WebService class, but there is no syntax obligation. A .NET Remoting server class must inherit from MarshalByRefObject. The object-oriented nature of the .NET Framework makes sharing classes between a .NET Remoting server and a Web service straightforward. However, because of the inheritance difference just mentioned, you can't have the Web service and the .NET Remoting server descend from the same base class of functionality. The .NET Framework, in fact, does not permit inheritance from multiple classes. We'll start by writing a helper class that constitutes the programming interface for both the .NET Remoting server in this chapter and the Web service we'll create in 13. The remote service is actually a class built around the Northwind database that lets you obtain gross sales information on a per-year basis. A nice feature of this service is that it lets you obtain information in two ways: as raw tabular data to format and analyze or as a ready-to-print, snazzy bar chart. Writing the Data Provider Class Because our final goal is exposing a common set of functionalities through both the .NET Remoting server and the Web service interfaces, let's group all the needed core code into a separate middle-tier class that both higher-level layers can easily call. We'll call this helper class SalesDataProvider and bury into its code all the details about connection strings, SQL commands, and bar chart creation. The class outline is shown here: namespace XmlNet.CS { public class SalesDataProvider { // Constructor(s) public SalesDataProvider() {...} // Internal properties 432
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Source Data Values
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configuring the logging block
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Note Before running the query, I selected the option Discard Results after Query Executes in Management Studio for both text and grid results. You can nd it by choosing Query Options from the shortcut menu of the query editor. This way, the elapsed time corresponded to the time it took to sort the results, not the time it took to present them.
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In addition, because verifiable code requires that every field of a value type be written to prior to any field being read, any constructors that you do have for a value type must initialize all the type s fields. The following type defines a constructor for the value type but fails to initialize all the fields:
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The Drawing Tools contextual tab brings you options for working with Office Shapes.
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3. In the Details pane, double-click Make Parental Controls Control Panel Visible On
Click I Accept and the update is deployed. You ll see a nal acknowledgement message that the update is scheduled for deployment in the next 4 to 24 hours. Click OK and the update will be added to the Updates In Progress section.
The navigation pane comprises of groups, relationships, and navigation links. Groups A group is a collection of links under a shared heading. You can edit a group s name by double-clicking the group in the form editor or selecting the group and then clicking the Change Properties button in the ribbon s Home tab. The Group Name dialog box is shown in Figure 7-11.
Upload File option for loading your code. Also, you should never click the Text Editor button for those web resources doing so will cause your style sheet reference to be removed by Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Casting at Run Time
There are a few things to note about these methods:
Of course, you should specify the actual trace ID you got for your trace. If you lost the scrap of paper you wrote the trace ID on, query the sys.traces view to get information about all running traces. When tracing a workload in a production environment for tuning purposes, make sure you trace a sufficiently representative one. In some cases, this might mean tracing for only a couple of hours, while in other cases it can be a matter of days. The next step is to load the trace data to a table and analyze it. Of course, you can open it with Profiler and examine it there; however, typically such traces generate a lot of data, and there's not much that you can do with Profiler to analyze the data. In our case, we have a small number of sample queries. Figure 3-4 shows what the trace data looks like when loaded in Profiler.
unauthenticated, or Logout to authenticated users.
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