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Sounds simple enough so far. Now we'll turn to the way services operate. The first aspect of services I'll cover is the specific API functions that you call to turn a normal user-mode process into a service. The API Dance Services have some unique qualities that will require some maneuvering on your part to accommodate. First, the entry point you use in services main or WinMain doesn't matter. Because your service doesn't have any user interface, you can use console or graphical user interface (GUI) entry points interchangeably. Inside your main or WinMain processing, the first call you have to make is to the StartServiceCtrlDispatcher API function. You pass a SERVICE_TABLE_ENTRY structure to StartServiceCtrlDispatcher in which you indicate your service name and the main entry point of your service. The Service Control Manager (SCM), which starts all services and is what StartServiceCtrlDispatcher eventually talks to in order to set up your service, is an operating system feature that, as its name implies, controls all services. If your service doesn't call StartServiceCtrlDispatcher within 30 seconds of starting, the SCM will terminate your service. As you'll see later in the chapter, this time limit can make debugging startup a little more interesting. As soon as you call into the SCM, the SCM spawns a thread to call your service's entry point. Your service's entry point has one hard requirement: it must register a handler with RegisterServiceCtrlHandlerEx and call SetServiceStatus within 82 seconds of starting. If your service doesn't make the calls within that time, the SCM thinks your service has failed, though it doesn't terminate the service. If your service eventually does call RegisterServiceCtrlHandlerEx, your service will run normally. Although you'd expect that the SCM would terminate your service if it thought your service had failed, it doesn't. Odd as this behavior is, it does make debugging as your service continues to run much easier. RegisterServiceCtrlHandlerEx takes yet another pointer to a function, called the handler function. The SCM calls into the handler function to control your service's performance on operations such as stopping, pausing, or continuing. When your service is transitioning from the states of starting, stopping, and pausing, it communicates with the SCM through the SetServiceStatus API function. Most services just need to call SetServiceStatus and indicate the basic state to which they're changing there's nothing fancy about this API function. I've glossed over a few of the details involved with the API functions, but basically the calls to StartServiceCtrlDispatcher, RegisterServiceCtrlHandlerEx, and SetServiceStatus are all that the operating system requires of your service to get it up and running. Notice that I didn't mention anything about requirements concerning communications protocols your service uses to communicate between a controller user interface you write and your service. Fortunately, services have access to all the regular Windows API functions, so you can use memory-mapped files, mail slots, named pipes, and so on. With services, you really have all the same options as you do in normal crossprocess communications. The most challenging issue with services, as I pointed out at the beginning of the chapter, is security. The Security Dance Unless you specify otherwise, services run in a special account called the System account. Because Windows has user-based security for all objects, the System account is validated 517
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Note Ruby programmers nearly always use require rather than load. The effects of load are useful only if the code in the external file has changed or if it contains active code that will be executed immediately. However, a good programmer will avoid the latter situation, and external files will only contain classes and modules that will, generally, rarely change.
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<td class="title"> <strong>< php echo JText::_( 'Empty Keys' ); ></strong> </td> </tr> < php // Make sure some rows match query if ($rows = $db->loadObjectList()) { foreach ($rows as $row) { // Create url to allow user to click & jump to edit article $url = "index.php option=com_content&task=edit&" . "&id=" . $row->id; // Check meta fields for record and set Yes/No value if ($row->metadesc =="") $metad = JText::_("Yes"); else $metad = JText::_("No"); if ($row->metakey =="") $metak = JText::_("Yes"); else $metak = JText::_("No"); echo "<tr>"; // Place article title inside link echo "<td><a href='" . $url . "'>" . $row->title . "</a></td>"; // Display status of empty meta column echo "<td>" . $metad . "</td>"; echo "<td>" . $metak . "</td>"; echo "</tr>"; } } else { // No articles with missing metadata found echo '<tr><td>None</td>'; echo '<td>n/a</td>'; echo '<td>n/a</td></tr>'; } > </table>
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10 20 This code demonstrates that eval accepts an optional second parameter, a binding, which in this case is returned from the binding_elsewhere method. The variable remote_binding contains a reference to the execution context within the binding_elsewhere method rather than in the main code. Therefore, when you print x, 20 is shown, as x is defined as equal to 20 in binding_elsewhere!
The Constant Scan and Compute Scalar operators calculate the range boundary points that are applicable to the filtered date, and then the plan applies a range filter in the index created on the orderdate attribute .
IDENTITY-Based Solution
Understanding DNS in Windows Server 2003 Networks
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