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For this task, you should complete Practice 1 to learn the basics of building a control with the Microsoft AJAX Library. Practice 2 will give you insight into building a client behavior control.
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The important landmarks, optional and otherwise, are as follows:
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SELECT orderid, shipcountry FROM Sales.Orders WHERE orderid IN(-1); UPDATE Sales.Customers SET phone = '9999999' WHERE custid = 1; --);
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With the Color enumerated type defined in this way, the following code shows what GetUnderlyingType will return:
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SELECT Hello world! FROM dual; One difference between this edition and its predecessor is that we omit the SQL> prompt from most of our examples. That prompt comes from SQL*Plus, the command-line interface that old-guard database administrators and developers have used for years. We now omit SQL*Plus promts from all examples that are not specific to SQL*Plus. We do that out of respect for the growing use of graphical interfaces such as Oracle SQL Developer. This book does not intend (nor pretend) to be complete; the SQL language is too voluminous and the Oracle environment is much too complex. Oracle s SQL referenc e manual, named Oracle SQL Reference, comes in at just over 1500 pages for the Oracle Database 11g Release 2 edition. Moreover, the current ISO SQL standard documentation has grown to a size that is simply not feasible anymore to print on paper. The main objective of this book is the combination of usability and affordability. The official Oracle documentation offers detailed information in case you need it. Therefore, it is a good idea to have the Oracle manuals available while working through the examples and exercises in this book. The Oracle documentation is available online from the OTN website mentioned earlier in this introduction. You can access that documentation in html from, or you can download PDF copies of selected manuals. The focus of this book is using SQL for data retrieval. Data definition and data manipulation are covered in less detail. Security, authorization, and database administration are mentioned only for the sake of completeness in the Overview of SQL section of 2. Throughout the book, we use a case consisting of seven tables. These seven tables contain information about employees, departments, and courses. As Chris Date, a well-known guru in the professional database world, said during one of his seminars, There are only three databases: employees and departments, orders and line items, and suppliers and shipments. The amount of data (i.e., the cardinality) in the case tables is deliberately kept low. This enables you to check the results of your SQL commands manually, which is nice while you re learning to master the SQL language. In general, checking your results manually is impossible in real information systems due to the volume of data in such systems. It is not the data volume or query response time that matters in this book. What s important is the database structure complexity and SQL statement correctness. After all, it does no good for a statement to be fast, or to perform well, if all it does in the end is produce incorrect results. Accuracy first! That s true in many aspects of life, including in SQL.
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do { GetData( inputFile, data ); if ( eof( inputFile ) ) { goto LOOP_EXIT; } DoSomething( data ); } while ( data != -1 ); LOOP_EXIT:
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The Tools page of the SQL Server Installation Center includes the following three links.
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The next step is to define JavaScript on the page to create an instance of the AJAX UI control and connect it to the TextBoxPassword control. You can do so in the Microsoft AJAX Library s application initialize event. When you create an instance of the control, you will want to pass in property definition settings and a reference to the text box. The following code should be added to the page under the ScriptManager control markup.
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Figure 3-21 Three areas of the Start menu make it easy to get to programs and documents that you need frequently or hae used recently. data matrix barcode
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Setup and Physical Deployment
QImage image(":/images/happy.png");
When executing a direct SQL statement such as a SELECT or a DELETE command, the CommandType must be set to System.Data.CommandType.Text (the default value), and the CommandText property must be set to the text of the SQL statement. The DBDemo.DeletePeople method demonstrates the configuration of an IDbCommand to execute a SQL DELETE statement:
where its Active Directory computer account resides.
Part II Solutions
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