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13. Determine the number of records, or item limit, you want to display on a single page. 14. Click OK to save the view, and then click Go back to [List name] at the top of the Customize page to return to the list. If you didn t make the new view the default view, you need to select it from the Select a View list to apply the view. Now that you know the overall steps to creating a view, the following sections will tell you more about each of the settings on the Create View page.
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Table 7 4 shows the predefined attributes that can be applied to a method. Table 7 4: Predefined Attributes for Methods CLR Term Static C# Term static Visual Basic Term Shared Description Method is associated with the type itself, not an instance of the type. Static methods can t access instance fields or methods defined within the type because the static method isn t aware of any object. Method is associated with an instance of the type, not the type itself. The method can access instance fields and methods as well as static fields and methods. Most derived method is called even if object is cast to a base type. Applies only to instance (nonstatic) methods. Method should not override a virtual method defined by its base type; the method hides the inherited method. Applies only to virtual methods.
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Mac OS X has a number of text editors available. TextMate by MacroMates (http://www., as shown in Figure 4-1, tends to be the most respected in the Ruby community, but it costs approximately $60. Xcode, included with the OS X development tools, is also a viable alternative (and it s free), but requires that you know how to install and use the development tools (these come on your OS X installation disc). Xcode may also feel somewhat slower than a regular text editor, depending on the specification of your Mac. Included with OS X for free, however, is TextEdit. You can load TextEdit by going to your Applications folder and double-clicking the TextEdit icon. In its default mode, TextEdit isn t a plain text editor, but if you go to the Format menu and select Make Plain Text, you ll be taken to a plain text editing mode that s suitable for editing Ruby source code.
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In the business tier, you ll add the code that accesses the ECS system.
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static Type GetUnderlyingType(Type enumType);
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As a programmer, you don t need to know how data is stored or retrieved from the personalization store. However, you must create and configure the store. We skirted this step, but we ll discuss it in detail shortly. The following code snippet gives you an idea of the class being generated to represent the profile s data model:
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Subkeys, which we call keys for short, can contain subkeys of their own. Whether they do or not, they always contain at least one value. In Registry Editor, that value is known as the default value. Many keys have additional values. The names, data types, and data associated with values appear in the right pane. As Figure 26-1 shows, the HKCU\Console key has many values ColorTable00, ColorTable01, and so on. The default value for many keys including HKCU\Console is not defined. You can therefore think of an empty default value as a placeholder a slot that could hold data but currently does not. All values other than the default always include the following three components: name, data type, and data. As Figure 26-1 shows, the ColorTable00 value of HKCU\Console is of data type REG_DWORD. The data associated with this value (on the system used for this figure) is 0x00000000. (The prefix 0x denotes a hexadecimal value. Registry Editor displays the decimal equivalent of hexadecimal values in parentheses after the value.) A key with all its subkeys and values is commonly called a hive. The registry is stored on disk as several separate hive files. The appropriate hive files are read into memory when the operating system starts (or when a new user logs on) and assembled into the registry. You can see where the hives of your system physically live by examining the values associated with HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\HiveList. Figure 262 shows the HiveList key for one of the systems used for this book.
When you click the Send Direct E-mail button, Microsoft Dynamics CRM opens the Send Direct E-mail dialog box, shown with sample data in Figure 2-17.
Select A Domain This option lets you specify the domain in case you want to install an, as allocated by the Internet service provider (ISP) for Contoso, LTD. The IP address of the WAN adapter is referred to on the Internet by the domain name
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The most common method of changing the look of a Joomla site is downloading and installing a custom template. There are many wonderful freeware and commercial sites that can provide a new, high-quality skin for your web site. In this section, you ll learn to download and install a new template that can give a site a more targeted look and feel to enhance the site s brand image. The theme of your Joomla web site is determined by the default site template. With a standard installation, the rhuk_milkyway template is selected. To give you an idea of the power of the template system, you ll be able to see the dramatic recasting of your web site by simply selecting a new template. The entire appearance of the site transforms instantly. Before you begin, you ll need to locate a new template and download it. There are numerous excellent commercial sites where you can buy a subscription to gain access to all of the templates the site contains. For free templates, check out and
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Figure 6-1: A sample XML tree in which the node numbers indicate the order in which nodes are visited by the XPath query processor. The XPath specification requires that the nodes be visited in depth-first order, starting from the root and then proceeding with all the children from left to right until a leaf is found. This order corresponds to the order in which nodes are read from an XML disk file. Position Information An XPath context is characterized by a position and a size. The position attribute is a one-based value that indicates the ordinal position of the context node in the context node-set to which it belongs. The size attribute, on the other hand, returns the size of the context node-set that is, the number of nodes being processed by the expression. The number does not necessarily match the size of the final node-set returned to the caller application. XPath and Namespaces The XPath processor uses node information to determine whether a match exists with the current expression. The most important information used by XPath expressions is the node's name, type, and attributes. XPath fully supports XML namespaces and splits the name of a node into two constituent parts: the namespace URI and the local name. The set of namespaces declared in scope for the context node is used to qualify node names in the expression. Variable Bindings An XPath expression can contain variable references that are resolved through a set of in-memory bindings established between variable names and actual values. Each variable holds a value whose type is normally one of the four base types node-set, string, Boolean, and number. It is still possible, however, for a variable reference to contain a value of some other type. 204
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