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File.Delete(filename); } }
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Note In case you re wondering, the missing function numbers (function_num) are PRODUCT (106), which
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For ASP .NET Web Form and XML Web Service applications, the thread pool thread that starts running due to an incoming client request will have a SynchronizationContextderived class associated with it . This object contains within it the client s culture and identity information . You can get a reference to this object by having the thread pool thread query SynchronizationContext s static Current property . You would then save a reference to this object in some field that is a member of the object that is processing the client s request . When another thread pool thread calls back into a method of the class, you would have the thread pool thread reference the saved SynchronizationContext-derived object and call its Post method, passing in the method (matching the SendOrPostCallback delegate s signature) that should be invoked using the client s culture and identity information . This method will be executed by the same thread pool thread that called Post . For ASP .NET applications, the SynchronizationContext-derived type s Post and Send methods perform identically . For a console or Windows Service application, there will not be a SynchronizationContextderived object associated with the thread; querying SynchronizationContext s static Current property will return null . At first, all of this can be very confusing, so I wrote a little method that simplifies things greatly:
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6: Lesson Review Answers
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<configuration> <system.web> <authentication mode="Windows" /> <authorization> <deny users=" " /> </authorization> </system.web> </configuration>
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You will be blocked . Back in connection 1, run the following code to read the qualifying rows again and commit the transaction:
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Correct Answers: D A. Incorrect: UDP port 67 passes DHCP broadcast traffic. B. Incorrect: Jetpack is a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 utility that is used to manage database files such as the WINS and DHCP databases. The DHCP audit log does not indicate any database problems. C. Incorrect: Because the clients cannot obtain leases, releasing and renewing the leases on the clients will have no effect. D. Correct: New DHCP servers in a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 domain need to be authorized in Active Directory. This process ensures that rogue servers with scopes that overlap other DHCP servers in the domain will not be able to issue leases. The DHCP audit log indicates that this DHCP server has not been autho rized.
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Built-In HTTP Handlers
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In this class definition, the type parameter T has a primary constraint of Stream (defined in the System.IO namespace) . This tells the compiler that code using PrimaryConstraintOfStream must specify a type argument of Stream or a type derived from Stream (such as FileStream) . If a type parameter doesn t specify a primary constraint, System.Object is assumed . However, the C# compiler issues an error message ("error CS0702: Constraint cannot be special class 'object' ") if you explicitly specify System.Object in your source code . There are two special primary constraints: class and struct . The class constraint promises the compiler that a specified type argument will be a reference type . Any class type, interface type, delegate type, or array type satisfies this constraint . For example, see the following generic class:
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You can see that this instance of the Converter class is called dblConverter. The last step is to implement the converter as part of the binding. The conversion takes place when you type an invalid value (such as ABC123) in the TextBox, so you need to specify to use this instance as part of the binding. Here s the new TextBox declaration:
Building, Packaging, Deploying, and Administering Applications and Types
Because your data is stored in several tables, frequently not all of the information you ll need is in one table. Take a look at the following list, which contains data from both the department and category tables: Department Name ----------------------------------------Holiday Holiday Holiday Caps and Berets Caps and Berets Costume Hats Costume Hats Category Name ----------------------------------------Christmas Hats Halloween Hats St. Patrick s Day Hats Berets Driving Caps Theatrical Hats Military Hats
This is an optional task, so you can choose to skip the task. Because the default location for Exchange Server data is on the C drive, we de nitely want to change that, so click Change The Exchange Server Data Location to open the Move Exchange Server Data Wizard. Click Next and your server hard drives are examined. When the wizard nishes the examination, it prompts you with the warning Server Backup Is Not Con gured, as shown in Figure 7-42. We know that, so click OK.
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