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Finalization allows an object to release unmanaged resources it's using before it's collected. The .NET Object class defines the following method signature for this purpose:
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NumberFormatInfo nfi = (NumberFormatInfo) formatProvider.GetFormat(typeof(NumberFormatInfo));
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some way, the assembly s file must first be decompressed to temporary file(s) before you use GACUtil .exe to install the assembly s files into the GAC . Once the assembly s files have been installed, the temporary file(s) can be deleted .
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CustomerID CompanyName
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Exam objectives in this chapter:
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Click Next to open the Installation Options page, as shown in Figure 6-16.
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The Connection Security Rules section of the Windows Firewall With Advanced Security policy area lets you define IPsec policies. Unlike the old method for defining these policies, the new UI provides a more intuitive wizard that walks you through the decisions required to create an IPsec relationship between computers. Obviously, because we are using Group Policy to configure and deliver these policies, if you define an IPsec relationship between Computer A and Computer B, both of those computer accounts in Active Directory should be in line to process the GPO that delivers the IPsec instructions. Like Windows Firewall rules, IPsec rules are subject to the same three profiles you can have an IPsec rule take effect based on which network the computer is connected to at the time.
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In this exercise, you explore how data is stored in the view state and returned to the server during page processing.
The Role of the MSXML Parser Internet Explorer uses the COM-based MSXML parser to load the contents of the XML data island into a programmable XML DOM object. The parser is included in the Internet Explorer installation, so for this feature to work, you don't have to install an additional tool. Of course, the availability of a client-side XML parser is a necessary condition for handling XML data on the client. In the next section, we'll review alternative ways to embed nondisplayable XML data in HTML pages. Some of these tricks also work with Internet Explorer 4.0 and old Netscape browsers. Bear in mind, however, that although you can figure out several ways to embed XML data in HTML pages, you always need a client-side, script483
Understanding User Account Control (UAC)
LPCWSTR szDumpName , PCONTEXT ) { // Assume the best. BSUMDRET eRet = eDUMP_SUCCEEDED ; // Have I even tried to get the exported MiniDumpWriteDump function // yet if ( ( NULL g_eIMDALastError)) { if ( FALSE == IsMiniDumpFunctionAvailable ( ) ) { eRet = g_eIMDALastError ; } } // If the MiniDumpWriteDump function pointer is NULL, I'm done. if ( NULL == g_pfnMDWD ) { eRet = g_eIMDALastError ; 508 == g_pfnMDWD ) && ( eINVALID_ERROR == pCtx
The cost of materials for my double-sized 10-by-14-inch folder was about 3.17 times the cost of materials for the 5-by-7-inch folder. Note that doubling the dimensions doesn t always increase the cost of materials by a factor of 3.17. The materials for a 100-by-140-inch folder cost about 3.87 times as much as for a 50-by-70-inch folder. The relationship between notebook size and materials cost in this example is called quadratic. We ll see why a bit later in the chapter.
A. Set the redirect attribute of the error element to an error page within your site. B. Set the defaultRedirect attribute of the customErrors element to an error page
Listing 7-2: More complex cyclomatic complexity
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