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Managing Serices
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What happens when a subquery returns too many values Look at the query in Listing 4-34 and the resulting error message. Listing 4-34. Error: Subquery Returns Too Many Values select attendee from registrations where course in (select course, begindate from offerings where location = 'CHICAGO'); (select course, begindate * ERROR at line 4: ORA-00913: too many values The subquery in Listing 4-34 returns (COURSE, BEGINDATE) value pairs, which cannot be compared with COURSE values. However, it is certainly possible to compare attribute combinations with subqueries in SQL. The query in Listing 4-34 was an attempt to find all employees who ever attended a course in Chicago. In our data model, course offerings are uniquely identified by the combination of the course code and the begin date. Therefore, you can correct the query as shown in Listing 4-35.
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often in practice, but it s not unusual either. For example, you can have a table with employees, where each employee references the employee that is his or her boss (in this scenario the big boss would probably reference itself).
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Part II Solutions
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Which Charts for Which Purpose
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Figure 12-3 You can use Windows Update to keep your computer up to date.
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Why do we get invalid data in the first place
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After you ve deployed a patch, the process starts over again. It really is a continuous process or it should be. At a minimum, verify that the patch has been successfully deployed to the affected computers. Update your software map and database so that you know which computers have had the patch applied. Because our assumption is that every patch is on every computer, we only keep track of the exceptions. When a patch cycle is complete, we make a note of any issues, con rm that deployment has been successful, and get ready for the next round.
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Use the Ellipse shape to draw an ellipse or circle. You control the Ellipse by setting its height property to the desired vertical diameter (that is, twice the desired vertical radius) and its width property to the desired horizontal diameter. If these values are equal in value, the XAML will render a circle. The Ellipse outline is drawn using a Stroke, and the Ellipse is filled using a Brush.
normally indicates that a connection cannot be made. This problem can be due to name resolution failure, or the remote computer could be powered down or dis connected from the network.
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