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To turn on code contract features, select the Perform Runtime Contract Checking check box and select Full from the combo box next to it . This defines the CONTRACTS_FULL symbol when you build your project and invokes the appropriate tools (described shortly) after building your project . Now, at runtime, when a contract is violated, Contract s ContractFailed event is raised . Usually, developers do not register any methods with this event, but if you do, then any methods you register will receive a ContractFailedEventArgs object that looks like this:
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SharePoint Integration
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To authenticate the credentials submitted by the dial-up connection, the remote access server must first negotiate a common authentication protocol with the remote access client. Most authentication protocols offer some measure of security so that user cre dentials cannot be intercepted, and authentication protocols in Windows clients and servers are assigned a priority based on this security level. The authentication protocol chosen for a remote access connection is always the most secure of those enabled in the client connection properties, the remote access server properties, and the remote access policy applied to the connection. For all remote access clients and servers running either Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP, or the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 family, by default, that protocol is Microsoft Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol version 2 (MS-CHAP v2). The following is a complete list of the authentication protocols supported by Routing And Remote Access in Windows Server 2003 (listed in order from most secure to least secure):
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We need to track access and changes to data for several reasons:
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happening on the network at the current moment, although the most recent 45 seconds have seen three spikes of activity above the level of 56 KB per second. At the instant, the system is experiencing hard faults at the rate of 28 per second and using 43 percent of its physical memory. At several points during the last 45 seconds, hard faults have ranged close to 100 per second. To see per-process details for any of the four resources, click the resource s heading. Figure 21-8 shows the CPU and Disk headings expanded to reveal nine processes each; scroll bars bring the rest into view.
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Field Name
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Full-featured Application Framework
A local resource is specific to a single webpage and should be used for providing a version of a webpage in a different language. Local resources must be stored in the special App_ LocalResources folder. This is either a subfolder of your site or a subfolder inside any folder containing webpages. If your site contains many folders, you might have an App_LocalResources subfolder in each folder of your site. Each local resource file is page specific. Therefore, it is named by using the page name plus the .resx extension, as in PageName.aspx.resx. For example, to create a resource file for the Home.aspx page, you would create a file called Home.aspx.resx. This becomes the default base resource file for the Home.aspx page. ASP.NET uses this default resource file if it cannot find a match for the user s requested language-culture setting.
Server-executed web files such as .aspx and .asmx files
To change the update speed (and therefore the duration of the line graphs), choose View, Update Speed. You can also use this command s submenu to freeze all the Performance graphs. If you like to work in freeze mode, you can force an update at any time (without resuming continuous updating) by choosing View, Update Now. If you have a multi-processor system (one using a dual-core CPU, for example), you can choose between seeing a single line graph that represents all processors, or separate graphs for each. Use commands on the View, CPU History submenu to switch between these alternatives. By default, Windows Task Manager stays on top of other open windows even when another window has the focus. Choose Options, Always On Top to toggle that behavior on or off. Regardless of what settings you choose on the View menu, Windows Task Manager displays, in your notification area, a miniature version of the Memory bar graph. You can minimize Windows Task Manager and still keep an eye on memory usage by glancing over at the notification area as you work. (Be aware, though, that continuous monitoring of your system performance by means of Windows Task Manager or any other real-time tracking tool will itself consume some of your processor time.)
it compares the hash of the second string with the third string, which varies only in letter case, to prove that these are also not equivalent. As in earlier examples, we ve removed some of the lines of code that simply write values to the console screen to make it easier to see the code that actually does the work.
Page 13
Click the Categories column in the Task List to colorize a task.
A. The following VPN protocols are IETF standards:
You ve already used the Article Manager (see Figure 5-6) quite a bit to create both categorized and uncategorized articles (such as the Terms and Condition policy page). The only central feature that hasn t been covered is the archive functionality. Any successful Joomla site will run into the problems caused by an abundance of articles. Even with consistent filing of articles within sections and categories, Joomla can become like an overabundant garden where a profusion of healthy plants may choke the walking path. In this case, the Joomla administrator will need to prune the content on the site so that neither the visitor nor the administrator becomes lost in the chaos. Joomla provides a mechanism to prevent the site from becoming overwhelmed with older content. Pruning is accomplished by the use of the Archive button. When an article is archived, it is no longer generally available on the site, it doesn t take up processing time during a site search, and it won t clutter the query results. If you ever need to return the article to the site, simply view the list of archived items, selecting the desired item, and click the Unarchive button and the document will be restored to general publication.
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