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Managing Users and Groups 185 Shares and Permissions Disk Management 221 203
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This example is a basic text editor in just 17 lines. A stack defines the layout with a flow inside (so that the Open and Save buttons are positioned side by side.) The buttons are then given click methods to load and save the text. Respectively, ask_open_file and ask_save_file are used to obtain the filenames necessary for loading and saving. You can see how the text editor is meant to look in Figure 16-5.
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FIguRE 2-4 The Details tab of the JeffTypes .dll Properties dialog box
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case. Although most library developers tend to keep names consistent, not all do!
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Tools for Unique Problems
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When the delegate object wraps a static method, this field is null . When the delegate objects wraps an instance method, this field refers to the object that should be operated on when the callback method is called . In other words, this field indicates the value that should be passed for the instance method s implicit this parameter . An internal integer the CLR uses to identify the method that is to be called back . This field is usually null . It can refer to an array of delegates when building a delegate chain (discussed later in this chapter) .
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Because encryption for PPTP connections is based on the use of MPPE, you must use an authentication protocol that generates MPPE keys as part of the authentica tion process: MS-CHAP, MS-CHAP v2, or EAP-TLS. The MPPE key is generated using the password in the MS-CHAP algorithms therefore if you are using PPTP it is highly recommended that you apply strong password policies for the users. In the case of EAP-TLS, the user certificates can be used. EAP-TLS using smart cards or MS-CHAP v2 is highly recommended as they provide mutual authentication and are the most secure methods of exchanging credentials.
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Preference Items Con gures unenforced settings for users and computers Folder Redirection Places special folders such as Documents or speci ed application
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Identifies services and their startup accounts on a local computer or remote computer. This script can produce a complete list of the services and their accounts for one or more computers.
You can define client script for a page by using the <script/> tag. You can write JavaScript inside this tag or you can use it to point to a .js file. The ClientScriptManager class is used to register client script dynamically from serverside code. An instance of this class is accessible from the Page.ClientScript property. The ScriptManager control can also be used to register your own custom client scripts. This is useful if you are already using this control for partial-page updates or to access the Microsoft AJAX Library. The Microsoft AJAX Library provides object-oriented support for building JavaScript code that extends the features of the client s browser. This includes a set of base classes and a framework (Sys). There are typically three types of objects you create for use with the Microsoft AJAX Library: components, controls, and behaviors. A component is a class that has no UI. A control is typically a single control that provides AJAX capabilities. A behavior provides extended capabilities that can be attached to a control at design time. You can wrap an AJAX client control into a custom server control. To do so, you implement the IScriptControl interface.
Enterprise Library configuration information is stored in instances of classes that implement the IConfigurationSource interface, and are typically known as configuration sources. Figure 1 shows a high-level view of the two types of information for a configuration source and the different ways that an application s configuration can be defined and applied.
Using SOAP you use a complex API to access the needed Amazon.com functionality. The , following code, which performs the same search operation for hats that you did earlier with REST, is using the AWSECommerceService, ItemSearch, and ItemSearchRequest objects from the Amazon API to perform the operation.
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All the code is in one method as opposed to lots of methods spread out within a class . Since there is no class, there are no fields; all the variables are local variables . Where I would have had a method separation, I now have a yield return 1 statement . This allows the thread to return to where it came from so that it can do more work . To every BeginXxx method, I pass ae.End(); this method returns a delegate referring to a method inside the AsyncEnumerator object . When the operation completes, the thread pool thread notifies the AsyncEnumerator object, which in turn continues executing your iterator method after the yield return 1 statement . I always pass null as the last argument to every BeginXxx method . Therefore, I never need to call IAsyncResult s AsyncState property and cast its return value to the right type; I just use the local variables directly . To every EndXxx method, I pass the result of calling ae.DequeueAsyncResult() . This method returns the IAsyncResult object that was passed to the AsyncEnumerator object by the thread pool thread when the asynchronous operation completed . And last, but not least, notice that now I can use C# s using statement to control the lifetime of the NamedPipeServerStream . This also means that the NamedPipeServerStream object will be closed within a finally block should any other code throw an unhandled exception .
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