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Most comments in a well-documented program are one-or two-sentence comments that describe paragraphs of code. Here s an example:
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To create forward and reverse lookup zones, you can use the Configure A DNS Server Wizard. You can also create new zones at any time by using the DNS console. To do so, right-click either the Forward Lookup Zones folder or the Reverse Lookup Zones folder, and then select New Zone, as shown in Figure 4-6. This process launches the New Zone Wizard.
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Since indexes are maintained by the Oracle DBMS, each table change is immediately propagated to the indexes. In other words, indexes are always up-to-date. However, if your tables incur continuous and heavy DML activity, you might want to consider rebuilding your indexes. Of course, you could simply drop them and then re-create them. However, using the ALTER INDEX ... REBUILD or ALTER INDEX ... COALESCE command is more efficient. Figure 7-12 shows the (partial) syntax diagram for the ALTER INDEX command.
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This returns the following output:
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3: Lesson Review Answers Answers 889
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The compiler issues an error on both lines above because T could be any type, and there is no guarantee that the casts will succeed . You can modify this code to get it to compile by casting to Object first:
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The Global Assembly Cache
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In addition to the challenge of getting the symbols lined up, Microsoft was also facing the problem of getting the binaries lined up. One new technology that Microsoft introduced to help them debug crashes better is called a minidump, or a crash dump. These are files that contain the state of the application at the time of the crash. For some of you coming from other operating systems, you might refer to these as core dumps. The beauty of a minidump is that by having the state of the application, you can load it up into the debugger so it's almost as if you were sitting there at the time of the crash. I'll discuss the mechanics of creating your own minidumps, as well as how to read them in the debuggers, in subsequent chapters. The big issue with minidumps is getting the correct binaries loaded. While you might be developing on a post Windows Server 2003 operating system, the customer's minidump could have been written on Windows 2000 with only Service Pack 1 applied. Like the case with the symbols, if you can't get the exact binaries loaded that were in the address space when the minidump was written, you're completely out of luck if you think you can solve the bug easily with the minidump. The developers at Microsoft realized they had to do something to make their lives easier. We folks outside Microsoft also had been complaining for a long time that our debugging experiences were a few steps short of abysmal because of the lack of operating system symbols and binaries that matched the myriad of hot fixes on any machine. The concept of symbol servers is simple: store all the public builds symbols and binaries in a known location, and make the debuggers smarter so that they load the correct symbols and binaries for every module loaded into a process regardless of whether that module is loaded from your code or from the operating system without any user interaction at all. The beauty is that the reality is nearly this simple! There are a few small issues that I'll point out in this section, but with the symbol server properly set up, no one on your team or in your company should ever lack the correct symbols or binaries regardless of whether you're doing managed, native, or both styles of development, or you're using Visual Studio .NET or WinDBG as your debugger. Even better, I've supplied a couple of files that will take all the thinking work out of ensuring you have the perfect symbols and binaries for the operating system as well as for your products. The Visual Studio .NET documentation mentions a technique for getting the symbol server set up for debugging, but you'll have to follow the same steps for every solution you load, which is a huge pain. Additionally, the documentation doesn't discuss the most important idea, which is getting your symbols and binaries into the symbol server. Since that's where the huge benefit to using the symbol server lies, you need to follow these steps to reach symbol server nirvana. The steps for getting a server machine that everyone in your company who is executing your projects can access are quite simple. You'll probably want to name this server \\SYMBOLS to identify it easily. For the rest of this discussion, I'll assume that's the name of the server. This machine doesn't have to have much horsepower. It's simply going to act as a file server. One thing you'll definitely want is a good bit of disk space on that server. At least 40 to 80 GB should be a good start. Once the server software's installed, create two shared directories named OSSYMBOLS and PRODUCTSYMBOLS that everyone in development and QA has read and write access to. As you can tell by the share names, one directory is for the operating system symbols and binaries, and the other is for your product's symbols and binaries. You'll want to keep them separate for ease of management. Of course, it's quite easy for me to assume that you can get a server in your organization. I'll leave all the political battles of getting that server as an exercise for the reader. The next step toward reaching developer machine symbol nirvana is to either download and install the latest version of Debugging Tools for Windows from www.microsoft.com/ddk/debugging or install Debugging Tools for Windows with this book's 53
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it is possible to construct an instance of this delegate type bound to a method that is prototyped like this:
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Appendix A. Platform Integration protected override void OnStop() { if (BeaconThread != null) { BeaconThread.Abort(); } } protected override void OnPause() { if (BeaconThread != null) { BeaconThread.Suspend(); } } protected override void OnContinue() { if (BeaconThread != null) { BeaconThread.Resume(); } } private void Beacon() { while (true) { EventLog.WriteEntry(ServiceName + " active at " + DateTime.Now); Thread.Sleep(Interval); } } public static void Main() { // Create an array to hold instances of each // Windows Service ServiceBase [] ServiceList = new ServiceBase [2]; ServiceList[0] = new BeaconService("LogBeacon1"); ServiceList[1] = new BeaconService("LogBeacon2"); ServiceBase.Run(ServiceList); } }
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If you accept the generic names, your music will sound fine, but you ll have a hard time finding your way back to it, either in Windows Media Player or in Windows Explorer. In Windows Explorer, your file and folder names will be a jumble of Unknowns. If Windows Media Player can t supply the usual information, you can add it manually before you copy, or you can go ahead and worry about track names and metadata later. If you re unable to connect to the internet to download album information but you re reasonably certain that the CD you re about to copy is in the WindowsMedia.com database, rip away. Windows Media Player will replace the generic information automatically the next time you connect to the internet. However, if the CD is a custom mix, or if it was created by an obscure artist or record label and isn t in the online database, consider entering the album and track information now, before you start ripping (see the next section for details). This will save you a step or two later. If you re pressed for time, though, don t worry you can update the information later without a lot of hassle. And what about those not-so-helpful generic file and folder names You can use the techniques we describe later in this chapter to have Windows Media Player rename the ripped files automatically. (See Renaming Ripped Files, later in this chapter, for details.)
A new database user, cdc, and a schema, also named cdc, have been created . The cdc database user is the owner of the cdc schema . SQL Server has also created a database trigger . Execute the following code:
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Sometimes you might not be interested in the values within a hash, but want to get a feel for what the hash contains. A great way to do this is to look at the keys. Ruby gives you an easy way to see the keys in any hash immediately, using the keys method: x = { "a" => 1, "b" => 2, "c" => 3 } p x.keys
The rst step in the tuning methodology is to identify at the instance level which types of waits contribute most to the waits in the system. This is done by querying a dynamic management view (DMV) called sys.dm_os_wait_stats. This DMV contains more than 400 wait types, most of which are documented in SQL Server Books Online with at least a short description. If you think about it, this is a manageable number that is convenient to work with as a starting point. Some other performance tools give you too much information to start with and create a situation in which you can t see the forest for the trees. Run the following query to return the waits in your system sorted by type:
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