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When called, the JITCompiler function knows what method is being called and what type defines this method . The JITCompiler function then searches the defining assembly s metadata for the called method s IL . JITCompiler next verifies and compiles the IL code into native CPU instructions . The native CPU instructions are saved in a dynamically allocated block of memory . Then, JITCompiler goes back to the entry for the called method in the type s internal data structure created by the CLR and replaces the reference that called it in the first place with the address of the block of memory containing the native CPU instructions it just compiled . Finally, the JITCompiler function jumps to the code in the memory block . This code is the implementation of the WriteLine method (the version that takes a String parameter) . When this code returns, it returns to the code in Main, which continues execution as normal .
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// Don t do this: private static String MakePath(String filename = "Untitled") { return String.Format(@"C:\{0}.txt", filename); } // Do this instead: private static String MakePath(String filename = null) { // I am using the null-coalescing operator ( ) here; see 19 return String.Format(@"C:\{0}.txt", filename "Untitled"); }
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15. Compare the traffic in the Name Resolution 2 file to the traffic in the Name Reso lution 1 file saved in the My Captures folder on Computer1. Then answer the fol lowing questions in the spaces provided. What is the essential difference between the two captures
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ChangePassword The ChangePassword control gives users a chance to change their passwords . An authenticated user can change his or her password by supplying the original password and a new password along with a confirmation of the new password .
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Strong password policies.
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The Performance of Calling Property Accessor Methods
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You can make settings for any profile using Netsh, just as you can with Windows Firewall With Advanced Security. In commands where it s relevant, you use the Profile parameter, which you can set to Public, Private, Domain, or All. (If you don t specify a profile, your settings apply to the current profile.)
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The identify phase is the process by which you are notified of new updates as soon as they are released. After this notification, you assess whether the update is relevant to the types of computers on your network and you choose the priority as it falls within your change management process with which the update should be deployed to computers belonging to your production network.
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Stage 1: Compile page (if necessary) (page request) Pull from cache (if available) Stage 2: Set request and response (start) Determine IsPostBack Stage 3: Initialize page controls (but not their properties) (page init) Apply page theme Stage 4: If PostBack, load control properties from view state (load) Stage 5: Validate page and validator controls (validation) Stage 6: Call control event handlers (for PostBack requests) (PostBack event handling) Stage 7: Save view state (rendering) Render controls and display the page Stage 8: Unload request and response (unload) Perform cleanup Page is ready to be discarded
The size and placement of the screen for a live BBP presentation creates an experience very different from conventional PowerPoint presentations. In conventional presentations, often a small screen sits to the side of a presenter, where it is a nonessential visual aid that could be turned off without much impact on the presentation. Instead, the audience should perceive you as literally inside a large screen, as if it were a stage or a giant television set. Remember that you are a living, engaging presence in a presentation, and you provide the critical audio track that ties everything together. When you step in front of the large screen, you create a hybrid medium that did not exist before. The projected screen makes your abstract thoughts visible, your body keeps the presentation grounded, and your voice guides and informs the experience. After investing so much time in creating your visual media, you absolutely need to make sure that the screen and its placement are appropriate to your presentation. Many conference rooms are not designed well, often placing focus on a chandelier or other architectural element rather than on the media experience you need to produce. Make sure that you communicate what you need to the meeting or event planner. Never allow a screen to be placed on the opposite side of the room from where you are speaking, because this will cause a split-attention effect in which you place unneeded extra cognitive load on the audience by forcing them to continually look back and forth between you and the screen as they work to reconcile the two visual sources of information. Instead, make sure that the screen is directly behind or just off to the side of you so that the light from the data projector does not shine in your eyes.
Having seen how easy it is to use exception handling policies, we ll now look at how you can implement exception shielding by replacing an exception with a different exception. This approach is also useful if you need to perform cleanup operations in your code, and then use the exception to expose only what is relevant. To configure this scenario, simply create a policy in the same way as the previous example, but with a Replace handler instead of a Wrap handler, as shown in Figure 3.
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Table F-5. The Java to .NET Mapping for the java.lang Package
Part II
Precompile.axd Trace.axd
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