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The access method covering nonclustered index seek + ordered partial scan is almost identical to the previously described access method. The only difference is that the former uses a covering nonclustered index instead of the clustered index. Of course, to use this method the ltered columns must be the rst key columns in the index. The bene t of this access method over the previous one lies in the fact that a nonclustered index leaf page naturally can t more rows than a clustered index one; therefore, the bulk cost of the plan, which is the partial scan cost of the leaf, is lower. The cost is lower because fewer pages need to be scanned for the same size of the range. Of course, here as well, index fragmentation plays an important performance role because the partial scan is ordered. As an example, the following query looking for a range of orderdate values for a given shipperid uses this access method against the covering index idx_nc_sid_od_i_cid, created on the key list (shipperid, orderdate) and included list (custid):
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encrypted authentication mechanism that avoids transmission of the actual password on the connection. The NAS sends a challenge, which consists of
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In SQL, no query with an ORDER BY clause is allowed in a table expression. In T-SQL, there is an exception to this rule when the TOP option is also speci ed. This exception has to do with a problematic aspect of the design of the TOP option that causes a lot of confusion. The TOP option is logically processed as part of the SELECT phase (step 5-3), before the Presentation ORDER BY phase (step 6). Its purpose is to lter the requested number or percentage of rows based on a logical de nition of order. Unfortunately, the TOP option is not designed with its own ORDER BY clause; rather, its logical ordering is based on the same ORDER BY clause that is normally used for presentation purposes. This fact makes the TOP option restricted in the sense that you cannot de ne one order for the TOP option and another for presentation. Also, things can get quite confusing when you try to gure out the nature of the result of a TOP query. Is it a table (no guaranteed order) or a cursor Because no standard de nes TOP, it s a matter of what the SQL Server developers envisioned. When a TOP query is speci ed as the outermost query rather than de ning a table expression, the ORDER BY clause serves two different purposes. One is to de ne logical precedence among rows for the TOP option in step 5-3, and the other is to de ne presentation order in step 6 in the result cursor. Consider the following query as an example:
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For help with setting up your database and maintaining it, two helpful books are Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Step-by-Step (2008) and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 t Administrator s Pocket Consultant (2008), both from Microsoft Press.
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Objective 2.1: Install and Configure the DNS Server Service
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Official Rails homepage (http://www.rubyonrails.org/): The official homepage for the Ruby on Rails framework. It features screencasts, tutorials, and links to many useful Rails references. Rails API documentation (http://api.rubyonrails.org/): API documentation for the entire Ruby on Rails framework in RDoc format. This is the most useful reference documentation for Ruby on Rails, as almost all Rails techniques and methods are covered. Ruby on Rails Guides (http://guides.rubyonrails.org/): Well-written walkthrough guides for various Rails features, such as how to get started with Rails, how to use the internationalization features, routing, and database migrations. Rails wiki (http://wiki.rubyonrails.com/): A publicly updateable site with random reference information about Ruby on Rails. At one time well updated and popular, it became neglected for years, but the Rails community is now trying to bring it back up to speed.
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Note Although developing software privately is still common, many projects are now worked upon in
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Let X = (x 1, x 2, . . ., x n) be a sequence of n real numbers. The length of the longest increasing subsequence of X is the length of the list L generated by the following procedure. 1. Let k = 1, and let L be an empty list of numbers. 2. While k n: 3. Inspect L for numbers greater than or equal to ak. If one exists, replace the rst (and smallest) of them with ak. Otherwise (when ak is greater than every number in L), insert ak into the list L. Increase k by 1.
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System.SByte System.Byte System.Int16 System.Uint16 System.Int32 System.Uint32 System.Int64 System.UInt64 System.Char
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If you re in the information technology (IT) department, we re sure you ve worked with some difficult systems. Maybe the software used a proprietary database format that only three people in the world understand, or maybe the software was so fragile that you didn t want to upgrade it for fear of breaking it. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed to work with the existing Microsoft tools, applications, and infrastructure that IT professionals use every day. If your organization is already running Microsoft s infrastructure technologies such as Windows Server, SQL Server, Exchange, and Active Directory, operating and maintaining Microsoft Dynamics CRM will be very familiar and comfortable for you. Beyond the typical Microsoft platform technologies, Microsoft Dynamics CRM also offers easy options to work with Microsoft s Azure cloud platform using the Azure Extensions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. For user authentication, Microsoft Dynamics CRM uses industry-standard network management technologies. The on-premises version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM uses Microsoft Active Directory services and Integrated Windows authentication for user and password management. This means users don t need a separate login and password to access Microsoft Dynamics CRM. By using existing security technologies, Microsoft Dynamics CRM simplifies access for users and minimizes IT s administration requirements. Most competing CRM products have their own proprietary user authentication technology that requires users to remember and maintain separate logins and passwords just for their CRM system. Note Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online uses Windows Live ID for user authentication. Windows
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ggs,Manager,Male,45 28 In this instance, the file pointer was placed 8 bytes into the file before reading anything. This meant that Fred Blo was skipped, and only the rest of the line was retrieved.
From a security point of view, you should be aware of the following aspects of the new TCP/IP functionality:
FiguRe 14-30 Illustration of the LinearTransformation function
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