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Save button in the toolbar to trigger the onSave form event. You can also fire the onChange field event by changing the field value and then clicking out of the field.
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This works similarly for the other controls . For example, the DropDownList is responsible for emitting the <select> and <option> tags (the <option> tags represent the collection of items held by the DropDownList control) .
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Preparing for the Examples
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Fred Bloggs,Manager,Male,45 Laura Smith,Cook,Female,23 gets isn t an iterator like each or each_byte. Therefore, you have to call it multiple times to get multiple lines. In this example, it was used twice, and pulled out the first two lines of the example file. Like each, however, gets can accept an optional delimiter: File.open("text.txt") do |f| 2.times { puts f.gets(',') } end
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Chart Types Conventional and Exceptional
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although the actual Windows registry isn t affected in any way . Installing assemblies into the GAC breaks the goal of simple application installation, backup, restore, moving, and uninstall . So it is recommended that you avoid global deployment and use private deployment whenever possible .
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Part I Introducing Silverlight 3
The StackPanel layout always orients its child controls either horizontally or vertically, stacking them (hence the name) based on the Orientation property. Note that the panel overrides the positioning of the controls. For example, look at the following XAML:
Ruby comes with more than 100 standard libraries. They provide Ruby with a wide selection of functionality out of the box, from Web-serving and networking tools through to encryption, benchmarking, and testing routines.
msbuild.exe Properties05.proj /t:PrintInfo /p:AssemblyName=Sedo.Namhu .Common;OutputPath= deploy\Release\ then the result would be what is shown in
specifying the permissions for the directory. You can specify this in octal, as with 0666 or 0777, representing modes 666 and 777, respectively.
For basic HTTP connectivity to get information across the Web, such as XML-over-HTTP, the WebClient class is perfect. It s simple to use, simple to initialize, and performs well. It also supports basic header manipulation if you need to access the HTTP headers for situations such as using HTTP forms. In the previous section, you built a service that could be called with the following URL: http://servername:serverport/GetPriceHistory.aspx ticker=[ticker]&startdate=[startdate]&endda te=[enddate] When you run from the local IIS, you can omit the serverport parameter.
Figure 14-7 Simplified overview of BitLocker encryption algorithm.
TaxCalculator calc = theContainer.Resolve<TaxCalculator>();
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