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Preparing and Producing Professional Results
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First examine the solution to see whether you can figure it out, and then run it with Results To Text output mode. You will get the output shown in Table 5-12, which "seems" correct.
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Table 4-28. Output of Cursor Calculating Row Numbers
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You use the uri library to manage Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs), which are typically referred to as Uniform Resource Locators (URLs). A URL is an address such as http://www. rubyinside.com/, ftp://your-ftp-site.com/directory/filename, or even mailto:your-emailaddress@privacy.net. uri makes it easy to detect, create, parse, and manipulate these addresses.
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Check for bad pointers before deleting a variable One of the best ways to ruin a program is to free() or delete() a pointer after it has already been free()d or delete()d. Unfortunately, few languages detect this kind of problem.
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time 10 minutes in the future, you cannot directly cast it to the Cache type. Correct Answers: B, C, and E
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FIGURE 9-9 Using the ScrollViewer with horizontal scroll bar.
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3 . . Implement the Application_BeginRequest handler by getting the current date and time and storing them in the Items property of the current HttpContext . The Items property is a name/value collection that you can index in the same way that you index the cache, the session state, and the HttpApplication dictionary . Implement the EndRequest handler by comparing the time stamp obtained from the beginning of the request to the current date and time . Print out the amount of time taken to process the request using Response.Write .
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Menu Name String Value Binary Value DWORD (32-bit) Value QWORD (64-bit) Value Multi-String Value Expandable String Value
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Log files don t continue to pile up new events forever. If they did, they would eventually consume an unmanageable amount of disk space. Each log file has a maximum size setting; the default setting varies by log but some go up to 20 MB a far cry from the 512 KB in earlier Windows versions. You can adjust the maximum size downward or upward in 64-KB increments. If a log file reaches its maximum size, by default new events overwrite the oldest ones. To change either a log file s maximum size or specify the action to take when it reaches capacity, select the log in question in the console tree. Then click Action, Properties. Figure 22-6 shows a log file s properties dialog box. (You must have administrator privileges to use this dialog box; otherwise, all the controls appear dimmed.)
Organizing a Music Collection
Figure 3-8 Output of Ipconfig /all
Page 27
This section describes the data model in the surveys application and explains how the table design partitions the data by tenant. The Surveys application uses a mix of table storage and BLOB storage to store its data. The sections, Saving Survey Response Data and Paging through Survey Results, later in this chapter discuss why the application uses BLOB storage for some data. Figure 1 shows, at a high level, which data is stored in the different storage types.
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