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In this example, we create an MSBuild item called SolutionRootFiles containing a list of all the les in the SolutionRoot directory and its subdirectories. We then copy those les to the Sources subdirectory (which will be created if it doesn t exist) of the BinariesRoot directory, and we maintain the directory structure of the copied les. Because the BeforeCompile target is executed before the drop phase, any directories and les we copy into the BinariesRoot directory will be dropped automatically as part of the drop phase.
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Part IV
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In a chapter about views, it s worth mentioning that PL/SQL (the standard procedural programming language for Oracle databases) provides a way to make any view updatable. With PL/SQL, you can define instead-of triggers on your views. These triggers take over control as soon as any data manipulation commands are executed against the view. This means that you can make any view updatable, if you choose, by writing some procedural PL/SQL code. Obviously, it is your sole responsibility to make sure that those instead-of triggers do the right things to your database to maintain data consistency and integrity. Instead-of triggers should not be your first thought to solve data manipulation issues with views. However, they may solve your problems in some special cases, or they may allow you to implement a very specific application behavior.
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Open the Web.config file. Add an <httpHandler> element to the <system.Web> element. The following markup demonstrates this.
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the type of data store irrelevant because the API just talks to a pluggable component with a well-known interface. A further big improvement in the ASP.NET 2.0 security infrastructure is the security-related server controls, including Login and LoginView. These controls integrate well with the membership and role management API, and they make building a security layer around ASP.NET 2.0 applications much less complex and tedious than in previous versions of ASP.NET and in classic ASP.
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Destination IP address of the VPN server s perimeter network interface and
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from_city to_city distance path --------- ------- ----------- ---------------------LAX JFK 2945 .LAX.DEN.MCI.ORD.JFK.
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The CIMC protection profiles are often referred to as Common Criteria guidelines.
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System-Defined Views
Some of the groups displayed in the Ribbon have small arrows in the lower right-hand corners . This represents a launcher for a specific dialog box . For example, if you click the Launcher in the Font, Alignment, or Number group, the Format Cells dialog box opens containing each task-specific activated tab . The context-related tools are displayed in Figure 1-18 . These are special tabs that open when you enable a specific object (a chart, for example) . To edit the Chart object, the Chart Tools with the three tabs Design, Layout, and Format were added to the Ribbon . These tools in turn contain several groups, some of which include command buttons and others a variably large number of graphical elements, that you can use to assign one of the format or layout versions stored in the program to the selected object . You can scroll vertically in some of these groups using arrow command buttons (see selection in Figure 1-18) or sometimes display them completely on half the screen . In the example in Figure 1-18, the chart is selected and the special Design tab, from which the Chart Layouts group is currently selected, has been enabled in the Ribbon . This could help you to provide the chart with a specific overall layout . This is a procedure that I don t recommend, or only recommend very cautiously, for reasons which I will explain in later chapters .
model designed for interprocess communication. Another facet of this model is .NET XML Web services. Although .NET XML Web services allow you to expose .NET Framework objects to any client that can use HTTP, .NET Remoting is optimized for .NET-to-.NET communication. Communication between the client and the remotable object can take place using SOAP or binary payloads transported over HTTP or TCP. .NET Remoting can transfer any serializable CLR types; it is not limited to XML Schema Definition (XSD) types or complex custom types as rendered by the .NET XML serializer. This chapter illustrated the key features of the .NET Remoting system and showed you how to set up a remotable object that exposes nontrivial functionalities. In particular, you learned how to expose JPEG images through XML documents. Of course, if the goal of your distributed system is simply to create and return dynamic images, .NET Remoting might not be for you. But from a broader standpoint that encompasses Web services, .NET Remoting not only makes sense, it is also compelling. The example we've constructed in this chapter has two aims. First, it demonstrates that .NET Remoting and Web services are just two remoting interfaces and that the same core class can outfit both. Second, it shows that to come up with truly efficient and effective code, you must always take the most appropriate route and create specialized code instead of pursuing the promises of code universality and platform independence. This chapter covered only the first side of remoting .NET Remoting for CLR types. In 13, we'll look at Web services a truly interoperable infrastructure ideal for rolling up your functionalities and making them available to a potentially infinite set of clients.
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