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flag value, the CLR may, according to the ECMA specification, choose not to intern all of the strings defined in that assembly s metadata . Note that, in an attempt to improve your application s performance, the C# compiler always specifies this attribute/flag whenever you compile an assembly . Even if an assembly has this attribute/flag specified, the CLR may choose to intern the strings, but you should not count on this . In fact, you really should never write code that relies on strings being interned unless you have written code that explicitly calls the String s Intern method yourself . The following code demonstrates string interning:
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[System.Windows.Forms]System.Windows.Forms.TextBox::set_Text(string ) IL_006a: nop //000132: ' For the output to show up. //000133: edtOutput.Update() IL_006b: IL_006c: ldarg.0 callvirt instance class ShowBPs.ShowBPsForm::get_edtOutput() IL_0071: callvirt instance void [System.Windows.Forms]System.Windows.Forms.TextBox
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FIguRE 23-1 Hierarchy of the reflection types that encapsulate information about a type s member
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If you want to represent only one data series, the doughnut chart is superfluous because the pie chart can represent one data series as well, if not better .
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Page 61 the resulting video recorded to your computer will vary depending on which type of interface and connection you use. The following sections briefly explain the different types of interfaces that you are likely to come across today. They also list the advantages and disadvantages of using the different interfaces. In addition, they include descriptions of how video is recorded using the different connections. Composite Video Composite video connections are for recorded and broadcast video using the NTSC, PAL, and SECAM standards. The coaxial cable that connects the cable outlet to your video source (such as a VCR or TV) has connectors at each end, called F connectors, shown in Figure 4.1. Audio and video are carried in a single signal, which is transferred through the coaxial cable.
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News articles pulled from a Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed Local weather information retrieved from a web service Stock market quotes and graphs
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public static void Main() { // Create a lazy-initialization wrapper around getting the DateTime Lazy<String> s = new Lazy<String>( () => DateTime.Now.ToLongTimeString(), LazyThreadSafetyMode.PublicationOnly); Console.WriteLine(s.IsValueCreated); Console.WriteLine(s.Value); Console.WriteLine(s.IsValueCreated); Thread.Sleep(10000); Console.WriteLine(s.Value); } // // // // // Returns false since Value not queried yet The delegate is invoked now Returns true since Value was queried Wait 10 seconds and display the time again The delegate is NOT invoked now; same result
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Listing 9-43. Creation script for the fn_RoadsTC UDF
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The numbers in the figure represent execution order of operators in a plan. If you feel more comfortable with the common tree representation in computer science as illustrated in Figure 3-10 , you would probably appreciate the depiction shown in Figure 3-11 of our CUBE query plan.
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10 . . Add a Click event handler for the Button that stores the user ID (ButtonSubmitID) . The method should store the user s identity in session state and then call ManageUI to enable and disable the correct controls:
With reference to Figure 8-16:
The Delegate class defines two read-only public instance properties: Target and Method . Given a reference to a delegate object, you can query these properties . The Target property returns a reference to the object that will be operated on if the method is called back . Basically, the Target property returns the value stored in the private _target field . If the delegate object wraps a static method, Target returns null . The Method property returns a reference to a System.Reflection.MethodInfo object that identifies the callback method . Basically, the Method property has an internal mechanism that converts the value in the private _methodPtr field to a MethodInfo object and returns it . You could use this information in several ways . For example, you could check to see if a delegate object refers to an instance method of a specific type:
Due to the strong push for developers and designers to work in parallel, and given the fact that XAML files are included directly within Visual Studio 2008 projects, a valid concern would be how well Expression Blend and Visual Studio work together. If there were conflicts between the two IDEs, there could be conflicts between the developers and designers, resulting in resistance to working in parallel. The good news is that Expression Blend integrates with Visual Studio. Visual Studio 2008 projects can be opened directly in Expression Blend and vice versa. In addition, while Expression Blend creates Visual Studio 2008 projects by default, it is also capable of opening Visual Studio 2005 projects.
SQL Server 2008 introduces the following new functions to support the new date- and timerelated data types: SYSDATETIME, SYSUTCDATETIME, SYSDATETIMEOFFSET, SWITCHOFFSET, and TODATETIMEOFFSET . The first three functions return the current system s date and time value . The SYSDATETIME function returns the system s local time as a DATETIME2 value . The SYSUTCDATETIME returns the system s UTC time as a DATETIME2 value . The SYSDATETIMEOFFSET function returns the system s local time as a DATETIMEOFFSET value that also includes a time zone component . Note that SQL Server 2008 doesn t provide built-in functions for the current date and current time as DATE and TIME values separately . Instead, simply cast SYSDATETIME to DATE or TIME, like so:
FIGURE 11-15 The Disk Management console, showing the new extended volume D
You might need to allow a user to cancel an asynchronous postback. You could do so by providing a Cancel button inside the UpdateProgress control. The Microsoft AJAX Library supports this through the abortPostBack method of the PageRequestManager class. For more information, see http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.web.ui.updateprogress.aspx.
Listing 9 1. Including application icons on MeeGo with your PRO file. unix { isEmpty(PREFIX) { PREFIX = /usr/local } BINDIR = $$PREFIX/bin DATADIR =$$PREFIX/share INSTALLS += iconxpm icon26 icon48 icon64 iconxpm.path = $$DATADIR/pixmap iconxpm.files += ./icon/maemo/$${TARGET}.xpm icon26.path = $$DATADIR/icons/hicolor/26x26/apps icon26.files += ./icon/26x26/$${TARGET}.png icon48.path = $$DATADIR/icons/hicolor/48x48/apps icon48.files += ./icon/48x48/$${TARGET}.png icon64.path = $$DATADIR/icons/hicolor/64x64/apps icon64.files += ./icon/64x64/$${TARGET}.png }
An alternative motif might have a Point A headline that reads, You say you re not sure what to do . . . and a Point B headline that reads, . . . but you want to do the right things. As shown in the bottom row in Figure 7-8, sketch the clipboard with empty check boxes on the Point A slide, and then sketch check marks in the same boxes on the Point B slide. Later the Point A and Point B slides would be a good place to add subtle animation because these slides serve the important function of capturing the audience s attention in Act I. As shown in the top row in Figure 7-8, sketch a note to animate the puzzle pieces to appear and then scatter on the Point A slide and then come together to form the picture on the Point B slide. And as shown in the bottom row in Figure 7-8, the check boxes on the clipboard could appear on the Point A slide, and then the check marks could appear one by one on the Point B slide. Whatever motif you choose, you ll have a sense of how that motif can start playing out visually as you sketch the additional slides of the storyboard.
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