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FIGURE 20-1 Viewing SBS Group Policy
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The Health Monitoring API
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A temporary table is an integral part of an outer transaction if it s manipulated in one (with DML or DDL) . This fact has consequences for logging and locking . Logging has to support rollback operations only, not roll-forward ones . (Remember, there is no recovery process in tempdb .) As for locking, because the temporary table is visible only to the creating session, less locking is involved than with permanent tables, which can be accessed from multiple sessions . Therefore, one of the factors you should consider when choosing a temporary object type is whether you want manipulation against it to be part of an outer transaction .
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Using Command Symbols
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You are a developer for Northwind Traders. Your manager has asked you to create a simple ASP.NET webpage to display the contents of a text file. The text files are generated by a legacy system to report on various aspects of your company s financial status, so they are protected by using NTFS file permissions. The IT Manager, Nino Olivotto, describes the problem: The financial people want to be able to view these text reports from our intranet, so it would be nice if you could create an ASP.NET web form to allow that. Here s the catch, though. I don t want to change the permissions on the file so that just anyone can read it. The web server doesn t have the file permissions to access the files by default, and I don t want it to. Instead, I d like to have the user provide Windows credentials, and have your application use those credentials to show the file. Oh and name the project ShowReport. You can place it in the C:\Inetpub\Wwwroot\ShowReport\ folder. You review the company s technical requirements before creating the ASP.NET website.
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@empid = 10, @mgrid = EXEC dbo.usp_insertemp @empid = 11, @mgrid = EXEC dbo.usp_insertemp @empid = 12, @mgrid = EXEC dbo.usp_insertemp @empid = 13, @mgrid = EXEC dbo.usp_insertemp @empid = 14, @mgrid =
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When we talk about the AD FS server role, we often forget that it actually includes multiple services such as federation services, proxy services, and Web agent services. You must configure these services to enable Web SSO, federate Web-based resources, customize access, and manage how existing users are authorized to access applications. Depending on your requirements, you can deploy servers running any one of the following services:
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Id = 1 Status = DRAFT CreatedOn = 01/02/2009 11:12:06 Name = Adjustable Race LastName = Abbas FirstName = Syed ShipStreet = 123 Elm Street ShipCity = Denver ShipZipCode = 12345 ShippingOption = Two-day shipping State = Colorado
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CompanyName Bigfoot Breweries Cooperativa de Quesos 'Las Cabras' Escargots Nouveaux Exotic Liquids For ts d' rables Formaggi Fortini s.r.l. Gai p turage G'day, Mate Grandma Kelly's Homestead Heli S waren GmbH & Co. KG Karkki Oy Leka Trading Lyngbysild Ma Maison Mayumi's New England Seafood Cannery New Orleans Cajun Delights Nord-Ost-Fisch Handelsgesellschaft mbH Norske Meierier Pasta Buttini s.r.l. Pavlova, Ltd. PB Kn ckebr d AB Plutzer Lebensmittelgro m rkte AG Refrescos Americanas LTDA Specialty Biscuits, Ltd. Svensk Sj f da AB Tokyo Traders Zaanse Snoepfabriek
individual customers in order to meet specific customer requirements. In some scenarios, where there is a requirement for a high-degree of customization, multiple code bases may be a viable option, but you should explore how far you can get with custom configurations or custom business rule components before going down this route. If you do need multiple code bases, you should structure your application such that custom code is limited to as few components as possible. Handling Application Upgrades A multi-tenant application makes it easy to roll out application updates to all your customers at the same time. This approach means that you only have a single, logical instance to upgrade, which reduces the maintenance effort. In addition, you know that all your customers are using the latest version of the software, which makes the support job easier. Windows Azure upgrade domains facilitate this process by enabling you to roll out your upgrade across multiple role instances without stopping the application. If a client has operational procedures or software that are tied to a specific version of your application, any upgrades must be coordinated with that client. To mitigate the risks associated with upgrading the application, you can implement a rolling upgrade program that upgrades some users, monitors the new version, and when you are confident in the new version, rolls out the changes to the remainder of the user base. Note: For more information about how to handle application upgrades, see Appendix A, Updating a Windows Azure Service. Monitoring the Application Monitoring a single application instance is easier than monitoring multiple instances. In the multi-instance, single tenant model, any automated provisioning would need to include setting up the monitoring environment for the new instance, which will add to the complexity of the provisioning process for your application. Monitoring will also be more complex if you decide to use rolling upgrades because you must monitor two versions of the application simultaneously and use the monitoring data to evaluate the new version of the application. Using .NET Providers and Third-Party Components If you decide on a multi-tenant architecture, you must carefully evaluate how well any third-party components will work. You may need to take some additional steps ensure that a third-party component is multi-tenant aware. With a single-tenant, multi-instance deployment where you want to be able to scale out for large tenants, you
refreshing the cache
Just like in Excel, functions make it possible to evaluate text and data in ways that return useful results. Functions are predefined formulas that use a specific structure to perform calculations. With functions, you can perform simple and complex operations with little effort. For example, you can use the AVERAGE function to determine the average of a group of values, rather than using the two-step process of summing the values and dividing by the number of values. You can apply other functions, such as CONCATENATE, to text values to combine the values into one. For example, you can combine the [FirstName]
into a single entity with data written across all portions equally. However, it also writes parity information for each stripe onto a different portion, providing the ability to recover in the case of a single drive failure. A RAID 5 volume provides excellent throughput for read operations but is substantially slower than all other available options for write operations.
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You should not reboot unless you can ensure that the production system or the people
What is a Mod 10 Number Hans P. Luhn patented a simple checksum algorithm known as the "modulus 10" or "Luhn formula" commonly used to validate certain identification numbers. Basically, the algorithm multiplies every digit in the number by a 1 or a 2 starting from the ones column and progressing leftward. If the result of a digit's computation is greater than 10, the two digits in the result are simply added together (or the result is simply subtracted by 9). The sum of all computed digits is then divided by 10. If the quotient has no remainder (sum % 10 == 0), the number passes the mod 10 algorithm. This algorithm is commonly used to verify numbers such as credit card numbers and Canadian Social Insurance Numbers. With a single input we could achieve 100 percent block and decision code coverage of the IsValidMod10Number function. A test input of 4291 would evaluate the true and false outcomes for each conditional clause and return a Boolean value of true to the calling function, which is the expected result. A second test of 1 would return false to the calling function. Both tests passed and the code coverage results reveal 100 percent decision and block coverage, as illustrated in Table 6-5, but both tests missed the critical errors in the IsValidMod10Number function. Table 6-5: Truth Table for Decision Testing of IsValidMod10Number Function Open table as spreadsheet Test Number Parameter number Conditional Clauses Result A1 1 2 4291 1 A2 A3 A4 Expected Actual True False
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To perform an any-words search, you should use | instead of & in the search string: SELECT FROM WHERE ORDER BY product_id, name product search_vector @@ to_tsquery('yankee | war') product_id;
Full Disclosure gives you a good idea of what the bad guys are doing. However, keep in mind that the mailing list is full of chatter and not everything posted to the list is accurate.
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