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Lesson 3: Deploying Websites
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There are situations where you may want to retain builds that otherwise would be removed by the build de nition s retention policy, such as builds you are in the process of testing or have released to customers.
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Part II: The C# Language
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Figure D-1 The System application in Control Panel proides basic details about your computer s configuration.
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Tip 4: Innovative Handouts
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This gives me an opportunity to present another example for using the new functionality of TOP, which allows you to specify a self-contained expression as an input. The following query also returns a random row: SELECT TOP(1) OrderID, OrderDate, CustomerID, EmployeeID
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34.4 Program Into Your Language, Not In It
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Plus, the big benefit of ProcessCollection(IEnumerable<Object> collection) is that there is only one version of the JITted code . However, with ProcessCollection<T>(IEnumerable<T> collection), there is also only one version of the JITted code shared by all Ts that are reference types . You do get other versions of JITted code for Ts that are value types, but now you can at least call the method passing it a collection of value types . Also, variance is not allowed on a generic type parameter if an argument of that type is passed to a method using the out or ref keyword . For example, the line of code below causes the compiler to generate the following error message: "Invalid variance: The type parameter
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5. In the Import Data dialog box, choose a location for the PivotTable report. The PivotTable, PivotTable Field List, and PivotTable toolbar are automatically displayed, as shown in Figure 3-15.
its password at the next logon or that the password has not expired. A call ing router cannot change an expired password during the connection pro cess. If the password has expired or changed, the connection attempt is rejected.
// You can cast a variable from one interface to another as long as // the object s type implements both interfaces.
However, our focus is on monitoring the networking items. The following list describes the key networking performance objects:
Calling GetType via a Nullable Value Type
FigURE 9-4 The JavaScript and HTML in the browser window.
Relational Data and Table Relationships
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