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TABLE 16-1 Backup Locations
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for(int i = 0; i < n-1; ++i) { for(int j = 0; j < n-i-1; ++j) { if (a[j+1] < a[j]) { int t = a[j]; a[j] = a[j+1]; a[j+1] = t; } } }
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Exception Handling Keywords
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public void Accumulate(SqlGeography geog) { if (union.IsNull) union = geog; else union = union.STUnion(geog); } public void Merge(UnionAgg other) { union = union.STUnion(other.union); } public SqlGeography Terminate() { return union; } }
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The default isolation level is read committed as always, but that level is now functioning in its new (snapshot) implementation . The code opened a new transaction, modified the value of T1.col2 in the row where keycol = 2 from Version 1 to Version 2 , and queried it . Before the value was modified, SQL Server stored the row with Version 1 in the version store in case another session later requests it . Query the data in connection 2:
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CreateUserWizard This control gathers information from a new user, such as user name and password, and creates a new user account. You can use the user profile features in conjunction with the CreateUserWizard. Login
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Page 303 Displaying a Custom Publish Wizard In order for your e-service to be useful, you must create a Web page that functions as a custom user interface in the Publish Wizard. While you are in the process of developing the Web page, it is helpful for you to be able to see the results of your programming each step of the way. Therefore, you need a way to tell Producer where to look for your Web page. You do this by registering your eservice with Producer before you author it. You learned earlier that you can create a Web host key using a registry file. Now, you ll add a Web host key to the registry by creating a simple registry file from scratch. The new Web host key will contain only two values: a GUID for the ID, and a new value you haven t seen before called HTMLBasedUIURL. The data you store with this value is a Web address that instructs Producer to look for a Web page to use as a custom user interface in the Publish Wizard. It isn t necessary to store other values in this Web host because the e-service will be responsible for providing the details needed for publishing. Step-by-Step: Creating the Registry File for a New E-service Here s how to create the new registry file for the e-service you will build: 1. Open a new text document in Microsoft Notepad. Type the following code exactly as it appears here: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Producer\WebHosts\My New Eservice] "HTMLBasedUIURL" = "http://yourserver/yourpath/MyNewEservice.htm" "ID" = "C1C8024B-3667-4245-BB8C-0556D61D6166" The name of the e-service is the text between the last backslash and the closing square bracket on the line that begins with [HKEY CURRENT USER (in this case, My New E-service). This is the name that appears in the Web server list in the Publish Wizard user interface, and also the name of the Web host key in the registry. Normally, you won t be creating GUIDs manually. You can use the GUID provided to follow these steps, but you should never use it for a finished product. Later, you ll learn to use the Producer object model to register your e-service, and that is the preferred method. If you have a GUID generating utility, such as guidgen.exe, you can manually register e-services as often as you like. 2. Change the path specified following HTMLBasedUIURL in the preceding text to match a valid URL on your Web server. Be sure to retain the file name MyNewEservice.htm.
return @delegate.GetDelegate(); } }
Part II Designing Types
Supported Authentication Protocol MS-CHAP, CHAP, SPAP, PAP, MS-CHAP v2, and EAP MS-CHAP, CHAP, SPAP, PAP, and MS-CHAP v2 (with Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 4 and later) EAP Unsupported Authentication Protocol
Windows Firewall
SessionStateStoreData CreateNewStoreData() { SessionStateStoreData mySessionData = new SessionStateStoreData(); // Provide an empty session dictionary object mySessionData.Dictionary = new Samples.MyDictionaryClass(); // Set the timeout to 10 minutes mySessionItem.Timeout = 10; // Set the StaticObjects property to the static objects for // the current context. mySessionItem.StaticObjects = SessionStateUtility.GetSessionStaticObjects( HttpContext.Current); return mySessionData; }
IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.IPPatterns') IS NOT NULL DROP VIEW dbo.IPPatterns; GO CREATE VIEW dbo.IPPatterns AS
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