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Formats the number in the most compact decimal form using fixed or scientific notation. The precision specifier controls the number of significant digits displayed. Formats the number using the current thousands separator and decimal separator. The precision specifier controls the minimum number of decimal digits displayed. For example:
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The Canvas layout is a completely free-format drawing surface. You can specify the desired location for a control by setting its Canvas.Top and Canvas.Left properties or by using its Margin property. So, for example, consider the following XAML:
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From this, you can see that RUT .netmodule is a file considered to be part of the assembly with the token 0x26000001 . From the ExportedTypesDef table, you can see that there is a publicly exported type, ARarelyUsedType. The implementation token for this type is 0x26000001, which indicates that the type s IL code is contained in the RUT .netmodule file . Note For the curious, metadata tokens are 4-byte values . The high byte indicates the type of
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Used internally to address a localized label to display. The following characters are supported: a z, A Z, 0 9, and underscore (_)
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Here s the name and address step .
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IPsec Configuration
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Figure 10-1 : The New Project dialog box in Visual Studio .NET, showing how to create a new XML Web service in Visual Basic .NET Expanding and Testing the XML Web Service After you create the new project, you ll have a base XML Web service. Visual Studio .NET places comments in a file that, when uncommented, will provide a simple Hello World XML Web service. I modified that service slightly; the resulting code-behind file is shown in Listing 10-1. Listing 10-1 Simple.asmx.vb, a simple, multilanguage Hello World XML Web service
Listing 4-30. Simple CASE Expression Example select attendee, begindate , case evaluation when 1 then 'bad' when 2 then 'mediocre' when 3 then 'ok' when 4 then 'good' when 5 then 'excellent' else 'not filled in' end from registrations where course = 'S02'; ATTENDEE -------7499 7698 7698 7788 7839 7876 7902 7902 7934 BEGINDATE --------12-APR-99 12-APR-99 13-DEC-99 04-OCT-99 04-OCT-99 12-APR-99 04-OCT-99 13-DEC-99 12-APR-99 CASEEVALUATIO ------------good good not filled in not filled in ok mediocre good not filled in excellent
Installing PHP 5
// ANY call to the real function the hook function is handling. The EDI and ESI are returned in the same
18 Custom Attributes
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