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Now that you have seen how simple it is to map a simple POJO to a database table and interact with your data in an object-oriented fashion, it is time to move on to the development of the sample application. In a real application there will be not only a lot of simple mappings but also a lot of more complex situations involving more advanced ORM concepts. In this section we will tackle the development of the methods used by the TechConf application to retrieve and store data. As we flesh out each method, we will take a look at the POJOs involved, the HBM mappings, and the associated tables and its columns. Most of the persistence code that we will develop in this section will eventually be used in the DAO layer of the TechConf application. We will cover in great detail this important pattern when we build the business tier of the TechConf application.
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7 Temporary Tables and Table Variables
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11 Solutions: Web Resources
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29. Integration
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Objects in Ruby have no special qualities beyond objects that exist in any other objectoriented programming language. However, the key difference between Ruby and most other major object-oriented languages is that in Ruby everything is an object. With this in mind, you can call methods on almost everything, and even chain methods together. In C or Perl, it would be common practice to write code in this form: function1(function2(function3(something)))
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In this example, newing up a T is legal because T is known to be a type that has a public, parameterless constructor . This is certainly true of all value types, and the constructor constraint requires that it be true of any reference type specified as a type argument . Sometimes, developers would like to declare a type parameter by using a constructor constraint whereby the constructor takes various parameters itself . As of now, the CLR (and therefore the C# compiler) supports only parameterless constructors . Microsoft feels that this will be good enough for almost all scenarios, and I agree .
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Page 7
a darker color to show that it is used twice). It is in 3NF because all nonkey columns intransitively depend on each key. However, a speci c data manipulation anomaly is possible:
Download at
Select the Move but don't size with cells option if you want your chart to change its position on the table background when you add or delete rows or columns, but you don t want its dimensions to change when you change the height of the rows or the width of the columns behind the chart . This setting is usually very useful during the development phase of your solution because you may frequently need to change table structures even if you re already perfectly happy with the chart contained in this table . Select the Don't move or size with cells option if you want your chart to almost float freely above the table background . In other words, you don t want it to move when you add or delete rows or columns, and you don t want its dimensions to change when you change the height of the rows or the width of the columns behind the chart . This setting is likely to prove useful or even essential if you use transparent charts and you want to use the table structures for background formatting . (You ve already seen an example of this in Figure 4-14 .)
Better Practice
The horizontal value axis has a fixed scaling of 20, 80, 10, 5. It is important to specify the minor unit 5, so that the white vertical lines (minor gridlines) are positioned where required . In this example, note that the major vertical gridlines in the chart are not colored (the table border divides the classes here) while the white minor gridlines subtly divide each of the six classes into two age groups . The data shown in columns F and G are constants . The chart is to be published with these values and the data point positions will no longer change . Therefore, as a spacesaving measure, it is possible (and completely acceptable) for you to place the legend within the plot area . In Excel 2007, you can easily shadow the legend or make it partially transparent, so the legend is not particularly distracting where it is positioned but is nevertheless immediately discernible as a detached element .
data types, you can always refer to W. Jason Gilmore s Beginning PHP and PostgreSQL 8: From Novice to Professional (Apress, 2006), which is an excellent reference.
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