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The preceding example assumes that you are accessing global resources programmatically and that those resources are available at design time. However, your resource files might not be available at design time, or you might want to access local resources programmatically. For these purposes, ASP.NET provides the GetLocalResourceObject and GetGlobalResourceObject methods. Each of these methods looks for a resource file, reads it, and provides the right resource. To use the GetLocalResourceObject method, simply provide the name of the resource. To use GetGlobalResourceObject, provide both the resource file name (without the extension) and the resource name. For example, the following code uses these methods to get resources for two different controls.
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In addition to mapping incoming HTTP requests to actual physical directories, IIS 6 .x and IIS 7 .x support a feature called application pooling . One of the primary purposes behind application pooling is to support application isolation . For example, imagine you want to isolate the Web applications running in the same computer from other software managed by IIS . By creating a separate application pool for each Web application, you tell IIS to run each application in its own worker process . If anything bad happens in one application pool, the other applications can continue to run unaffected . With application pooling, you also can govern the security aspects of a Web application . Some applications might need a higher degree of security than do others . IIS 5 .x runs the ASP .NET worker process as LocalSystem . LocalSystem has system administrator rights . This has interesting implications because the account can access virtually any resource on the server . In IIS 6 .x and IIS 7 .x, you can set the identity of the worker process to be the same as that of the application pool level . Application pools operate under the NetworkService account by default which does not have as many access rights as LocalSystem does .
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With Dreamweaver s ability to edit style sheets, PHP code, and raw HTML, it is perhaps the dominant web editor for Joomla templates. The program is loaded with features such as FTP upload of modified files that make it a compelling program for Joomla use. Dreamweaver is available for Windows and Macintosh operating systems. In Figure 6-13, I have loaded the dummy file version of one of my templates into Dreamweaver.
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using formation .net for windows forms to deploy barcodes for web,windows application barcodes, and User Datagram Protocol (UDP) destination port of 500. This filter allows Internet Key Exchange (IKE) traffic to the VPN server.
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In this chapter, we ve covered customizing the default SharePoint site, Companyweb. We shown how to modify permissions, add a workspace, and modify the site to use Companyweb as a TS Web Access portal for running remote applications directly from Companyweb. In the next part, we move on to installing and using the Premium Edition features, including installing the second server, installing Microsoft SQL Server 2008, and con guring Terminal Services on the second server. qr code reader
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To create a Security Configuration And Analysis console 1. From the Start menu select Run, type MMC, and click OK. 2. From the File menu, select Add/Remove Snap-In. 3. In the Add/Remove Snap-In dialog box, click the Add button, as shown in Figure 11-1.
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operands to Object first) because one of the operands types could overload the == operator, giving it semantics other than identity . As you can see, the .NET Framework has a very confusing story when it comes to object equality and identity . By the way, System.ValueType (the base class of all value types) does override Object s Equals method and is correctly implemented to perform a value equality check (not an identity check) . Internally, ValueType s Equals is implemented this way: 1. If the obj argument is null, return false . 2. If the this and obj arguments refer to objects of different types, return false . 3. For each instance field defined by the type, compare the value in the this object with the value in the obj object by calling the field s Equals method . If any fields are not equal, return false . 4. Return true . Object s Equals method is not called by ValueType s Equals method . Internally, ValueType s Equals method uses reflection (covered in 23, Assembly Loading and Reflection ) to accomplish step #3 above . Since the CLR s reflection mechanism is slow, when defining your own value type, you should override Equals and provide your own implementation to improve the performance of value equality comparisons that use instances of your type . Of course, in your own implementation, do not call base.Equals . When defining your own type, if you decide to override Equals, you must ensure that it adheres to the four properties of equality:
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If you try to compile the line of code above, the compiler issues two messages: "error
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Listing 7-9. Query Solution 3 to the Matching Current and Previous Occurrences problem
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Create the domain-based namespace root by typing the following command:
The CountdownEvent Class
stacking objects . This is mainly because you can make the color fills of objects completely or partially transparent, and interesting effects can be achieved in this way (see the simple example on the right in Figure 5-4) .
Limitations of the XML DOM Eventing Model Although you receive notifications before and after an action takes place, you can't alter the predefined flow of operations. In other words, you can perform any action while handling the event, but you can't cancel the ongoing operation. This also means that you can't just skip some nodes based on run-time conditions. In fact, the event handler function is void, and all the arguments passed with the event data structure are readonly. Programmers have no way to pass information back to the reader and skip the current node. There is only one way in which the event handler can affect the behavior of the reader. If the event handler throws an exception, the reader will stop working. In this case, however, the XML DOM will not be built. Selecting Nodes by Query As mentioned, the XML DOM provides a few ways to traverse the document forest to locate a particular node. The ChildNodes property returns a linked list formed by the child nodes placed at the same level. You move back and forth in this list using the NextSibling and PreviousSibling methods. You can also enumerate the contents of the ChildNodes list using a foreach-style enumerator. This enumerator is built into the XmlDocument class and returned on demand by the GetEnumerator method, as shown here: foreach(XmlNode n in node.ChildNodes) { // Do something } Direct Access to Elements TheGetElementById method returns the first child node below the current node that has an ID attribute with the specified value. Note that ID is a particular XML type and not simply an attribute with that name. An attribute can be declared as an ID only in an XML Schema Definition (XSD) or a DTD schema. The following XML fragment defines an employeeid attribute of type ID. The attribute belongs to the Employee node. <!ATTLIST Employee employeeid ID #REQUIRED> A corresponding XML node might look like this: <Employee employeeid="1" LastName="Davolio" FirstName="Nancy" /> As you can see, the source XML is apparently unaffected by the use of an ID attribute. An ID attribute can be seen as an XML primary key, and the GetElementById method part of the W3C DOM specification represents the search method that applications use to locate nodes. The following code retrieves the node element in the document whose ID attribute (employeeid) matches the specified value: employeeNode = node.GetElementById("1"); If you call GetElementById on a node whose children have no ID attributes or matching values, the method returns null. The search for a matching node stops when the first match is found. Another query method at your disposal is GetElementsByTagName. As the name suggests, this method returns a list of nodes with the specified name. GetElementsByTagName looks similar to ChildNodes but differs in one aspect. Whereas ChildNodes returns all the child nodes found, including all elements and leaves, GetElementsByTagName returns only the element nodes with a particular name. The name specified can be expressed as a local as well as a namespacequalified name. 188
Like the Search box in Windows Explorer, the Search box in a common Open or Save As dialog box takes as its default scope the current folder and its subfolders. In most applications, the dialog box is already filtered for a particular file type, so that file type is the only one the search will consider. Searching from a dialog box might not sound all that nifty at first. After all, if you re trying to open a file and you don t know exactly where it is, you can always hunt for it from a Windows Explorer folder, then double-click it when the search engine ferrets it out. But it can be quite useful if you re already in the dialog box and find yourself confronted with a superfluity of files. Figure 7-21, for example, shows the Open dialog box from Paint, focused on the Screen Shots folder for this chapter. At the moment there are more than 80 images in this folder, consisting of three groups a set beginning with the characters f07, another group beginning with g07, and a third group of miscellaneous illogically named pictures. The simplest way to locate and open the last in the f07 series is not to go scrolling through the dialog box but to type those three characters in the Search box.
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Objective 3.1: Implement Secure Network Administration Procedures
Objects can be transformed in XAML using a number of transformations. Some transformations include the following: RotationTransform ScaleTransform Rotates the element through a defined number of degrees
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