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features than the XslTransform class. More precisely, the XML Web server control makes use of the XslTransform class internally. You use the XML Web server control when you need to embed XML documents in a Web page. For example, the control is extremely handy when you need to create XML data islands for the client to consume. Data islands consist of XML data referenced or included in an HTML page. The XML data can be included in-line within the HTML, or it can be in an external file. By combining this control's ability with the ADO XML style sheet we created in the previous section, you can transform a DataSet object into an ADO Recordset object and send it to the browser to be processed by client script procedures. Let's take a closer look at the programming interface of the XML Web server control. Programming the XML Web Server Control In addition to the typical and standard properties of all server controls, the XML Web server control provides the properties listed in Table 7-9. The document properties represent the source XML data, and the transform properties handle the instance of the XslTransform class to be used and the style sheet.
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FilterInputStream N/A N/A FilterOutputStream N/A FilterReader N/A FilterWriter InputStream System.IO.Stream N/A InputStreamReader LineNumberInputStream N/A N/A LineNumberReader No direct equivalent; consult the "Object Serialization" section in ObjectInputStream 10 for details of .NET object serialization. No direct equivalent; consult 10 for details of .NET object ObjectOutputStream serialization. OutputStream System.IO.Stream N/A OutputStreamWriter N/A PipedInputStream N/A PipedOutputStream N/A PipedReader N/A PipedWriter PrintStream System.IO.StreamWriter PrintWriter System.IO.StreamWriter PushbackInputStream System.IO.StreamReader PushbackReader System.IO.StreamReader RandomAccessFile System.IO.FileStream N/A Reader SequenceInputStream N/A N/A StreamTokenizer StringBufferInputStream System.IO.StringReader StringReader System.IO.StringReader StringWriter System.IO.StringWriter N/A Writer
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1. On Computer2, press Ctrl+Alt+Del to open the Log On To Windows dialog box. 2. On the Log On To Windows screen, select the Log On Using Dial-Up Connection check box. 3. In the User Name text box, type user1. 4. In the Password text box, type the strong password you have assigned to the User1 account. 5. In the Log On To drop-down list box, select DOMAIN1. 6. Click OK. The Network Connections dialog box appears. 7. In the Choose A Network Connection drop-down list box, make sure MyCompany is selected, and then click Connect. The Connect MyCompany dialog box appears. The User Name text box already includes the name user1, the Password text box already includes a hidden password, and the Domain text box already includes the domain DOMAIN1.
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Polygons with incorrect orientation This one is easy many spatial data sources store exterior polygon boundaries according to the right-hand rule . Because the GEOGRAPHY type requires exterior polygon boundaries to be oriented according to the left-hand rule, this is a natural source of invalid data . It is important to note that there is no formal industry standard with regard to polygon boundary orientation . It is very common for planar polygons to be oriented according to the right-hand rule shapefiles, for instance, almost always orient exterior polygon boundaries according to the right-hand rule . On the other hand, Oracle Spatial uses the left-hand rule for both planar and geodetic polygons . All major commercial geodetic spatial database implementations including IBM Informix Geodetic DataBlade, IBM DB2 Geodetic Extender, Oracle Spatial, and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 orient exterior polygons using the left-hand rule . Self-intersecting and extremely narrow polygons These two categories, although distinctly different in how they manifest themselves, are typically created during original data creation specifically, when digitizing and assembling data . Data with these defects are rejected by the GEOGRAPHY type . Unlike polygons, LineStrings that selfintersect at a single point are valid . LineStrings that intersect themselves at more than one location (overlapping), however, are not valid .
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Int32 GetGeneration(Object obj) Int32 GetGeneration(WeakReference wr)
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Figure 4-11 shows the output of a sample application that creates the XML file and then displays it in a text box on the form.
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Managing Shared Folders and Printers
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Properties of the Page Class
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internal struct public Int32 } internal sealed public Point } Point { m_x, m_y; class Rectangle { m_topLeft, m_bottomRight;
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SELECT MIN(A.keycol) + 1 FROM dbo.T1 AS A LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.T1 AS B ON B.keycol = A.keycol + 1 WHERE B.keycol IS NULL;
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Part I CLR Basics
database to the Windows Security log.
private sealed class GenObject { private Int32 m_generation; public GenObject(Int32 generation) { m_generation = generation; } ~GenObject() { // This is the Finalize method // If this object is in the generation we want (or higher), // notify the delegates that a GC just completed if (GC.GetGeneration(this) >= m_generation) { Action<Int32> temp = Interlocked.CompareExchange(ref s_gcDone, null, null); if (temp != null) temp(m_generation); } // Keep reporting notifications if there is at least one delegated registered, // the AppDomain isn't unloading, and the process isn t shutting down if ((s_gcDone != null) && !AppDomain.CurrentDomain.IsFinalizingForUnload() && !Environment.HasShutdownStarted) { // For Gen 0, create a new object; for Gen 2, resurrect the object & let // the GC call Finalize again the next time Gen 2 is GC'd if (m_generation == 0) new GenObject(0); else GC.ReRegisterForFinalize(this); } else { /* Let the objects go away */ } } } }
One of the distinct advantages of working with lists in SharePoint is the ability to create and switch between custom views of the data. This chapter covers how to create views that display the data you want to see in the way you want to see it.
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