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FIGURE 7-3 The Scope Properties dialog box for a DHCP scope
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The first change to the Group Policy infrastructure was mostly invisible to administrators. Prior to Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, the Group Policy engine ran within the trusted Winlogon process in Windows. This made a certain amount of sense at the time but also presented some challenges. Primarily, Microsoft or third-party Client Side Extensions (CSEs) also ran within this process, and if bugs arose in these CSEs, they could cause Windows to stop responding. In Windows Vista and Window Server 2008, Microsoft moved the Group Policy engine out of Winlogon and into the Group Policy Client service running within a svchost.exe process, except that it cannot be stopped or started by an administrator at least not very easily. The service is hardened to improve the odds that it is always running when Windows is running. And because the service is no longer running in Winlogon, errant CSEs will only crash the service, rather than the entire operating system.
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Most of the activities we touch on in this chapter can be characterized as entertainment, so it s not surprising that several features are available only in Home Premium and Ultimate editions . Although you can watch DVDs using any edition, the required DVD decoder is not included with Home Basic, Business, and Enterprise editions; you ll need to install a third-party decoder or upgrade to a DVD-ready Windows Vista edition before you can watch a DVD . Windows Movie Maker is available with all editions, but support for high-definition formats is included only in Home Premium and Ultimate editions . And finally, if you want to use the Windows DVD Maker program to burn DVDs that will play back in the standalone DVD player in your living room, you ll need Home Premium or Ultimate edition; other editions lack this capability and are only able to burn data DVDs using Windows Explorer .
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FileLogger Parameters
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MD5 An industry-standard one-way, 128-bit hashing scheme, developed by RSA Data Security, Inc., and used by various Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) vendors for encrypted authentication. A hashing scheme is a method for transforming data (for example, a password) in such a way that the result is unique and cannot be changed back to its original form. The Challenge Handshake Authentication Pro tocol (CHAP) uses challenge response with one-way MD5 hashing on the response. In this way, you can prove to the server that you know your password without actually sending the password over the network. Media Access Control (MAC) address The address that is used for communication between network adapters on the same subnet. Each network adapter has an associated MAC address. metric A number used to indicate the cost of a route in the IP routing table that enables the selection of the best route among possible multiple routes to the same destination. Microsoft Point-to-Point Encryption (MPPE) A 128-bit key or 40-bit key encryp tion algorithm using RSA RC4. MPPE provides for packet confidentiality between the remote access client and the remote access or tunnel server, and it is useful where Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) is not available. MPPE is compatible with Network Address Translation (NAT). minimum TTL In DNS, a default Time to Live (TTL) value that is set in seconds and used with all resource records in a zone. This value is set in the start-of-authority (SOA) resource record for each zone. By default, the DNS server includes this value in query responses. It is used to inform recipients how long they can store and use resource records, which are provided in the query answer, before they must expire the stored records data. When TTL values are set for individual resource records, those values override the minimum TTL. mixed mode In a Windows 2000 domain, the default domain mode setting. Mixed mode enables Windows NT based backup domain controllers to coexist with Windows 2000 based domain controllers. Mixed mode does not support universal groups or the nesting of groups. You can change the domain mode setting to native mode when all Windows NT based domain controllers are removed from a domain. In Windows Server 2003 domains, mixed mode is referred to as Windows 2000 mixed, and it is one of three domain functional levels available. multibyte A character set that can consist of both 1-byte and 2-byte characters. A multibyte-character string can contain a mixture of 1-byte and 2-byte characters. Windows Server 2003 DNS uses the Unicode Transformation Format 8 (UTF-8) encoding scheme described in Request for Comments (RFC) 2044 to interpret and transform multibyte characters into 1-byte characters of 8-bit length.
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Part III Essential Types
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Several Other Critical Thoughts on S+S
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Ensure that the IP addresses of your answering routers are reachable from
De ning Con gurations to Build
If all we cared about was raw performance, then the optimum number of threads to have on any machine is identical to the number of CPUs on that machine . So a machine with one CPU would have only one thread, a machine with two CPUs would have two threads, and so on . The reason is obvious: If you have more threads than CPUs, then context switching is introduced and performance deteriorates . If each CPU has just one thread, then no context switching exists and the threads run at full speed .
The Default Event Handler
/ Displays a detailed help screen Options: /r <reference_scheme> <reference_id> <description> Specifies a traced reference to install (/i, /il) or uninstall (/u, /ul). /f Forces reinstall of an assembly. /nologo Suppresses display of the logo banner /silent Suppresses display of all output
summary of unity features
Predicting the Success of an Operation that Requires a Lot of Memory
In this chapter, we ve focused on making sure Ruby is properly installed and that you can run the irb tool, which you ll be using over the next several chapters. Although Ruby is an easy language to learn and develop with, it s easy to become overwhelmed with the administration of Ruby itself, its installation, and its upgrades. As Ruby is a language constantly in development, it s likely that points covered in this chapter will go out of date, or easier ways to install Ruby will come along for your platform. An important part of being a Ruby developer is being able to use the resources the Ruby community makes available, and being able to find help directly as time goes by. The Ruby community can provide quick help in most cases, and a number of resources to try are available in 5 and Appendix C.
Flag Value
Avoid unindented begin-end pairs In the style shown in Listing 31-24, the begin-end pair is aligned with the control structure, and the statements that begin and end enclose are indented under begin.
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