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Generating GTIN - 12 in C#.net Viewing and Closing Files

Part V
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FIguRE 21-13 After three collections, generation 0 survivors are promoted to generation 1 (growing the size
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Events are simply Boolean variables maintained by the kernel . A thread waiting on an event blocks when the event is false and unblocks when the event is true . There are two kinds of events . When an auto-reset event is true, it wakes up just one blocked thread because the kernel automatically resets the event back to false after unblocking the first thread . When a manual-reset event is true, it unblocks all threads waiting for it because the kernel does not automatically reset the event back to false; your code must manually reset the event back to false . The classes related to events look like this:
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multi-target applications that use synchronous communications.
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Figure 8-6 : The Territories table from Northwind saved in an XML file by SimpleXML.FileSave.aspx.cs The ability to read and write XML data using the .NET Framework classes opens up a whole new world of data access. The .NET Framework has some limitations to the
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In this chapter, you ll make the modifications required for customers to place orders that are associated with their user profiles. The main modification here is that the customer associated with an order will be identified by a new piece of information in the orders table, and much of the rest of the modifications will be made to use this information. Also in this chapter, you ll take a look at dealing with another common feature of e-commerce sites: tax and shipping charges. Many options are available for implementing this functionality, but we ll just examine a simple way of doing things and lay the groundwork for your own further development.
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not authorized to start. It has stopped servicing clients. The following
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Practice: Deploying a Secondary DNS Server . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5-37
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The rows from the previous step are sorted according to the column list speci ed in the ORDER BY clause, returning the cursor VC6. The ORDER BY clause is the only step where column aliases created in the SELECT phase can be reused. If DISTINCT is speci ed, the expressions in the ORDER BY clause have access only to the virtual table returned by the previous step (VT5). If DISTINCT is not speci ed expressions in the ORDER BY clause can access both the input and the output virtual tables of the SELECT phase. That is, in the ORDER BY clause you can specify any expression that would have been allowed in the SELECT clause. Namely, you can sort by expressions that you don t end up returning in the nal result set. There is a reason for not allowing access to expressions you re not returning if DISTINCT is speci ed. When adding expressions to the SELECT list, DISTINCT can potentially change the number of rows returned. Without DISTINCT, of course, changes in the SELECT list don t affect the number of rows returned.
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FIGURE 13-14 Microsoft Visual Studio report design results
Windows stores information about user accounts and security groups in a security database . Where the security database resides depends on whether your computer is part of a workgroup or a domain . A workgroup setup (or a standalone computer) uses only local user accounts and local groups the type described in this chapter . The security database on each computer stores the local user accounts and local groups that are specific to that computer . Local user accounts allow users to log on only to the computer where you create the local account . Likewise, a local account allows users to access resources only on that same computer . (This doesn t mean that you can t share your resources with other network users, even if you re not part of a domain . For details, see 14, Managing Shared Folders and Printers . ) With such a setup, you avoid the initial expense of purchasing and configuring Microsoft Windows Server 2003 but because you must manage user accounts on each individual computer, this process becomes unwieldy with more than five or ten computers . The alternative is to set up the network as a domain . A Windows domain is a network that has at least one machine running Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000 Server, or Windows NT Server as a domain controller . A domain controller is a computer that maintains the security database, including user accounts and groups, for the domain . With a domain user account, you can log on to any computer in the domain (subject to your account, privileges set at the domain level and on individual computers), and you can gain access to permitted resources anywhere on the network . In general, if your computer is part of a Windows domain, you shouldn t need to concern yourself with local user accounts . Instead, all user accounts should be managed at the domain controller . But you might want to add certain domain user accounts or groups to your local groups . By default, the Domain Admins group is a member of the local Administrators group, and Domain Users is a member of the local Users group; members of those domain groups thereby assume the rights and permissions afforded to the local groups to which they belong . Domain-based accounts and groups are also known as global accounts and global groups . groups .
The shortcut menu commands for each demand-dial interface are those that appear when you right-click the interface in the details pane of the Routing And Remote Access console. The interfaces themselves appear in the details pane when you select the Network Interfaces node in the Routing And Remote Access console tree. (See Fig ure 9-20.) Note that in addition to the management features listed below, this shortcut menu allows you to connect/disconnect and enable/disable the demand-dial interface.
Some user information may be exported when exporting workflows, such as the domain logon, Forms Authentication user name, or Windows Live unique user identifier (PUID) values.
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