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The PROMPT command allows you to write text to the screen, the PAUSE command allows you to suspend script execution, and the ACCEPT command gives you full control over the datatype of the userdefined variable and the screen text prompting for a value. Just try to enter a nonnumeric value for variable X in Listing 11-10. You will get the following SQL*Plus error message: Enter a value for x: monkey SP2-0425: "monkey" is not a valid NUMBER
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identical, then Equals uses reflection to compare the values of the two attribute objects fields (by calling Equals for each field) . If all the fields match, then true is returned; otherwise, false is returned . You might override Equals in your own attribute class to remove the use of reflection, improving performance .
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Where to Put Contacts
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Activation Security Context
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Table 5-1: Properties of the XmlDocument Class Property Description BaseURI Gets the base URI of the document (for example, the file path). Gets the root of the document as an XmlElement DocumentElement object. Gets the node with the DOCTYPE declaration (if DocumentType any). Gets the XmlImplementation object for the Implementation document. InnerXml Gets or sets the markup representing the body of the document. IsReadOnly LocalName Name NameTable NodeType OwnerDocument PreserveWhitespace Indicates whether the document is read-only. Returns the string #document. Returns the string #document. Gets the NameTable object associated with this implementation of the XmlDocument class. Returns the value XmlNodeType.Document. Returns null. The XmlDocument object is not owned. Gets or sets a Boolean value indicating whether to preserve white space during the load and save process. Set to false by default. Write-only property that specifies the XmlResolver object to use for resolving external resources. Set to null by default.
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This book uses special text and design conventions to make it easier for you to find the information you need.
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argument, as with assert_equal.
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I rarely look at this information. If I'm really stuck on a crash, however, I might start looking at the information to see whether I can guess at local variable values. The three return addresses I can correlate with the preceding stack walk are shown in boldface.
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You can find details on the logic behind the split technique that the function implements in 5 under the section "Separating Elements." To test the function, run the following code, which splits employee 14's path and generates the output shown in Table 9-41: SELECT pos, empid FROM dbo.fn_splitpath(14);
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Preparing and Producing Professional Results
In this example, the data template wraps a concrete view type. This allows the view to define code-behind behavior. In this way, the data template mechanism can be used to externally provide the association between the view and the view model. Although the preceding example shows the template in the UserControl resources, it can also be placed in application s resources for reuse. You can find an example of using data templates to instantiate views and associate them with their view models in the MVVM QuickStart file QuestionnaireView.xaml.
Produce Attention-Getting Presentations with Office PowerPoint 2007
Joomla would run. The new version doesn t require deletion of the Installation directory, although it is recommended. If someone were to either mistakenly or with ill intent can run the installation program, it could write over your existing Joomla site and its content. Be sure to remove this directory and all of the files it contains before you go live with your web site.
Column G contains results of formulas . These are hidden and inconspicuous due to the user-defined number format ;;; (three subsequent semicolons suppress the display of all numbers, irrespective of their value) and minor column width . These refer to and use an input value in cell C2 (see Figure 9-11) . This way you control the height (thickness) of the markers . The invisible data from column G together with the visible data from column F (result data) form a Stacked Column chart that is linked to the secondary vertical axis (the second value axis) . Because their gap width is larger, the stacked columns on the second value axis are narrower than the columns on the first value axis . The visible markers are the upper segments of the stacked columns; that is, they are shouldered from the hidden column segments of the actual values from column F . The category axis is labeled in two lines . Formulas generate the second line in range C9:C12, which was hidden via font formatting . The user-defined number format of the category axis is 0.00" %" .
Figure 5-2. Using Math functions such as SUM, and Statistical functions such as AVERAGE, MIN, MAX, and COUNT adds important information to this list. Table 5-4 shows you more about these functions, and describes several additional statistical functions.
Starting and Running a Task Only If the Computer Is Idle
This type definition declares a new type, Coordinate, that s functionally the same as the type float. To use the new type, you declare variables with it just as you would with a predefined type such as float. Here s an example:
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