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Note You don t need to start the formula with an equal sign (=); SharePoint adds that automatically.
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E xErcIsE 2 Binding to the EntityDataSource Control
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FIGURE 14-18 Updating the status of an Activity created within the workflow process
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%SystemRoot%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\ <versionNumber>\CONFIG\Web.config <wwwroot>\Web.config <wwwroot>\<web_app>\Web.config <wwwroot>\<web_app>\<dir>\Web.config
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Position of the first character of the pattern found (default) Position of the first character after the pattern found
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Applications can use the EventLog.EntryWritten event to be notified when entries are written to the event log of the local computer; notifications from remote computers are not supported. First an EventLog instance is created and mapped to a specific log. Second the EnableRaisingEvents property is set to true; this enables event notifications on the EventLog instance. Finally the EventLog.EntryWritten event is provided with an event handler delegate to be notified when event log entries are written. The delegate that defines the EntryWritten event handler has the following signature:
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Information gathered is reported in a series of categories. Each category contains con densed trees of data that you can expand by clicking the associated plus symbol. By default, Network Diagnostics collects information about only three categories: the Internet Service category, which includes information about Microsoft Outlook Express Mail, Microsoft Outlook Express News, and Internet Explorer Web Proxy configuration; the Computer Information category, which includes Registry parameter settings for the computer system, operating system, and operating system version; and the Modems And Network Adapters category, which includes Registry parameter settings for modems, network adapters, and network clients. However, by clicking the Set Scanning Options button in the Network Diagnostics win dow, you can add and remove categories of data to be collected. You can also alter the diagnostic actions performed for each category, as shown in Figure 3-11.
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Wbadmin enable backup
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n the real world, many classes aren t as useful as they seem. For example, the SiteMap class (discussed next) doesn t use the industry standard format that
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You need to update the admin_order_details componentized template, which shows the details of an order. Earlier in the book, this componentized template also included the capability to test the order process, but we re removing this here. Instead, you ll provide the capability for orders to be pushed along the pipeline when they are stuck at the Awaiting confirmation of stock and Awaiting confirmation of shipment stages. Now, you can also display all the audit information for the order in another new table. Let s look at what you re going to achieve, as shown in Figure 14-7. You can split the orders admin page into three sections: In the first section, we ll change the Process button to a confirmation button for suppliers. In the second section, a table is filled with the items data from the order. In the third section, a table shows the audit trail for the order.
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should be able to compile the code correctly . It turns out that the compiler can indeed do the right thing automatically . However, the designers of the C# language felt that the caller should explicitly state its intention . This way at the call site, it s obvious that the method being called is expected to change the value of the variable being passed . In addition, the CLR allows you to overload methods based on their use of out and ref parameters . For example, in C#, the following code is legal and compiles just fine:
The order_detail Table Let s see what information the order_detail table contains. Take a look at Figure 9-3 to see some typical order_detail records.
In the past, you might have waited until you had nished creating the slides before you rehearsed the presentation for the rst time. But with BBP, you re really rehearsing through the entire process. You get comfortable with your story when you write the story template in s 4 and 5. You become acquainted with the ow and sequence of the story when you prepare the storyboard and narration in 6. And you become familiar with the visuals on screen when you sketch the storyboard and add graphics in s 7 and 8. Through each of these steps in the BBP process, you mentally rehearse the core of the presentation and address a number of possible distractions such as becoming too reliant on the slides to remind you of every detail you want to present. Now deliver an actual dress rehearsal of the presentation to remove distractions from the delivery of the presentation that come from being ill-prepared. When you check the
Code tuning approach: Section 25.6 High-level design: 5 High-quality classes: 6 High-quality routines: 7 Collaborative construction: 21 Developer testing: 22 Areas likely to change: Identify Areas Likely to Change in Section 5.3
the Internet and then launches his VPN connection. On Tuesday, Joe is in London, so he dials a different access number to the Internet, but uses the same VPN connection as he did in New York. This need for double-dial is very common if the company has road warriors who are constantly connect ing to the Internet using whatever method is available to them at the time. The VPN configuration might be consistent, but the Internet connection to make that VPN connection can easily vary. The tool for resolving configuration issues when implementing VPN connections across an enterprise is Connection Manager. Connection Manager (CM) consists of the following:
Team Foundation Build
Lesson Summary
The first two worksheets contain area objects that are variably complicated to handle . In the Lines worksheet, you ll find several different types of objects that you can use to learn the basics of working with non two-dimensional drawing objects . The next worksheet contains two WordArt objects that, as unassuming as they seem at first, might motivate you for complex design practice . A worksheet with picture objects completes the workbook .
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