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Using Secedit to Apply Security Templates
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Checking the Status of Your Index
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Keeping on Track with The Plan
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Each of the predefined color schemes is a group of settings that specifies fonts and sizes of certain interface elements, as well as colors. You can tweak these predefined schemes by clicking Advanced in the Appearance Settings dialog box (see Figure 3-2). Doing so produces the Advanced Appearance dialog box, shown in Figure 3-3.
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(Program Object) FeedbackToFile null
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Set Theory and Predicate Logic
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FIGURE 4-8 MakeZipExe.exe usage
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Part II Designing Types
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So far in this book, you have learned about the many elements of Silverlight and how they can be used to build RIAs. But what if Silverlight doesn t offer the specific functionality you need for an application In that case, you may want to create a custom control to provide that additional functionality. The actual procedure for creating custom controls is not that terribly difficult, but understanding the process can be. Under the hood, Silverlight performs some complex work, but most Silverlight developers do not need to know these details. However, in order to understand custom controls and the process used to build them, you you must dive in and see how Silverlight ticks. In this chapter, you will examine when it is appropriate to write custom controls in Silverlight. Then you will look at the Silverlight Control Toolkit and the controls it offers for developers to use in their applications. Next, you will explore the different aspects of the Silverlight control model. Finally, you will build a custom control for Silverlight.
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The Web Parts on your page can be displayed to the user in several different ways. The mode of display is dependent on what the user is doing with the Web Parts and the hosting page at the time. For example, if the user is simply viewing the Web Parts on a page, the display mode is browse and the user sees the Web Part as it appears in this mode. Of course, there are other modes with other display properties.
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Data Packet (Decrypted)
Figure 7-1 Five controls determine the content of the dynamic chart .
Click the Ports tab. Select the Enable Printer Pooling check box. To add additional printers to the printer pool, select the ports to which the additional printers are connected.
Global groups, universal groups, and individual users from domains that this domain trusts Special identities such as Everyone and Authenticated Users The important rules for permissions can be summarized as follows: By default, a folder inherits permissions from its parent folder. Files inherit their permissions from the folder in which they reside. Users can access a folder or le only when they are granted permission to do so or they belong to a group that has been granted permission. Permissions are cumulative, but the Deny permission trumps all others. For example, if the Sales group has Read access to a folder and the Finance group has Modify permission for the same folder, and Wally is a member of both groups, Wally has the higher level of permission, which is Modify. However, if the Sales group permission is changed to explicitly Deny, Wally is unable to use the folder, despite his membership and ostensibly higher level of access in the Finance group. Explicit permissions take precedence over inherited permissions. Inherited Deny will not prevent access if an object has an explicit Allow permission. The user who creates a le or folder owns the object and can set permissions to control access. An administrator can take ownership of any le or folder.
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