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Generating upc a in C# Setting Up a Small Network

VPN Deployment
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public virtual void DataBind()
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creates a user account with the same name as the demand-dial interface that is being created. This is done so that when the answering router, acting as a calling router, initiates a connection to this router, it is using a user account name that matches the name of a demand-dial interface. Therefore, this router can determine that the incoming connection from the answering router acting as a calling router is a demand-dial connection rather than a remote access connection. 11. On the Dial Out Credentials page, type the user name in the User Name text box, the user account domain name in the Domain text box, and the user account password in both the Password and Confirm Password text boxes. Click Next. 12. On the Completing The Demand-Dial Interface Wizard page, click Finish. The result of this configuration is either an L2TP/IPSec-based or PPTP-based demand-dial interface over which IP routing is enabled, depending on the tunneling options you chose. A user account with the same name as the demand-dial interface is automatically added with correct account and dial-in settings (if needed). Having both routers set up for either side of the site-to-site VPN connection, now we have to make sure that each one can authenticate, authorize and record accounting information to ensure security and control. We will now describe how to set up authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) to support your siteto-site VPN.
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Figure 4 3. Our sample application
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Table of Contents
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Contacts Component
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and that has a modem and a floppy disk drive
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Configuring Demand-Dial Interfaces . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9-28
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A. For a NAT to function, it must translate either IP addresses or port numbers in the packets it is forwarding. If a NAT translates IP addresses or port numbers for either Internet Key Exchange (IKE) traffic (which is used to negotiate IPSec security associations) or IPSec-protected traffic, the integrity of the packet is invalidated. To prevent a NAT from translating IPSec traffic, some NATs support IPSec traffic for a single connection through the NAT. Another solution is IPSec NAT traversal (NAT-T), a new standard for allowing Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP) encapsulated traffic across one or more NATs. IPSec NAT-T is described in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Internet drafts UDP Encapsulation of IPSec Packets (draft-ietfipsec-udp-encaps-02.txt) and Negotiation of NAT-Traversal in the IKE (draft-ietfipsec-nat-t-ike-02.txt). IPSec NAT-T defines changes to IPSec protocols and new Internet Key Exchange messages and payloads that are exchanged between two IPSec NAT-T-capable peers. IPSec NAT-T must be supported by both the client and server. Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft L2TP/IPSec VPN Client support IPSec NAT-T. Windows 2000 and Windows XP support NAT-T with the proper hotfix applied, which can be found on https://windowsupdate.microsoft.com. The hotfixes for each operating system will be incorporated into Windows 2000 Service Pack 5 (SP5) and Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2).
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Access the ASP .NET application cache from a standard WCF application (one not configured to run in ASP .NET compatibility mode)
The @stmt parameter is the input dynamic batch, which can refer to input and output parameters . This section is similar to a stored procedure s body except that @stmt can be constructed dynamically, whereas a stored procedure s body is static . In fact, you might want to invoke sp_executesql from a stored procedure s code, whereby you construct the dynamic batch based on user inputs to the stored procedure . The @params parameter is similar to the header of a stored procedure, where you define input/output parameters . In fact, the syntax for @params is identical to that of a stored procedure s declaration section . You can even define default values to the parameters just as you can with a stored procedure . The @params string can also be constructed dynamically . Finally, the <params assignment> section is similar to the EXEC part of invoking a stored procedure, in which you assign values to the input/output parameters .
15. After logon from Computer2 is complete, open an Internet Explorer window. Dis miss any messages or warnings that appear. 16. In the Address text box, type \\computer1.domain1.local, and then press Enter. After a moment, the connection to the address is established, and the shares available on Computer1 are shown in the Internet Explorer window. 17. Switch to Computer1 while you are still logged on as Administrator. 18. Open the Routing And Remote Access console. 19. In the console tree, click the Ports node. In the details pane, you can see that only one WAN Miniport has an active status. The port name shows that this VPN connection is a PPTP connection. 20. Log off Computer1 and Computer2.
Import01.proj and Import02.targets. In this example, the Import02.targets le is stored in a subfolder named Import. The following sample shows the complete de nition of both of these les.
For example, once the aggregate is registered as UnionAgg, we can run UnionAgg against a GEOGRAPHY column containing points:
Style Sheet
16. Database Connectivity
Description SIDs are issued to log-on sessions to enable permissions to be granted to any application running in a specific log-on session. These SIDs have the first sub-authority set to 5, and take the form S-1-5-5-x-y. When a process logs on as a service it gets a special SID in its token to denote that. This SID has the sub-authority 6, and is always S-1-5-6. SECURITY_NT_NON_UNIQUE. Denotes user and computer SIDs that are not guaranteed to be universally unique. SECURITY_BUILTIN_DOMAIN_RID. Denotes built-in SIDs. For example, the well-known SID for the built-in Administrators group is S-1-5-32-544. SECURITY_SERVICE_ID_BASE_RID. Denotes SIDs for services.
Part II
3. 4.
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