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// Because Query is defined as 8, 'a' is initialized to 8. Actions a = (Actions) Enum.Parse(typeof(Actions), "Query", true); Console.WriteLine(a.ToString()); // "Query" // Because Query and Read are defined, 'a' is initialized to 9. Enum.TryParse<Actions>("Query, Read", false, out a); Console.WriteLine(a.ToString()); // "Read, Query" // Creates an instance of the Actions enum with a value of 28 a = (Actions) Enum.Parse(typeof(Actions), "28", false); Console.WriteLine(a.ToString()); // "Delete, Query, Sync"
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Figure 19-7 To adjust recording options for an upcoming program, select Adanced Record.
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Note Of course, you shouldn t draw conclusions about production systems from the output that I got. Needless to say, my personal computer or your test computer or personal test environment won t necessarily re ect a real production environment. I m just using this output for illustration purposes. I ll mention later which types of waits are typically predominant in production environments. The DMV accumulates values since the server was last restarted. If you want to reset its values, run the following code (but don t run it now):
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If you then decide that you want to revoke Craig s access rights and give Read permissions to the Administrators group, type this command:
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In Replication Monitor, force replication on the domain partition. Select the synchronization option to cross-site boundaries.
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This approach is clearer than tests like
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The StepType property indicates how a particular step should be handled and rendered within a wizard. Acceptable values for the step type come from the WizardStepType enumeration, as listed in Table 8-5.
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note FasterCSV became the standard CSV library in Ruby 1.9 and is no longer referred to as FasterCSV
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You can split an SQL query on more lines, if you prefer PostgreSQL won t mind. Tip
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Custom Collections
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Open the Windows SBS Console and select Users And Groups. Click the Groups tab and then select Add A New Group in the Tasks pane. The Add A New Group Wizard launches. Read the Getting Started text and then click Next. In the Add A New Group dialog box, as shown in Figure 9-1, type in a Group Name and Description. Select Distribution Group in the Group Type box and then click Next.
Part V
empid mgrid empname salary 1 NULL David 10000.0000
// Wait for the user to hit <Enter> Console.ReadLine(); // Refer to t after ReadLine (this gets optimized away) t = null; }
Completing the Getting Started Tasks
Application Data This is a hidden junction that redirects data to %UserProfile%\ AppData\Roaming. Contacts This folder, whose nearest counterpart in Windows XP is the Windows Address Book application (Wab.exe), stores contact information used by Windows Mail and (potentially) other applications. Cookies This is a hidden junction that redirects data to %UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Cookies. Desktop This folder contains items that appear on the user s desktop, including files and shortcuts. (A Public counterpart also contributes items to the desktop.) Documents This folder is the default location for storing user documents in most applications. Downloads This folder, which has no predecessor in Windows XP, is the default location for storing items downloaded from websites. Favorites This folder contains Internet Explorer favorites. Links This folder contains shortcuts that appear in the Favorite Links section of the Navigation pane in Windows Explorer. You can create shortcuts here, but it s easier to drag Windows Explorer items into the Navigation pane.
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