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Support for CLR Types
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To prepare the headlines in your story template to become the headlines of your PowerPoint slides, you need to do some prep work on the story template. First save the Word document, and then on the Home tab, in the Editing group, click Select; then choose Select All to select all of the headlines in the template, and then press Ctrl+C to copy them. Next create a new Word document and save it on your local computer in a familiar folder, adding the word Formatted to the end of the le name. Position the cursor in this new document, and then on the Home tab, in the Clipboard group, click the Paste button, and on the drop-down menu, click Paste Special. In the Paste Special dialog box, select Unformatted Text, and then click OK. The resulting new document should look similar to Figure 6-2.
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Page 270 HEIGHT: 180px; WIDTH: 420px; WMBodyHeight: 0; /* Do not edit. */ WMAlignSpacing: 10; /* Do not edit. */ } In the preceding code, the value associated with the LEFT property positions the HTML to display to the right of the table of contents. The #HTML1Div area is aligned on the left-hand side with the #SlidesDiv area. Producer automatically provides scroll bars if the entire contents of the HTML file or Web page cannot be displayed in the window. If a template contains both slides and HTML content and the slides are resizable, the HTML is resizable as well. Likewise, if fixed-size slides appear in the template, any HTML or Web content will also be fixed-size. An HTML area that is resizable contains custom properties such as WMBodyHeight and WMAlignSpacing. When editing the #HTML1Div selector, do not edit the values for the properties that begin with WM, such as WMBodyHeight or WMAlignSpacing. The display of a resizable HTML area is determined by code in Producer that uses the values for these properties. Changing the value for these properties can cause your presentation to display incorrectly. 4. Save the changes to the presentation template file. 6. Start Microsoft Producer. On the File menu, click Open, and open the project you saved in the earlier exercise. If you did not do the earlier exercise, you can open the project archive \StepByStep\12\ContosoSample.MSProducerZ from the companion CD, and then unpack and work with the resulting project. 6. Click the Presentation Templates folder for the current project. Choose the customized template named Custom Standard Video (320 240) - Resizable Slides and HTML and add it to the timeline. 7. On the View menu, click Preview Presentation Tab, and then play your presentation. As you preview your presentation in Producer, you will notice that the table of contents displays incorrectly. The entries in the table of contents still obscure the video transport controls, and the text for entries is difficult to read because it does not contrast with the background image. The upcoming step-by-step procedure explains how to fix this and customize the table of contents in your presentation.
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The PAGEIOLATCH_SH wait type indicates waits on I/O for read operations. You can clearly see that, in our case, dramatic peaks occur every day around noon. Figure 4-3 has a pivot chart showing graphically the distribution of all top wait types.
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// DateTimeStyles.None public static DateTime Parse(String s, IFormatProvider provider); // This is the method I ve been talking about in this section. public static DateTime Parse(String s, IFormatProvider provider, DateTimeStyles styles);
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In the past, the list box type of control has been considered one of the common controls in programming no more special than a drop-down list. However, in Silverlight, this has all changed. The ListBox is perhaps one of the most flexible controls used to display lists of data. In fact, referring back to ASP.NET controls, the Silverlight ListBox is more a cousin to the DataList control than the ASP.NET ListBox control. Let s take a peek at this powerful control.
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many of the graphics probably are an aesthetic mismatch for the audience of the sample presentation in this book senior nancial executives. For example, the clip art example of a clipboard on the upper right is done in a cartoon style that might make your message come across as not being serious as the topic at hand. The clip art example on the lower left includes hands that are marking up the clipboard, but it s an aesthetic mismatch because the image also is in a cartoon style and comes across as too playful and not aligned with the aesthetic style of most marketing material in the more conservative nancial services industry. Using a photograph of someone holding a clipboard is in the realm of possibility, but this example on the lower right is too playful for the context, and it s also hard to see the clipboard because it is such a small percentage of the screen area. This is a good example of why you need to be careful when using a photograph that has a person in it, especially on a Key Point or an Explanation slide. The photo of the person in this example will distract attention away from the point of the headline and prompt thoughts in the viewer s mind such as, I wonder if I should know this person, or We never walk around with our thumbs up in our of ce, or I m personally not a fan of his haircut. Again, this is not about whether these example graphics are good or bad, because they all would work perfectly well within other contexts, just not for this audience of nancial executives.
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How the Runtime Resolves Type References
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SetColor((Color) 547);
You can easily and quickly configure the Caching block to use a database as your persistent backing store for cached data if you wish. Enterprise Library contains a script and a command file that you can run to create the database (located in the \Blocks\Caching\ Src\Database\Scripts folder of the Enterprise Library source code). We also include these scripts with the example for this chapter. The scripts assume that you will use the locally installed SQL Server Express database, but you can edit the CreateCachingDb.cmd file to change the target to a different database server. The SQL script that the command file executes creates a database named Caching, and adds the required tables and stored procedures to it. However, if you only want to run the example application we provide for this chapter, you do not need to create a database. The project contains a preconfigured database file (located in the bin\Debug folder) that is auto-attached to your local SQL Server Express instance. You can connect to this database using the Microsoft Visual Studio Server Explorer to see the contents, as shown in Figure 3.
private static void UseInvokeMemberToBindAndInvokeTheMember(Type t) { Console.WriteLine("UseInvokeMemberToBindAndInvokeTheMember"); // Construct an instance of the Type Object[] args = new Object[] { 12 }; // Constructor arguments Console.WriteLine("x before constructor called: " + args[0]); Object obj = t.InvokeMember(null, c_bf | BindingFlags.CreateInstance, null, null, args); Console.WriteLine("Type: " + obj.GetType().ToString()); Console.WriteLine("x after constructor returns: " + args[0]);
Dim tLoop as Integer Dim s as String s="" For tLoop=1 to 5 s= s + String.Format( _ "<FONT SIZE={0}>Hello ASP.NET World</FONT><BR>", _ tLoop)
Managing Network Security
Table 12-10. Methods Used to Obtain Parameter Information
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