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Using a copy of the most recent web application you created, create multiple master pages and give users the option of switching between master pages based on their layout and color preferences.
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namespace 06_TestRequiredTextBox { /// <summary> /// Summary description for WebForm1. /// </summary> public class WebForm1 : System.Web.UI.Page { protected MyControls.RequiredTextBox RequiredTextBox1; protected System.Web.UI.WebControls.Button Button1; protected System.Web.UI.WebControls.Label Label1;
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public override Boolean Equals(object obj) { // If the base class implements Equals and the base class // is not Object, then uncomment the following line. // if (!base.Equals(obj)) return false; // // // // if // // // if Because this isn t null, if obj is null, then the objects can t be equal. NOTE: You can delete this line if you trust that the base type implemented Equals correctly. (obj == null) return false; If the objects are of different types, they can t be equal. NOTE: You can delete this line if you trust that the base type implemented Equals correctly. (this.GetType() != obj.GetType()) return false;
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The Sessions table contains information about user sessions against different applications. The request is to calculate the maximum number of concurrent sessions per applicationthat is, the maximum number of sessions that were active at any point in time against each application. The following query produces the requested information, as shown in Table 3-18: SELECT app, MAX(concurrent) AS mx FROM (SELECT app, (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM dbo.Sessions AS S2 WHERE = AND S1.ts >= S2.starttime AND S1.ts < S2.endtime) AS concurrent FROM (SELECT DISTINCT app, starttime AS ts FROM dbo.Sessions) AS S1) AS C GROUP BY app;
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Figure 3-19. Nonclustered index on a heap
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When you run this example, you will see the values of the tokens before they are expired, and messages indicating that they were removed from the cache. code 128 barcode
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19. General Control Issues
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The IDENTITY property can be convenient when you want SQL Server to generate single column keys in a table. To guarantee uniqueness, create a PRIMARY KEY or UNIQUE constraint on the identity column. Upon INSERT, SQL Server increments the table s identity value and stores it in the new row. However, several aspects of the IDENTITY property might make it an impractical sequencing mechanism for some applications. One aspect is that the IDENTITY property is table dependent. It s not an independent sequencing mechanism that assigns new values that you can then use in any manner you like. Imagine that you need to generate sequence values that will be used as keys that cannot con ict across tables. Another aspect is that an identity value is generated when an INSERT statement is issued, not before. In some cases you might need to generate the new sequence value and then use it in an INSERT statement and not the other way around. Another aspect of the IDENTITY property that can be considered a limitation in some cases is that identity values are assigned in an asynchronous manner. This means that multiple sessions issuing multirow inserts might end up getting nonsequential identity values. Moreover, the assignment of a new identity value is not part of the transaction in which the INSERT was issued. The identity resource is internally locked momentarily when the value is incremented but not for the duration of the transaction. These facts have several implications. SQL Server increments the table s identity value regardless of whether the insert succeeds or fails and whether the transaction hosting the insert succeeds or fails. You might end up with gaps in the sequence that were not generated by deletions. Some systems
In s 4 and 5, you wrote the headlines for your story template following the procedures in the section Writing Headlines Using Three Ground Rules in 3. Just as you strive to be concise, clear, direct, and speci c with your words, you should strive to be the same with your visuals. Whether you use words or visuals to communicate, your singular goal should be to get across the most meaning in the most ef cient way possible. When you sketch your storyboard, that means you should use the simplest illustration possible without any excess detail. Not only does a simple illustration help you make your visual point quickly, it also will guide you to avoid the extraneous detail that would otherwise clog the eye of the needle of working memory of your audience. When in doubt, leave it out of your sketches. As you sketch, always pay special attention to the wording of the headlines as you read through them in Slide Sorter view to see whether you can reword them to tie them together more tightly. As you reword a headline in PowerPoint, go back and edit the headline in the story template as well. If you nd that you start making many changes to slide headlines, go back to the story template directly to work out the structural issues you are having before returning to the storyboard.
Managing Network Security
Interoperability with Unmanaged Code
Properties of the LoginView Class
Active Directory User, Computer, and Groups Support
Sample Spatial Data
return ( _T ( "EXCEPTION_INVALID_HANDLE" ) ) ;
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