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To use DHCP commands interactively at the command prompt, complete the following steps: 1. Open a command prompt. 2. Enter netsh. 3. At the Netsh> command prompt, enter dhcp. 4. At the Netsh dhcp> command prompt, enter either server <\\servername> or server <ip_address> for the server you want to manage. To manage the local server, simply type server. 5. Once connected, you can use any supported Netshell command for DHCP. Type / or help to display the immediate DHCP subcommand menu, or enter list to list all Netshell subcommands available for use with DHCP.
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SELECT SUBSTRING(tsql_code, 1, 94) AS tsql_code, SUM(duration) AS total_duration FROM dbo.Workload GROUP BY SUBSTRING(tsql_code, 1, 94);
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<configuration> <connectionStrings> <add name="MyDB" connectionString="Data Source=ReleaseSQLServer; Initial Catalog=MyReleaseDB;Integrated Security=True" xdt:Transform="SetAttributes" xdt:Locator="Match(name)"/> </connectionStrings> </configuration>
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The System.Type type offers the following instance methods: GetNestedType and GetNestedTypes . The System.Reflection.Assembly type offers the following instance methods: GetType, GetTypes, and GetExportedTypes . The System.Reflection.Module type offers the following instance methods: GetType, GetTypes, and FindTypes .
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This produces a noticeable advantage if you re working with second-order polynomials (polynomials in which the highest-power term is squared) or higherorder polynomials.
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Finally, additional information about the test included in the test case or embedded as comments in the code is necessary to enable long-term maintenance of the test and enable other (or future) team members to easily modify or add to the existing tests. It is important to consider the entire scope of the test from setup to maintenance when developing test automation. Extensive automation can automate every step of SEARCH, but it is occasionally useful to automate only a few parts of the approach. In some situations, for example, it can be beneficial to automate installing and configuring an application to the point where critical manual or exploratory steps can be performed or, you might have a system where you record test results in a test case manager and results are analyzed automatically for reporting. In most cases, however, a successful approach automates most steps of the testing effort. Many automation efforts fail because they attempt to automate only the test execution phase. A holistic automation approach requires automating much more than execution alone. Automation strategies that do not include a plan for getting the application to a stage where execution can take place and where reporting and analysis are automatic are rarely beneficial. When considering test automation, many people think primarily of automating test execution, but automation is also helpful in other testing phases. Computer-assisted testing might be a better term to describe the concept of automating each stage of testing. Thorough automation includes much more than executing a test. Computer-based tools and software are a good solution for automating the various tasks that support test execution. Test Tools and Utilities In several situations, automated tests are not a valid testing solution. One of the areas I tested on Windows 98 was font rendering. Some aspects of font testing benefited immensely from automation. Performance testing is a good example. We significantly changed the way the core graphics engine displayed non-Western characters, and I needed to test the length of time it took different fonts to draw random strings of varying lengths. There were far too many combinations for me to test manually, but I was able to write a suite of tests that could accurately track the impact of the performance gains. Other areas of font testing were just not conducive to automation, but I needed quick and accurate methods for determining the effect of the multitude of font settings. For a lot of this testing, I used a tool that displayed the fonts in a large grid that allowed me to view each pixel of the font and rapidly adjust each of the different parameters affecting the display of the font. If, for example, a customer reported that certain characters in a specific font "looked funny," I could quickly examine the rendered font and determine the cause of the issue. I also needed to verify that all characters in a font could draw without causing a problem. In those days, in a few obscure cases an application would crash if it attempted to draw a particular character, or ranges of characters would have printing problems. Testing printing of every character in every font certainly isn't good for saving time (or trees), but it was important to be able to spot-check new fonts and to investigate bugs reported by customers. To help myself out in this scenario, I wrote a tool capable of displaying or printing all characters in a font with any selection of sizes and attributes (bold, italic, and so forth), as shown in Figure 10-2.
C# RealEstateService.WPF.cs namespace RealEstateListingViewer.Services { public partial class RealEstateService { /// <summary> /// Return the images. In a windows application, normally you /// retrieve the image from a database. /// But for simplicity, it is just being retrieved from the file system. /// </summary> private static BitmapImage GetImage() { return new BitmapImage(new Uri("../Images/house.jpg", UriKind.Relative)); } } }
In the Tasks pane, click Con gure Server Backup to start the Con gure Server Backup Wizard, as shown in Figure 16-1, and then click Next.
It s clear that the array can easily be initialized with an arbitrary number of elements and then passed off to Add for processing . Although the preceding code would compile and work correctly, it is a little ugly . As developers, we would certainly prefer to have written the call to Add as follows:
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